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Wednesday Briefs: One Night Part 5

It's Wednesday again! How the month does fly! I have a bit more of One Night for you guys, then a whole host of other great stories to check out from the other Wednesday Briefers! This week we had a few photo prompts to go with our written ones:

"Anything you want, you got it..." or "May I ask what you think..." or "When he/she said... I thought I would..."

Or use: ferry, head, and position, or an animal of some kind or an accident.  

I chose to use an accident. *Ducks* Don't kill me, just read!

One Night Part 5

Kameron’s cell phone vibrated in his pocket, distracting him from watching Bear work after his friends left. The slim man rocked behind the bar, serving customers, smiling and joking as he got them their drinks. More than one man leaned in a bit too close, which made Kameron growl but Bear never let anyone invade his space. Jimmy had sent him a text.

Loren almost ratted us out. You have to catch that mutt before he tells Bear!

“Shit.” Kameron tapped at the keyboard on his phone. Working on it. Staking out the bar.

Kameron didn’t take his eyes off Bear, unable to stop worrying ever since one guy had gotten tossed by a bouncer for trying to climb over the bar. Saturday nights were as insane at Capstone as he’d heard.

Bear’s neighbor said a man matching his desc was hanging around yesterday.

Kameron winced. That meant he’d need to take Bear home or follow him. With a cop for a brother, Bear was smart enough to make it risky to tail him. But if Kameron took him home he’d be tempted to go inside and once there … well, his control wasn’t what it should be. He wanted Bear. Not because he was pretending for the case, but because the man was damn near perfect. Smart, with a smart ass mouth that tasted exquisite and starred in Kameron’s shower fantasies, Bear combined all Kameron’s favorite things he never knew he wanted.

Jimmy was going to kill him. No doubt Loren would rat him out if he didn’t tell Bear the truth soon. He’d been getting some nasty looks that evening that now made sense.

Copy. Paolo is checking out Vilem’s LNU again.

Call him in for back up if he’s utl the mutt there. I want this guy, tonight!

Kameron knew it was pissing Jimmy off that they couldn’t find the guy. He was glad the irate man was John’s partner, not his, since they were going over the files at the station.

Loren surprised Kameron as he came up and got into his face. “You need to tell Bear,” Loren hissed, “or I’m telling Jimmy about you fucking with his brother. And after this you’re not welcome in my bar.”

Loren looked pissed; his eyes were narrowed as he glared at Kameron.

“It’s not like that,” Kameron protested.

“The fuck it isn’t. I’ve heard stories about you from John. Well, Bear deserves better than that. I thought Jimmy would warn Bear, maybe convince him to get a restraining order, not have you lie your way into his bed to make a break in your case as soon as he found out who the guy was.”

Kameron looked up and saw Bear staring with a frown bending his lips down as he drew a beer. A wash of guilt flowed over him. “I respect your need to protect Bear,” he finally said. “But I’m not just using him; I haven’t even tried to sleep with him because I can’t lie to him and do that. I like him. I want to keep him safe, and I want to see him when this is all over.

Look, we think the guy might be waiting at Bear’s place for him tonight. I need to follow Bear home, but he needs to go alone so that Vilem isn’t scared off. My partner is going to wait outside Bear’s place as back up. I just need this last night, then I promise I’ll talk to Bear tomorrow. We made plans to have breakfast."

Loren stood up straight. “Does Jimmy know you’re using Bear as bait?”

“Yes.” Jimmy might not expect Kameron to let Bear go home alone, but if he didn’t think his brother could handle himself he would have put him in protective custody, even if he had to carry Bear kicking and screaming the whole way.

“If I find out you haven’t told him tomorrow when I pick him up to look at furniture, I’ll tell him, whether you catch his slime ball ex or not.”

Kameron stayed a few cars behind as Bear made his way home. He got trapped behind a light about a quarter mile away. He tapped at his steering wheel. “Come on, come on.” He hit the gas as soon as his light changed but he didn’t see the headlights coming toward his car from the right.


“What the fuck do you want?” The clock said it was an ungodly hour and Bear had barely any sleep after a full night of working. He was so groggy he couldn’t even read the caller ID on his phone before he picked it up.


“John?” Bear sat up. “What is it? What’s wrong? Is Loren okay or did something,” he bunched a hand up in the blanket, “happen to Jimmy?”

“No, Loren’s asleep and Jimmy’s … booking a suspect. Look, I don’t know how to tell you this.” John sighed over the phone. “This is a total cluster fuck but you need to get over to Meert’s General, okay? It’s Kameron.”

