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Pipe Dreams

The final chapter of Pipe Dreams has posted on FSO! If you like mf modern werewolf stories, check it out!

40,100 words

Lina thought she escaped her father's mistakes, but they catch up to her just when she thinks she is really ready to move on with her life, a life that she wanted to include Kane Jacy. The attractive man is nothing like she expected, but can he breach the walls that she erected between herself and the world?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Little Late Night Shiver

This is the prompt: You wake up chained to the wall of a medieval torture room. The torture devices are laid out on a table in front of you. Write this scene. Your job, as the reader, is to decide if the subject is one of torture or titillation.
Leather and Chains
‘What . . . .’ I raise my head and groan. My neck hurts. Heavy chains rattle when I try to bring my arms up to rub it. My eyes snap down, and I feel them widen as I take in the manacles around my wrists in shock. I can barely move my arms an inch. I try moving my feet, and they feel chained as well. My head slumps back and hits the rough wall behind me.

‘I did it.’

“I see you are awake.” A tall man walks into the room, and I find my eyes drawn to him as I try to speak. My words come out as grunts. There is a gag in my mouth. 'How did I miss that?’

“There will be no need for you to talk. You know why you are here.”

I moan. I’m shaking a little, my eyes following him as he walks around the room. Torch lights lit the walls dimly from their brackets. I go rigid when I see what is hanging on the walls. He is fingering one of them and pulls it down from the metal hook.


He smirks at me. “Do you like it? Braided leather over a solid oak handle. The snap is exquisite.”

It’s getting harder to breathe through my nose as I start panting, my throat swelling, muscles straining, as
I try to say something; anything.

He stalks over to a table in front of me I had failed to notice before; I was too busy watching him. At the sight of the things that littered its' surface I strain at my chains, fighting to move. I recognize shiny metal nipple clamps, some smooth and some clawed. An assortment of candles are already burning, rope, several large wooden shapes lay side by side. ‘Oh my god . . . the one on the end was covered in spikes.’

‘No! No way!’

I shake my head at him. “Mmph!”

He watches where my eyes go from him to the table. Slowly, his hands begin to fondle the items on the table. The leather items draw his attention the most, his hands tracing up and down the dark oiled surfaces. Almost in a trance I watch those hands with their long slender fingers caress each tool of pain and then set aside item after item. I feel it in the pit of my stomach, a quivering sensation that is threatening to turn into full blown . . . .

Those fingers stop, and I feel my eyes go wide.

“Oh yes. I think we’ll start with this.”

The chains are the only things that keep me from falling to the stone floor. I beg with my eyes, garbled words behind the gag make no sense as I try to plead with him. He moves to stand in front of me; his free hand traces my face, circling the gag stretching my mouth wide open. I can smell the leather and wax on his fingers. I am shaking as I stare into his icy blue eyes looking down at me so coldly.

‘What did I get myself into?’ 

So what do you think? Is this playtime or punishment? Maybe a bit of both?

Some Of My Not So Usual Photos

So, these all started as regular photographs of flowers, webs, faces, water, or fire. Editing software being what it is, I've had some great fun changing and morphing them into something a little different from my usual fare. Hope you like them!

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Nope, that is not a typo. I've been working on The Experiment, but life is busy and I'll be out of town for a bit. I wanted to give you a little something to read in the mantime because I don't wanto to rush my chapter before it is ready. This prompt came from a word prompt, where you had to fit in so many different words into a flash piece. So . . . I hope you enjoy 'Speghetti'.


My daddy is a mechanic. He works on cars. Daddy Petey is Pearuhmedick. He works on people. I like it when we all make speghetti for dinner cuz they let me sit on a stool and stir the saws. "Very good Dylan. I like your report on your family. The picture you drew is very colorful! There are a few spelling mistakes to fix though, I've underlined the words. Why don't you look them up in your writing dictionary?" Miss Hanson handed back his report, and Dylan walked back over to his chair at his table group.

