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I'm an avid reader as most of you know! This is where you can find a list of the recent eBooks I've reviewed and links to the posts so you can check out the ones that interest you.

Upcoming Reviews:
A More Perfect Union by J. Scott Coatsworth & Authors

A Kind of Romance by Lane Hayes

Recent Reviews:
Dear Stranger by Sid Love

Locked by Anyta Sunday

Lab Rat by Nephy Hart

Believing Rory by S.C. Wynne

Myths Untold: Faery by J. Scott Coatsworth & Authors

An Erie Garden Party by V.L. Locey

The Cattery by KA Merikan

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Dear Stranger
Lab Rat
Myths Untold: Faery
An Erie Garden Party
The Cattery
To Be Loved
Little Wolf
To the Highest Bidder
To Be Human
Kick at the Darkness
Penal Station 05
Rustic Memory
Don't Trust The Cut
Embracing His Syn
For A Reason
Finding Shelter
Nothing Special
Clear Water
A Beginner's Guide to Wooing Your Mate

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  1. I just finished The Experiment and I loved it. Please say this is going to be a series and the next book will be released soon?

  2. *coughs* Check out the recently completed Adverse Effects. Links on the left sidebar. ;) I am currently in editing before subbing phase on it. =D


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