Bear flung back the blankets and stumbled over to his dresser. “What’s wrong with Kameron?” He yanked out a pair of sweats, then paused. “Wait, why did the hospital call you?”

“They called the department,” John said. “Kameron’s a cop in our squad. He was in an accident while working tonight.”

Bear straightened. “He was at the bar tonight.”


“Motherfuckers! I don’t know what the hell is going on John, but you and my brother better be at the hospital. If I can’t get answers from Kameron, you better be sure I’m gonna be looking for them from you!” Bear ignored the pit of dread in his stomach when he thought about Kameron not being able to talk to him.

Slipping his feet into his shoes and grabbing his jacket and wallet, Bear left. His hands were shaking so bad he could barely get the key in the ignition. He was barely holding it together.


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Free Ebooks!

I thought I'd share a few links to eBooks I've found for free lately.  I don't guarantee that these are all free when you read this, though they were (or advertised with free dates) at the time I posted them. .

Male/Male Stories

Not His Kiss To Take by Finn Marlowe  *Warning Questionable/Graphic Content*

Dr. Evan Harrison has become a recluse, a prisoner inside his own house, felled in his prime by a migraine headache without end. All he'd ever wanted was to be a doctor, and now he's nothing - until chance delivers a beaten and battered Jamie into his care. Fourteen years his junior, gorgeous, mouthy, stubborn and...completely and unquestionably straight. Maybe. Or maybe not...

Jamie doesn't know what hit him, other than there were three of them, and that he's broken and in pain and he doesn't know the identity of the kind stranger with the cold stethoscope and warm eyes taking care of him. And he sure as hell doesn't know why he likes his bossiness or finds him sexy....
From Cia-I've read this one. I thought it was really good, but it might push the limits on those who don't appreciate some fluid boundaries and medical kink. Read the warnings/comments carefully if that might be you. The link takes you to Goodreads but you can find this free directly on Smashwords.

See Right Through by Sara Winters *Contemporary*
Devin Salvo has always remained three steps ahead: in chess, on the pitch, and in his love life. His every desire is within arm's reach, except the one person Devin has always wished would be his in the end. All it takes is one conversation to open his eyes to a new possibility, one moment to change what Devin believes about friendship and love and one person to change the rules of the game.

Sam Marshall has been fighting his feelings for his friend and roommate for two years. When an opportunity presents itself, he makes his move, only to be faced with the very real fear that what he sees in Devin, the potential waiting to be realized, may be more than their friendship can handle.

From Cia-I was just re-reading this short story. Definitely worth picking up.

Forgotten Soul by Natasha Duncan-Drake *Paranormal/Vamp*

John knows that at best he can be described as a male escort and at worst as a whore, but it's what he does and he's good at it. He sells his body and his clients come with fangs so it's more about blood than sex. Hiding behind a false smile and his acting skills is the only way he survives, but when he meets one of his latest clients, Michael, his professional detachment is severely threatened, leading him into very dangerous territory.
From Cia-I'd love to see more of this world! However, I refuse to pay for stories under 10k. If you like it, you can find the next 2 ebooks in this series for $0.99.


Hansel and Gretel with the Sexual Hunter by Liz Adams *Erotic Fairy Tale* Free 1/25 & 1/26

What if your worst enemy's sexual demands brought you closer to your beloved?

An erotic version of Hansel and Gretel, "Hansel and Gretel with the Sexual Hunter" is a short story packed with steamy, yummy scenes of adult fairy tale erotica.mWhen Hansel and Gretel meet with the sexual hunter, the spice the hunter sprinkles into their love life contains hot and delicious erotic exploration, including: solo M, solo F, M/F, M/F/F and lots of voyeurism. If it’s true that reading such adult fairy tale erotica may cause blindness, after reading this adult fairy tale, your purring body won’t mind the dark. For 18 years and older.

A fairytale with an erotic twist. This story by Liz Adams is not to be missed. The characters are intriguing, the chemistry sizzles, the story moves along keeping you turning pages to see what happens next. A definite must read for those who like fairytales that are hot!”
—Kathleen Daultrey Harris, Love of Romance Book Reviews

Price of a Bounty by S.L. Wallace *Science Fiction*

 Keira Maddock lives in a dark future in which the Elite have everything, and everyone else suffers. She is a survivor. Out of necessity, she has become a skilled seductress, thief and bounty hunter – a Freelancer. When a typical job goes awry, it changes everything. Alliances are formed, long kept secrets are revealed and lives are forever changed.