He got out his writing notebook and pulled out his dictionary to get started. He wanted his report to go on the fridge, and Daddy said only the best went on the fridge. At least once a week he managed to get something on there. Last week it was his maths, he'd only missed three problems!

Dylan bit down on his tongue as he erased the first word. He was pretty sure Daddy Petey's job started with a p so he looked there first. Sure enough, Paramedic, had been added to the page. He carefully copied the letters. He was working on the next one when Maxine Winters looked at his paper and then looked at him funny. Dylan tried to ignore her; she wasn't very nice. He fixed spaghetti and was moving on to cuz when she started talking.

"Hey, Dylan. How come your paper says you have two daddies? Where is your mommy? My mommy says all kids should have one daddy and one mommy and everything else is just weird." Her smug little face made him mad, and he didn't like the way she was looking at his picture. "And she says it's wrong. Really bad wrong like when you steal or lie and stuff."

"Well my mommy went to heaven and my daddy says that she sent Daddy Petey to make us happy. I don't care what your mommy says." Dylan glared at her. Maxine glared back and opened her mouth. Just then Miss Hanson told their table to get back to work. Dylan stuck his tongue out at Maxine when Miss Hanson couldn't see, and then started working on his paper again. He liked his family report, and he liked Daddy Petey!


"Daddy, Daddy! Look what the teacher gave me!" Dylan went running down the driveway, waving a paper in his hand.

"What do you have there?" Daddy Petey stood up and caught Dylan when he came bounding in the door. "Oof, you're heavy!" Dylan giggled when he acted like he was going to drop him.

"My report! I want to show Daddy too. Is he home?"

Peter put Dylan down but kept the young boy's hand when they started walking through the kitchen. "I think he's in the shower. We can surprise him."

Dylan giggled. "Okay."

They grabbed a cup of water and Dylan held the rolled up picture. Peter grabbed a handful of ice from the freezer and added it to the cup. He winked at Dylan.

"Let's go."

The pair crept up the stairs. Peter opened the bathroom door but the sounds were too quiet for Cole to hear them. He carefully slid the shower curtain open. Dylan watched eagerly from his spot in the doorway, barely holding in his giddy peals of laughter. Peter tossed the cup of ice water directly on the man's groin while his hair was soapy and he was unable to open his eyes.

"Arrrrrgh!" Cole danced in the cold water, stepping on an ice cube in the bottom of the bathtub. Peter swept Dylan up off his feet and deposited him on the bed as they laughed. The pair were still giggling when Cole came out of the bathroom wrapped in just a towel.

"That was mean," he complained.

"I was just trying to get you out faster," Peter said innocently, "Dylan has a picture to show you. Fridge quality I think.

Cole flopped down on the bed on the other side of Dylan, sandwiching him between them. "Okay son, what do you have to show your daddy?"

"I already showed Daddy Petey." Dylan looked up at Peter with a small smile. He understood small jokes now and Dylan liked to use them.

Cole growled, "Well now you need to show this daddy. I've been looking forward to this."

Dylan held out the picture up so they could see it, and then carefully read the words. He looked from one smiling face to the other. He really didn't care what Maxine said, nothing beat his family. He would always love Daddy and Daddy Petey, no matter what.

"Can we make spaghetti tonight?" he asked.

"Tonight's our anniversary dinner, remember? You're going over to Uncle Danny's house," said his daddy. He smiled really soft at Daddy Petey who was smiling back. Dylan pouted a little.

"How about we make spaghetti tomorrow night?" his Daddy Petey offered. Dylan thought about it for a minute.

"Okay!" he said happily as he snuggled between his daddies with a smile.

The End


This is a bit of a spoiler, but if you want to get to know how Dylan's daddies met please read my short story, The Difference a Year Makes.

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Something Different

GA had a writing prompt that challenged authors to do a haiku, and further, try a story via haiku. I'm not sure how much of a story this is, or how eloquent my poetry speaks since it isn't something I do very well. But prompts are meant to stretch your creative muscles, so I gave it a shot. Feel free to tell me what you think because I have no clue if my meaning comes across or not. Stories are so much easier to tell when I can spell it out for a reader, LOL! This doesn't have a name.