In book one of the Reliance on Citizens trilogy, S.L. Wallace introduces a world divided in which not everyone is who he seems to be. In a seamless blend of action, sci-fi, romance and political suspense, we are encouraged to consider the bonds that makes us human.
From Cia-Interesting world building here

Birthrights by Christine Butler *Science Fiction*

Book One of the Awakening Trilogy

In the middle of the night Caislyn Vadoma auto-sketches a scene in which her parents are kidnapped from the family bookstore. She awakens in the morning to find that her sketch, a rare glimpse into the future, has already become reality.

Jasmine DeLaney leaves her life behind when an abusive boyfriend puts her in the hospital. She becomes Jaxon, an art consultant in a new town, always looking over her shoulder for the danger she knows will catch up to her eventually.

As Caislyn scrambles for clues to her parents' whereabouts, she casts a spell that leads her to Jaxon. From the moment they meet, the girls are emmersed in a world of chaos and secrets. Finding out they are part of a very dangerous prophecy not only has them on the run, but discovering their own hidden pasts as well.

While trying to come to grips with who they are, how they fit into this prophecy, and where Caislyn's parents are the girls must also face the fact that the stalker vampire who appears to be helping them, may just be putting them in more danger.

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Wednesday Briefs: One Night Part 4

The Wednesday Briefers are back! Each week we write a 500-1000 word story, with a group of prompts. We had several prompts available this week, including the one I used, "As time goes by ... ". I hope you enjoy!

One Night Part 4

“I don’t know, as time goes by he’s been growing on me.”

Loren frowned. “How many dates have you been on?”

Bear set a stack of cups on the bar. “Three this week.” Bear hid his excitement behind a nonchalant shrug. “It’s no big thing but he does an amazing goodnight kiss. Or hello kiss. Or we’re sitting on the couch talking and your lips look lonely kiss.”

“What?” Loren stared at him. “You kissed him? I mean, he kissed you?”

Rolling his eyes, Bear grabbed another stack of glasses. “Yes, Dad, but I promise that’s all we did. I’m a good boy.”

Bear watched Loren mutter under his breath, unable to hear what he was saying. The other man seemed nervous.

“What is with you? You’ve been weird lately. I mean, first you seem annoyed by me going out with Kameron, then you think dating him is a good thing, now you wig out when I say I kiss the guy I’m dating. Like that’s unusual or something.”

One of Loren’s tells was chewing on his lip. He was going to town on it. “John won’t kiss you if you make your mouth bleed,” Bear pointed out.

Loren stopped.

“I really like Kameron. He’s interesting; we have a lot in common. He’s not trying to play it cool, worrying about waiting three days to call me back but he’s not been pushing things further. We have a good time together. I think we could be starting a real relationship,” Bear said. “I asked if he wanted to go furniture shopping with us, if you don’t mind. You should get to know him, then you can tell Jimmy what a good guy Kameron is when I finally break the news I’m dating someone to the overprotective ass.”

“Shit.” Loren looked away from Bear’s frown. “There’s something you don’t know, Bear.”

“What? What don’t I know?”

A loud voice came from the back hallway as someone came out of the office. “That I’m here.”

“Jimmy!” Bear ducked under the bar and gave his brother a big hug. It was like squeezing a statue. “Jeez man, lay off the gym rat routine.”

“Gotta stay in shape so I can intimidate my little brother’s boyfriends.” Jimmy raised an eyebrow. “You’re dating someone?”

Bear nodded and grinned. “This guy named Kameron. He’s pretty great actually; I think you’ll like him.”

"Hi Loren." Jimmy gave him a weird look.

Loren sighed. "Hey man."

Jimmy sat down in one of the bar stools. “How’d you meet this guy? Does anyone know him?”

“Here at the bar.” Bear slid a bottle of water over to his brother. “I’m getting to know him. We’ve had a few dates.” He kept the kissing comments to himself. Jimmy knew he was gay and had no problems with it, but Bear didn’t want to hear details about him making out with women either so he figured some information was better kept private.

“You could meet him tonight.”

“Sorry, bro, gotta work.”

Bear frowned. Jimmy had been working an awful lot lately. He looked tired; his face shadowed by scruffy beard. “Loren and I are going furniture shopping tomorrow; I invited him. You could tag along, grill him.” Jimmy would never turn that down.

Jimmy peeled the label off his bottle, shredding it into pieces on the bar. “We’ll see. I might have to work tomorrow too.”

Loren laughed. “Yeah, like you're sorry about missing shopping.”

Shrugging, Jimmy smiled. “A chair is a chair.”

“Neanderthal. You’d still have that ratty card table set up in your dining room if I hadn’t shopped for you.” Loren snapped the white towel he’d had hanging over his shoulder at Jimmy. “Now clean up your mess. The bar’s opening in ten minutes.”

Jimmy swept his paper into the trash. “All right, quit your nagging. I have to go anyway.”

He gave Bear another hug. “Be careful, little bro.” The hug went on for almost a full minute. Jimmy finally pulled back. “We’ll get together when I’m done working this case, okay?”

Bear nodded, keeping his worries about Jimmy’s weird behavior to himself. He smiled lightly and joked, “I’ll be sure to be careful tomorrow. I won’t let Loren pick out anything hideous or too uncomfortable for you to sleep on when you stay over.”

“Good. He’d pick something designed to destroy my back,” Jimmy mocked whispered.

Loren scoffed at them. “Whatever. You,” he pointed at Jimmy, “get out of my bar and you,” he pointed at Bear, “get back to work.”

They both flipped Loren off at the same time.


Bear’s good mood lasted all night, even though it was a crazy shift. When he commented on the weirdoes crawling out of the woodwork someone told him the full moon was the next day. Figured. He worked up a good sweat dancing to the music behind the bar, making good tips even after Kameron arrived and showed the entire bar Bear was taken.

Their kiss was scorching.

“I brought some friends tonight,” Kameron shouted. “But I thought we could get late breakfast before shopping tomorrow. Sound good?”

“Okay.” Several patrons were watching as they waited. “It’s busy tonight, so I can’t chat anyway.”

“I gotta grab my wallet out of my jacket for our tab.” Kameron walked away; Bear couldn’t help but watch. Damn that man had a hot ass.

“Hey, Bearykins.”

Shit. Bear looked over at the man standing across the bar from him, having hip checked two other men to fit right up front.

“Fitz.” The flamboyant man grinning at him was a regular who lived to flirt with Bear.

And anything else with a penis.

“Who’s the hot stuff trying to suck the brains out of your mouth?” Fitz asked. “You finally have a boyfriend?”

Bear shrugged with a small smile.

The man pouted. “So I have no chance of getting you in bed tonight?”

Kameron reached over Fitz’s shoulder, holding out his credit card. “Nope, he’s taken.”

Damn. Bear was so hooked.

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Wednesday Briefs: One Night Part 3

Welcome to the Wednesday Brief group, home of flash fiction between 500-1000 words. This week's prompts were a mix of photos and "Home is where the heart is" or use: gravy, baby, lines or "Fiddle-de-dee!" or use a fertile plain in your story or a savage jungle or "Oh my goodness, you look good enough to..."
I choose to use gravy, baby, lines.
This week I've another installment of One Night with Bear and Kameron. Read on and enjoy, and then don't forget to check out the other Briefers I've linked at the bottom of the story! A comment or two won't go amiss either. *winks*