Her path decided
Journey of preservation
She hides inside us

Gaze at crystal eyes
Travel the opaque surface
Hiding the soul safe

She waits without hope
So sad waiting for our love
To once again appear

It is lonely there
Left with the path incomplete
Surface etched in pain

Blight spreads through neglect
Barren she stays until then
Tears all she has left

Hypnotic Updated

Click this link to see my latest chapter of Hypnotic! There's a lot of drama and excitement in this chapter; don't forget to leave a review and tell me what you think on GA or here if you're not a member there!

PS I hope you get to read it in time Casey! Congrats again.

Those Pesky Words

I was having a discussion with another author the other day about words. Why do we pick the ones we use when we write? What should the focus be on, the words themselves or the image they are meant to convey?

When I first started writing, I used a lot of formal language. For example from my first story, The Price of Honor: The strange color registered with his consciousness but he continued to stare blankly about, trying to process the abrupt dislocation that he had just experienced.

Right . . . because most people think or talk that way. I don't think so.

After getting advice from other authors and having readers tell me what works and what doesn't, I don't write like that anymore. I've realized, that for my writing style, smaller is better. I narrate my stories the same way I speak and leave formal language for dialogue by characters that need it. If I were to re-write that line now, it would be different and look like this: He noticed the strange color of the plants, but he stared blankly at the bush in front of him. He'd expected a city landing pad when he woke up, not this wilderness.

They mean the same thing, but my words aren't getting in the way of the image in the second line. People know the plants are a strange color and he's in a wilderness that he wasn't expecting. That's all that is needed. Instead of flexing my vocabulary muscles, I'm letting the story speak in a voice that most readers will be more familiar with and understand more easily. I think it gives my stories a readability that they were lacking in the past.

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In Honor of Valentine's Day

We had an anthology on FSO themed for Valentine's Day. 5 people, including me, wrote short stories for the most romantic holiday of the year. Check them out, maybe even join the site and leave a review!!


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Rupert the Bear

Busy with life and writing time escapes me, unfortunately. The Experiment WILL post tomorrow, but in the meantime I wanted to post another flash story I've written from a first line prompt. The goal in the writing for me was to contrast the usual perception of the first line to an emotion at the other end of the spectrum. I hope you enjoy this.


Her laugh broke the silence.

"Daddy, look at me!"

I watched my daughter play on the playground and have fun. She was only four and had no idea what the day was. I knew, and it was a day that broke my heart every time. She slid down the slide and came running over to me in her cute little shorts and tank top, her cheeks bright red.

"It's hot, honey I want you to drink some water." I handed over her purple water bottle and made sure she took several big drinks. Water dripped off her chin when she gave it back.

"Five more minutes, okay?" She pouted, sticking her lip out. "No whining, now. It's all we have left."

She scrunched up her nose and then looked up at me. "Will you push me?" At my nod she was off and running for the swings.

Her giggles and screams for me to push her higher tore at me. Safe behind her back, I let the tears fall silently. I hated this!


"You're late!"

"We were at the playground," I said quietly into my phone. Bethany was buckling herself into her flower booster in the backseat. I wouldn't argue in front of her; I refused to do that to her.

"Whatever. Just get back here, we have somewhere to be."

The drive back to my ex-wife's was full of Bethany's chatter about starting school next week, and her friend Mara from next door being in her class. She wanted to know if I was going to be there to pick her up from school on her visit days.

"I promised, didn't I? Right in front of the school."

She nodded happily. I got out of the car and opened her door, then helped her out and putting her little backpack of clothes on her back. She clutched her bear, Rupert, in her arms. I tried not to, but I couldn't help the tears in my eyes when she wrapped her little arms around my neck.

"Don't be sad Daddy! It's okay, it's okay," she said as she patted my back.

I took a deep breath and nodded my head. "Sorry honey. You're right. It's going to be okay."

Suddenly she shoved Rupert in my arms. "Here Daddy, you keep Rupert this week. He'll keep you from being sad; he's good for hugging."