One Night Part 3

Bear heard a knock on the door about five minutes before six. He closed down the website he was working on and stretched.
“Coming,” he called. He really needed to add a more comfortable computer chair to his furniture shopping.
He peeked through the peep hole, just to be sure. He’d had some weird knocking at the door but no one was there when he checked over the last few weeks. Kameron was standing in the hall pushing one hand through his hair.
“You’re early,” Bear said as he opened the door. “Are you trying to make a good impression on me?”
“I hadn’t already?” Kameron raised one eyebrow.
“Maybe.” Bear waved Kameron in. “I was just finishing up some work. Let me grab my wallet and shoes.”
“Were you working on a website?”
Bear glanced over his shoulder. “Yeah.”
“That stuff is beyond me. I can surf the web but that’s about it.”
He could just imagine. The mental picture made him glad he was facing into the closet as he adjusted his cock. “Online porn has made most men internet experts.”
Kameron laughed huskily. “Well, I can’t deny ever watching. I’ve seen my share, but I don’t think I need it very often.” 
“I bet you don’t.” Finding a man willing to fuck probably took no more than a snap of Kameron’s fingers. He was fit, not stacked with muscle, but well-built and he had a nice face with a square jaw and blue eyes that were much brighter than they’d appeared in the dark bar. That might also be a product of the blush staining Kameron’s cheeks.
“I didn’t mean it like that.”
Grinning, Bear said, “I was just teasing you.”
“Oh, good.” Kameron mimed wiping sweat off his forehead, then grinned. “Relax, I might blush easy but I’m tougher than that. I can stand up to your sass.”
“Sass?” Bear laughed so hard he snorted. “Oh, god.” They were both laughing at that point.
Kameron closed the distance between them. He pushed some of Bear’s hair out of his eyes, fingering the inky black strands. “You know, your eyes light up when you laugh.”
Bear felt his breath catch. He could feel the heat coming from the man’s body and smell Kameron’s cologne again. The scent affected him just as strongly as it had at the bar but this time they were alone.
This time Bear let Kameron lean down and kiss him, just as eager to taste him to see if it was as good as he’d imagined.
A groan broke the silence as Kameron opened his mouth and Bear snaked his tongue inside. They touched just at the lips, their tongues twisting together.
It was good. Tingles shot up Bear’s spine. He almost wished Kameron would wrap his arms around him and bend him backward, but he didn’t.
“Hmm,” Kameron moved back a few inches and their eyes met. “You taste good,” he said huskily, “like peppermint.”
“I’m addicted to mints.”
Kameron smiled and stood up straight. “I’ve heard Café La Vin’s food is addicting. Ready to go?”
Bear suppressed a small surge of disappointment. “Yeah.” He grabbed his wallet off the table.
The rest of their date was good. There was a line around the corner, but Kameron had called ahead so they didn’t have to wait long. The steak au poivre was as juicy as always, though Bear corrected Kameron when he called the sauce gravy.
“What’s the difference?”
“Well,” Bear paused, “not that much, I guess. But they wouldn’t call it a sauce if it were a gravy, right?”
Kameron shrugged. “Tastes the same to me. Delicious.”
Bear agreed. His favorite meal, at his favorite restaurant; Kameron was either really lucky or had really good taste.
He wasn’t supposed to kiss him.
Of course seeing Bear in his black jeans and emerald green sweater, seeing him bend over and show off that tight ass and then use that pretty mouth to smart off … How was he supposed to resist?
Dinner cemented what he was feeling. He may have been on a protection detail, but there was no way he would be able to keep any level of detachment. He’d nearly called the man baby twice.
It was all Jimmy’s fault. With his just pretend to date my brother to keep this low-life away that’s stalking him until I can dig up enough dirt to put him in jail. True, Kameron usually went for men who were taller, and beefier, and more like him-blue collar through and through. Bear was every bit as smart as Jimmy had warned him too.
But there was just something about him that made Kameron want to get closer to him. Lust certainly, but he liked what he got to know about Bear during the date.
As much as he’d hated to do it Kameron had lied during dinner about what he did. He couldn’t say he was a cop, much less that he worked with Bear’s older, obscenely protective brother, Jimmy.
Loren had told John about the letters he’d seen at Bear’s place. He’d seen Bear look at his phone, scowl, and put it away without answering. Sneaking a peek, he’d written the number down on a bar napkin.
It turned out the man, Bear’s ex Loren recognized from a mug shot, was a known drug dealer that used to be small potatoes but had suddenly shot up the food chain in recent weeks.
John had spent the last week trailing him. He was definitely stalking Bear.
Something was going on in the city’s drug scene. Jimmy, John, Kameron and his partner Paolo were part of a task force dedicated to stopping it.
If they could catch this Vilem guy they might have a chance. Jimmy was afraid of what could happen if the guy realized Bear was brothers with a cop … Bear needed to be protected. It was going to play hell on Kameron’s self-control though.
Jimmy’s plans always sucked!

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*If you're interested in joining the ranks, feel free to contact me and I can put you in touch with our supreme leader. Muahahahahaha!

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Author Feature: MA Church with Perfect

What happens when a human by the name of Jeff Mayfield inadvertently lays a monster challenge on the God of Love… one that Cupid can’t resist? Jeff is willful, stubborn, and egotistical… and, best of all, doesn’t think love is something he needs in his life.
Can Jeff be…
Sequel to Priceless
The Gods: Book Two 

Hey! My name is M.A. Church, and my second book with Dreamspinner is due to be released January 23rd.  In Priceless, we saw Cupid take aim at two mortals, only to run into one problem after another while trying to get his arrows ready for Garrett or Randy.

By the time Cupid had his shot lined up, the mortals had spotted each other and, as they say, the rest was history. Had the Hags of Fate interfered? And if they had, why?

And more importantly, did Cupid really want to know what those three were up to? The last time they got their hands on him he barely escaped with his wings intact, and was wearing a diaper. This, thanks to them, has since become the most widely known image of Cupid. Intrigued by the events unfolding around him, Cupid stays in Los Vegas. Curious as to what the Moirai are up to, he stays to watch what unfolds… and runs across the one that is meant to be his mate. 

Jeff Mayfield, owner of The Palms, is a jaded, cynical billionaire who’s used to what his money and power can buy. Control is everything to him. Jeff was burned badly when Brad, his cheating ex, ran off with a Hollywood producer, and he swore he would never fall in love again. He tells his long-time friends, Garrett and Zygi, that a bachelor way of life is for him. But the Hags of Fate have other plans and Cupid is on his game.

Power and authority are the traits Jeff has built his life on, and now Cam is slowly disassembling the foundation of his life, touch by slow, teasing touch. As Cam takes the more dominant role, Jeff’s long-held control is stripped away. But Jeff isn’t the only one struggling with control. Cam has issues of his own, and losing control could be… deadly. Because the God of Love isn’t all hearts and arrows. Love has a dark side, and Cam finds himself battling his alter-ego, that green-eyed monster Jealousy.

Jaded billionaire Jeff Mayfield loves only what his money and power can buy, but the Fates have plans for him. First a player in Jeff’s casino hits a huge jackpot and things turn hectic. Then, in the middle of the chaos, Jeff lays eyes on the unbelievably sexy Cam Smith—Cupid in his human form.
Seized by lust, Jeff makes a move, only to find himself on the receiving end of a blistering wave of sexual intent. Cam disassembles Jeff’s self-image and puts it back together upside down. But Jeff isn’t the only one struggling with control. Cam’s alter ego is Jealousy, and if he loses his composure, the consequences will be deadly.

“So, what is he, or who is he? Cam, I mean.”
Mo took a deep breath. “He wanted to be the one to tell you, Jeff. He’s Cupid, God of Love. He’s had his eye on you since he first saw Randy and Garrett. And no, he didn’t make them fall in love, any more than he made you fall in love. He didn’t use his arrows on any of you. You are his mate, his one true love. And believe me, Zeus isn’t happy with this situation, or with him. He’s not happy with either of us, actually.”
“Zeus…? He’s the… the….”
“God of all the gods.”
Jeff rested his head against the steering wheel. “Okay, right, god of all the gods. Can I say I’m a bit over-fucking-whelmed right now?”
“Now would be as good a time as any.”
Jeff sat back in his seat, rubbing his hands. He hadn’t realized what a tight grip he’d had on the wheel. “So, what has Zeus got up his ass about this?”
Mo frowned. “Up his ass? He’s not gay as far as I know, Jeff. But that’s not to say he hasn’t—”
“Oh my sweet baby Jesus.” Jeff had forgotten that Mo took everything literally. “Why is he not happy with this situation?”
“Ah.” Morpheus snorted. “You’re human. The gods don’t care all that much for humans. Plus, you are not immortal. We are.”
“Nicely put. There’s more, and this is the hardest. Cupid stands for love, right? That’s what the mythology says, and it’s true. He has arrows that can make people fall in love or fall in hate. But what most humans don’t know is that there are two different sides of Cupid. You saw a bit of the other side earlier.”
“What do you mean?”
“That there is a dark side of love: obsession and jealousy. The other side of Cupid is Jealousy, the green-eyed monster that drives people to do horrible, destructive things. Jeff, I’ve seen Jealousy once, and he’s scary. You have to believe in your love for Cam. You need to keep talking, keep explaining what happened—while I stand guard.”
“Stand guard?”
“Jealousy truly is a monster.”

M.A. Church
M.A. Church lives in the southern United States and spent many years in the elementary education sector. She is married to her high school sweetheart and they have two children. Her hobbies are gardening, walking, attending flea markets, watching professional football, racing, and spending time with her family on the lake.
But her most beloved hobby is reading. From an early age, she can remember hunting for books at the library. Later nonhuman and science fiction genres captured her attention and drew her into the worlds the authors had created. But always at the back of her mind was the thought that one day, when the kids were older and she had more time, she would write a book.
By sheer chance she stumbled across a gay male romance story on the web and was hooked. A new world opened up and she fell in love. Thus the journey started. When not writing or researching, she enjoys reading the latest erotic and mainstream romance novels.