I gave her a small smile and held the bear. "Thank you baby."

The front door opened, and Cindy stood there glaring at me. I gave Bethany one last hug.

"Time for you to go."


I waited in a line of other cars as the classes came out of the front of the school. I stood next to my car watching as the kids came out in lines. When I saw Mara come through the door I waved. She waved back. Watching, I looked for Bethany's small red head but she wasn't in the line. Maybe she was in another class? When the bigger kids started coming out I realized that she wasn't coming. I rushed inside the school and up to the office window.

"I'm looking for my daughter. I was supposed to pick her up today."

An older woman smiled at me. "First time?"

I nodded.

"Let's see where she could be. What's her name?"

"Bethany Spanders."

The woman typed Bethany's name into her computer and then frowned. She looked up at me and then got on the phone.

When the principal came out I began to panic. I couldn't control my panting. "What's going on?" My voice was strangled.

"You're Bethany's father? Can I see some ID please?"

I nodded and handed over my license. My fingers shook so hard I could barely get it out of my wallet. "Where is she?" I asked desperately.

"She never came to school. We tried calling your wife and the contact numbers in the file, but the numbers were disconnected."

I stared at her numbly. "Ex-wife," I mumbled. I concentrated on just breathing. "She didn't come to school this morning?"

She looked at me with pity in her eyes. I didn't like it. This couldn't be happening. "No. She didn't come at all this week. Look, the police are on their way. Why don't you come sit down in my office?"

I followed her and somehow kept from falling to my knees and screaming during the interview with the police. I even managed to drive myself home. I put my keys down, and walked into my bedroom. I looked around the room, trying to figure out what I was doing when my eyes fell on Rupert the Bear sitting on the nightstand next to a picture of Bethany and me. I lost it. My knees hit the floor as I collapsed, and I shouted and cried; my fists pounded the tan carpet until blood began to soak in and stain the fibers.

Sometime later I finally stopped, my entire world shrunk down to the pain that filled my chest and took away my breath. I crawled onto the bed and reached for Rupert. I cradled him to me and sobbed.

She was gone.

The police would try to find them, but they had several days head start. I would have to be patient. Words rang in my head, but I didn't know what to do.

My baby girl was gone and took my whole world with her.

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I've given you some of my favorite stories, now I thought I'd give you a few of my favorite pictures. I prefer to get permission before I link or add other people's pictures so this time it will just be a few of mine. Some of my pictures have inspired some story ideas for me, so maybe they will inspire someone else. If you would like to see more, please check my link to my Deviant Art page.

Dew Drop

Light Angle

Raw Eclipse

Water Sculpture

Spring Peace

Busy Buzzing

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Death by Dust Bunnies

To tide you over until the next installment of The Experiment-a little writing fun! I hope you enjoy.