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Recent Reads: Chris T. Kat *New Release*

I'd picked up Chris' book, Seizing It, a while back and finally had time to read it, just in time for her new book, Secret Chemistry, to come out. She went from modern to paranormal!  I haven't had a chance to check out her new book yet, but I thought I'd share my thoughts on her writing in general as well as give you all some links so you can check them out! You can also sample Chris' writing with her Wednesday Briefs WIP:  To Love A Fox which can be found on her blog.

Seizing ItSeizing It by Chris T. Kat
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I read this ebook after having it for a while. While I really enjoyed this, giving it a solid 3.5, I did have a few things that distracted me during the story. I felt that Kit's personality quirks were to be expected-based on his coddling from his family. The constant bouncing from horny/shy to snarky pissed off could have tapered off a bit more during the story sooner than it did. My favorite scene in the book, oddly enough, was the lunch with his existing boss and his wife; it felt the most 'real'.

Overall, the plot was good. It can be hard to create a modern romance novella and not have it be insta-love, unless you give the characters an existing relationship before the readers meet them. That would have helped with the abrupt connection between Kit and Dale, and to extend the plotline. However, I felt that the amount of events, in the week or so shown in the story, was paced well once I put the insta-love aside. The drama was dramatic, without being unrealistic. (Not sharing more, no spoilers!)

The best part of this story was Chris' writing skills. I was never distracted by the writing from the story, and while I might have ached to slap both Kit and Dale at times, if they weren't vivid characters I would never have felt that strongly about them. Overall, a quick and fun read, with some funny sniping and a heated romance.

 Secret Chemistry by Chris T Kat
Not all werewolf societies are created equal. The one Tim Evans grew up in detests those not of “pure blood”—so when Tim discovers his mate is Jay, a male fox-wolf hybrid ten years his junior, it shocks him, to say the least. Too young to claim his mate and too weak to protect him from the rest of the pack, Tim fears for Jay’s life. When a human gets hold of Jay, Tim believes he has lost him forever.
The next eighteen years are hell. Tim devotes his life to his family and running their stable, but anger and depression threaten to consume him. Then fate brings Jay back into his life. Tim knows Jay feels the same attraction he does—mates always do. So why won’t Jay act on it?
About the Author:
Chris T. Kat lives in the middle of Europe, where she shares a house with her husband of many years and their two children. She stumbled upon the M/M genre by luck and was swiftly drawn into it. She divides her time between work, her family—which includes chasing after escaping horses and lugging around huge instruments such as a harp—and writing. She enjoys a variety of genres, such as mystery/suspense, paranormal, and romance. If there's any spare time, she happily reads for hours, listens to audiobooks, or crafts.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Made It 1 Year!

To all my fans, old and new, thanks for making this a great first year blogging. I've had a bunch of stuff happen, some iffy, some good, and some great! Through it all you guys have been awesome, full of encouragement and keeping me working as often as I can on new writing. So, in appreciation of all that, I'm giving away a copy of Pricolici this weekend as well as a $10 gift card (winner can choose Amazon or All Romance Ebooks) to 2 lucky winners. All you have to do is comment and leave me an email addy to contact you! I'll announce the winners Sunday night.

From the bottom of my heart, seriously, thank you!

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Wednesday Brief: One Night Pt. 2

Welcome to another week with the Wednesday Briefers for another flash piece between 500-1k. This week we had a group of prompts to choose from: "survival of the fittest" or use: tarragon, root, energy, or "Please pass me the ..." or "One plus one equals..." or use: redemption, salvage, spice, or use a joker.

I chose to use, "Please pass me the ..."

When you're done reading my story, don't forget to check out some of the great other flash pieces by the other participating Briefers this week. If you're an author, feel free to contact me if you'd be interested in taking part so I can direct you toward our lovely and hard-working coordinator!

One Night Part 2

“Why now? Why him?”

Bear shrugged. “He’s hot.”

“And?” Loren crossed his arms over his chest, dirty rag clenched in one fist. “There’s a lot of hot guys. Gay bar, remember? You get hit on all the time.”

Bear turned to face his friend. “Yeah, I do. At least until they learn what a scary bastard you can be and go running for the hills. Your comments and looks didn’t scare him off though. Kameron didn’t hit on me like he expected me to bend right over for him because he liked how my ass looked though. He asked me out. For coffee. That’s something people do when they want to talk to each other and shit.”

Loren sighed. “Which is the only reason why I didn’t kick his ass out of my bar.”