"Do you have a roommate?"
He bit my nipple, making me shudder.
"You shouldn't be able to talk right now."
He leaned up and moved his hips in a circle. I couldn't help but groan and shiver at the intense sensation. I was flushed, my chest tight, panting through my mouth as I tried to think past the pleasure. He undulated again and I couldn't help but thrust back to get his cock deeper. Tonight's celebration of meeting my article deadline was going VERY well.
Then I heard it again. Keys.
"I think someone just came in the front door," I panted brokenly. "Look, I'm not into group things. If your plan was to get me drunk and back here in bed when your--"
"Jase, I'm home!" The deep voice in the kitchen made Bob's eyes widen, and he gasped.
If I were just a tiny bit more drunk I'd be laughing my ass off at the weird look on his face. Something about this seemed so strange. I was still panting, desperately trying to slow my breath so I could speak clearly.
"Jase? I thought..." I sucked in a breath through a tight throat, "I thought your. . .name was. . .Bob." I grunted as he pulled away from me and scrambled across the bed, darting toward the door. My head was spinning, and I felt a little bit sick. I knew I had too much tequila to drink at the club earlier.
He stuck his head out the door, and I swear to god, he squeaked. Like, literally squeaked! The room swirled as I picked up my wobbly head, trying to track him as he shoved my clothes under the king size bed.
"What are you still doing there? Get up, you have to hide!" he hissed.
"What? Why? Just turn up some music or something so your roommate can't hear us. I still want you." He looked weird, almost scared. The tight feeling in my chest got worse, and I was still panting; but I was really horny, right?
"That's my boyfriend, not my roommate." He was yanking on me, trying to get me to move. I rolled toward the edge of the bed, still trying to understand what he'd just said. He had a boyfriend? I frowned. Was his name Jase or Bob? I felt like shit, and my brain wasn't working right.
I groaned when it finally sank in.
"Would you shut up? My god, do you want him to hear you? He'll beat both of us up."
I tried to pull away from him, disgusted at myself. I let some guy, who didn't even bother to give me a real name, screw me in his own bed that he shared with a boyfriend. I deserved to get my ass kicked. My friend, whatever his name really was, really deserved to get his ass kicked!
My eyes fell on a picture frame on the nightstand. I don't know how I missed it earlier, but inside was a picture of an absolutely giant guy with his arm around what's his name that was yanking me off the bed. I hit the floor with a thud, and he began shoving me under the bed with my clothes.
My wheezing instantly got worse. "No, wait... I can't..."
He hopped on the bed, the center creaking. "Shut up!" he hissed. "Do you want to die?" I could hear him moving frantically as he turned up the volume on the porno we were watching earlier.
I wanted to laugh at his comment as I fought to keep my face off the thick gray fuzz of dust that coated the carpet under the bed. I couldn't and I whimpered when it hit the floor. There were dust bunnies everywhere, seemingly innocuous gray balls of fluff. What little breath I had was moving them. They moved closer to me with each inhale, like a marching army of death filled with gray bunny soldiers. Did I remember to take my allergy pill before I went out this evening? I couldn't remember. Shit! Shit! Shit!
I scrambled for the pants under me, trying to find my inhaler.
 I saw big feet walk into the room, stopping beside the bed. I reached for them, for something to help me.
"Looks like you missed me baby." A deep voice with a dark chuckle hidden in it came from above me. 
"Oh yeah. You going to stay all over there? I've missed you this week."
Pants fell down to cover the feet on the floor. I tried to keep breathing, tried to get their attention, as my throat continued to swell and my visioned darkened.
Knees hit the bed, bowing the edge. My hands shoved weakly at the floor, trying to drag myself out. I couldn't move. My head sank down onto the gray, dusty death and the bunnies that marched ever closer to take me there. Moans above me covered the sound of the tops of my feet hitting the floor as I struggled to keep breathing. Stupid alcohol; stupid me for drinking and not taking my pills to begin with.
The dust bunnies reached me as I succumbed and my chest grew still. The last thing I heard were moans and the squeaking of the bed from the pair fucking just inches away from me. I just hoped they put my clothes on before they called the cops. The headlines would be insane anyway. I could see it as I slipped away.
'Death By Dust Bunnies'


So, what did you think? Don't forget to comment!

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Where would we be?

So, I read an ebook two nights ago. Several things jumped out at me as I read it that let me know that the writer was definitely NOT a resident of the state they set it in. Not only did the describe the summer weather as humid, which it never is, they mentioned a 6 hour drive between two cities that takes 3, maybe 3 1/2 hours, tops. This leads me to my topic at hand.


Why should you do? What should you look up? How do you research?

Now, if you're like me, research is fun. Take one of my stories, Two of a Kind. I took two hours to look up the flowers I used to describe the decorations on statues. I had to make sure they were native to the region I was using as the origin, the color variations possible and what they looked like. It may seem excessive for a single descriptive section of just a few paragraphs, but they were a vital part of the plot. Since I wrote specifics, I wanted to have the facts correct.

I looked up fact pages on Wiki, always a good source, though one I cross check with other sites whenever possible. It is, after all, a site compiled of information by the people and sometimes people don't know their butt from a hole in the ground. Yep, I went there. LOL

 I looked up flowers from the region on a wiki page, then looked up a few horticulture sites. Then I googled pictures so I could see the colors myself, which I find is the best way to cement them in my head so I can really describe them. I also found myself researching jungle animals, black jaguar melanin issues, plant poisons and cures, flight time between Brazil and California, weather patterns, driving distance from the airport to a city/mountain range I set the story in, antiserums and how they are created. . .just to name a few things.

You can hit your local library for books on your subject, check online websites, find an expert or researcher in the field/area you are wanting to write about, or just go see for yourself if you plan to use local settings. Ignore the temptation to say, 'Only this or that person would know this info is wrong.' Get it right from the start. An author who doesn't even take the time to get to know the region/time/people they are writing about is a pretty sloppy writer in my book.

Make the effort to get to know your subject if you're going to use it. Or, do like I do so often when I can't figure out what I want in a modern story or the facts of the known universe contradict me; make it up! Fantasy stories are prime for making up your own rules and facts, like the alternate history of the Carthera people. Mixing the two takes work; you have to make sure you stick to the world you create when you write, but it can help you out of those sticky situations sometimes.

Besides, learning something new every day is a GOOD thing!


For those wondering about the next installment of The Experiment, it is close to being done. Kids kept me busy yesterday, so I had no time to write until 10 pm. Once 11 hit, my pillow was calling my name too insistently to resist. It'll be posted soon!!

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Free Reads Reviews!

Hi All! I have plans with my best friend, who happens to be one of my follwers-so hey, see you in a bit! Then of course this afternoon is the big game. So. . .since I can't guarantee any of The Experiment from me today, I thought I'd share some of the anthology stories I've enjoyed on GA for your reading pleasure. I hope you enjoy them too!

The Price of Love by Quonous 10: An unstoppable evil is threatening the world. Barh, the last Magi is on a quest to find Chenoth, a spirit of great power entrusted by the God's to protect the people. But Chenoth's aid comes at a price, a price Barh is not sure he can pay. (5,470 wd mm fantasy)

Repairman's Lust by Rush: Al is a mechanic a lonely man. Chad is a satellite repair guy still troubled by a past abusive relationship. When Al called to get his satellite fixed he never expected someone as beautiful as Chad to show up. Can Al fix Chad's broken heart? And can Chad repair more than just Al's satellite? (5,887 wd. mm modern)

Without You by Myk: Even the most difficult times are manageable with the help of someone you love, but without that person, what would you do? (12, 219 wd. mm modern)

Roving Dreams by Renee Stevens: Adrian Jackson was involved in a horrific car accident. Can he find his way back to his partner Randy or will he forever be lost in the recesses of his mind.  (2,562 wd. mm modern/paranormal)

The Demon King and the Faery Prince by Nephylim: The Faery Queen is itching for an excuse to go to war with the Demon Queen. When the Demon Queen gives her the perfect excuse the war is on. However, its outcome is not what either of them could have imagined. (8,313 ws. mm Fantasy)

With Open Arms by Cia: (Yeah, adding one of my own. This story really resonates with me) Fear and pain surround Wes. His journey is witnessed and shared by the one person who will never give up on him. He just has to take that first step.  (4,629 wd. mm modern)

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Running Cia's Brain

So this was a prompt on GA about a small man/woman running your brain and what your day would be like from their perspective. I couldn't pick just one. So, enjoy seeing what See and Uh get up to each day! 


    “Hey, why is she still sleeping? The kids are up already. Get the pons, that’s part of your job.”

    “Sheesh, bossy much?” Uh grumbles as he walks over and kicks the pons to force their person awake. “There, happy now? She didn’t go to bed until late last night and her hypothalamus is going to be cranky.”  He slumped back into his chair and glared his partner.
 “She’d have gotten more sleep if you had just left her parietal lobe alone. Gods, you’re horny all the time, and it’s just not right.” See glared back and rolled her eyes in disgust.

    “Hey, you have your jobs, and I have mine.”

    “Whatever. Oh good, the kids are gone to school. Let’s get the cleaning done. Give me a hand with the cerebellum so she’ll get started.”