His friend was overprotective but Bear appreciated that. He leaned forward and wrapped his arms around Loren’s waist, giving him a hug. “You know, one of these days you’re going to have to let me grow up.”

“You’re never going to be a grown up, and Jimmy made me promise to look out for you.”

Bear rolled his eyes but squeezed Loren a bit tighter at the mention of his older brother, and Loren’s best friend since they were all kids. “I’m not the same idiot I was back in high school and if you don’t stop watching me so close you’re gonna get an eyeful of my ass again.”

Loren laughed, his chest jumping against Bear’s cheek. “You know, if it hadn’t been such a bad situation you’d be getting teased for that butt print you left on the window trying to get away from that douche Bobby Engirn. To tiny little half-moon smudges right there on the dirty glass.”

“You are such an ass!” Bear slapped Loren’s back.

“Hey, I have a great ass. You wish you had an ass as great as mine.”

Sliding his hand downward, Bear was about to pinch Loren’s so-called great ass when a hand gripped his wrist and pulled it away.

“That would be mine.” The deep voice made Loren shudder in Bear’s arms. “No touching.”

“John! You’re home!”

Bear knew Loren was dying to be in his boyfriend’s arms so he planted his feet, grabbing two handfuls of Loren’s shirt.

“Hey!” he objected.

“If I don’t get any, you shouldn’t be getting any either!”

Loren grinned. “Well you have that date with Mr. Tall, Blond and Sexy later where you could get some, so you have to let me go.”

“I’m not that easy, you know, I’m not having sex on a first date!”

John chuckled. “Well neither are we; we’ve had at least a hundred dates so Loren and I can. If you let him go.” He gave Bear a pleading look. “Come on, please pass me the boyfriend.”

“Fine.” Bear let Loren go. He watched, trying to tamp down the jealousy that reared its ugly head when he watched his friend and his brother’s partner embrace. His luck with guys sucked, but he kept trying.

One day he’d have someone who’d kiss him like that.

When Loren and John finally broke apart, John was smirking and Loren was breathing hard.

“All right you two, go away. I’ll finish cleaning up.”

“You sure?” Loren asked.

Bear nodded. “Yeah. Besides, with John home we can skip our shopping trip tomorrow so I can sleep in.”

“You need new furniture. I got poked in the ass with a spring the last time I was over at your place; it put a hole in the sea of my favorite jeans—”

“Which are now my favorite jeans.” John snickered.

“And you’re not a college kid anymore. You can afford a new couch and chair; I know, I pay your checks.”

Sighing, Bear said, “Fine. I won’t even complain, but not tomorrow. Next Sunday.”

His apartment was a little frat boy-esque. He was twenty-five now. His marketing degree wasn’t being utilized to its fullest, but he was doing some web services for a few companies and still working at the bar. Loren was right, it was time he upgraded.

Maybe even to a new kind of guy.

The kind that offered to take you for coffee.



“Hi Bear, it’s Kameron.”

“Hi Kameron. Bit early, isn’t it?” It was just past one in the afternoon.

“Well, I thought that perhaps you might be able to meet and maybe grab some dinner at this little bistro I know instead of our coffee date. It’s called Café La Vin. You don’t work or anything today, do you?”

“I know that place; it’s down by the lake. It is one of my favorites,” Bear said.

“Sounds good, then?”

“I do have a project I’m working on. I do some web design and online work for a few businesses and I’m re-vamping a website for a client. But I’ll be done in before five.”

Kameron was pleased, his voice dropping down to the growl he’d used the night before at the bar. “Good. I can pick you up at six? Will that give you long enough to get ready?”

“Yeah. Let me give you my address.”

He didn’t need to write it down; he already knew where Bear lived.

“I’ll see you soon.” His voice was a raspy promise.

Bear’s voice was a little breathless over the phone. “See you,” he said.

Walking over to the living room, Kameron sank down on the couch. He grinned as he punched in a new number on the phone and listened to it ring.

“He agreed to dinner at that bistro you told me he loved. Good choice.”

“Great. Remember what I told you; don’t invite him over and don’t try to ‘go in for a nightcap’ at his place either.”

Kameron rolled his eyes, tucking the phone against his ear as he shifted through the pile of folders on his coffee table. “I am not going to rush this. He’s everything you said he would be.”


Ahh, another week of suspense! Who is Kameron and who was he talking to? What is he planning? Guess you'll just have to wait to find out. In the meantime, here are the links to the other briefers!
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