    “C’mon, can’t we just--”

    She cut him off, “No, we cannot just… Get to work.” The two of them were soon moving around tweaking parts of their human’s brain until she finished all the chores waiting for her.

    Uh looked around. “She’s hungry now; the hypothalamus is starting to shiver a bit. How about some bacon and eggs?”

    See raised her eyebrow at him. “How about no? Toast and fruit would be good though. Plus some tea.”

    Grumbling, Uh watched as she got their human to start making breakfast. “How come she always has to eat healthy?”

    “You know why. Now stop whining. It’s writing time and then she’ll have to play with the kids. She needs energy to work right. You are so careless.” See pointed at him. “Remember that time you pushed her thalamus so hard she started drinking and hallucinating? That was nearly a disaster!”

    “I liked it better when she was little and this was easier.” Uh was drooping, tired out by the time their human was ready to go to bed that night. “I have a juicy dream for her tonight though.”

    “Would you leave her parietal lobe alone!” See slapped his hands away from where Uh was gently stroking it.

    “Hey, if she has to dream she might as well get a bit of fun out it. I was just going to give her a little orgasm. She could use the sex scene in her story tomorrow.”

    See pushed him away and began rubbing their human’s occipital lobe. “I want her to dream about their first date, not when you made her tumble into bed with him the first time. She’s writing a romance, not porn! There, all set.”

    See stood back and smiled tiredly. She looped her arms around Uh’s waist and hugged him. They stumbled together to their resting place in the medulla oblongata to keep her rhythms steady during their rest. Snuggling together, they finally relaxed.

    “It was a good day,” See said.

    Uh pulled her closer. “You bossed me around all day.”
   “Yep, and you liked it. We work well together.” See sighed and kissed his neck. “Good night.”

Sometimes we just have to have a little fun. I like Uh a lot! More of The Experiment will be coming tomorrow. Don't forget to comment if you like these little story dribbles; I have more I can share.
My lovely online friend, and one of my favorite authors, Nephylim, was interested enough to interview me as to my writing and the websites I'm part of. I'm a little slow, the blog posted yesterday. Oops!

I'm sort of an open book (for most things) but there might be a few things there you didn't know, as well as a list of upcoming projects. I hope you check it out, and her blog as well. She has a huge amount of online content, a few book now published, YAY!

Check out her blog through the linked image below!

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A Little Tease

I will have another part for The Experiment tonight, but for this morning I wanted to share a prompt I'm titling 'A Little Tease'. I hope you enjoy it ;)


 It is sinuous and tempting. That shy glance over a bare shoulder and that little roll of your hips are beyond my ability to resist. A chance moment becomes an opportunity for more.

I slide in, taking up the empty space around you. My hands float above your waist, heat radiating from your dewy skin. Your hair drags against the hollow of my throat as you roll your head to the side and back, your eyes closed and your teeth buried in your succulent bottom lip.

Your neck curves before me, an elegant arch of pale white skin that calls to me to taste and tongue the soft flesh. It tantalizes me unbearably.

I can't resist it.

The chill is driven from my hands by the heat you emanate. I run my now fiery palms up your curves and angles to bury them in the cool mass of your silken hair. They wrap in the sleek strands, tugging your head back that final inch until you're vulnerable to my caress, extended and balanced on the edge.

I pause and breathe you in. Your skin is perfumed with an exotic blend of spice and sweet. Electricity leaps between us as I close that miniscule gap keeping us so painfully apart. The flavor of you fills me, unique and more intoxicating than a thousand wines. Your moan vibrates against my lips as I suck and nibble at the feast laid bare before me.

Any distance between us disappears as you fall against me, your hips still rocking and swaying to a music only you can hear. Nothing has ever felt as good as every solid line of your body resting on mine.

Not the first time it happened, when you trusted your body to me so long ago.

Not last night when the clothes between us had fallen away and this moment was swept aside by a greater passion.

My nibbling at your neck ends at your ear, where I swirl my tongue around the delicate edge until you shudder.

"Hi honey, I'm home," I whisper with a tender smile.