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MA Church with The Yellow Rope

Some of you may remember this story from the Wed. Briefer's flash story written by MA Church on her blog. Expanded, and refined, the story of Luke and Gage's relationship ... and their yellow rope ... is back. Read on to find out more!

A cranky submissive...
Luke Walker is tired. He spends long hours between his job as a teacher assistant at an elementary school and helping out his family at their restaurant. Coupled with the fact that his degree is going to waste, he’s discouraged and fatigued by too much work and endless southern heat, and not enough time spent with his live-in partner.

An understanding Dom...
Gage Holt has been on both sides of the fence. He believes that in order to be a good Dom, one has to understand being a sub. Unfortunately, he’s had some bad experiences in pursuit of that knowledge, and suffered a great deal. But that’s in the past now.

A long weekend...
Three little days... Gage is determined to see that his man gets what he needs in every way he can give it to him. Anything to remove the dark circles from beneath his beautiful eyes. For the next seventy-two hours, he’s going to pamper his boy—in his way. He’ll fight a bull that hates him, battle with a crusty old woman at a gift shop who snubs him, and deal with the never-ending lack of money just to bring the shine back to Luke’s eyes.

Luke will relax and have some fun, even if Gage has to tie him to whatever flat surface happens to be handy.

Release date: June 1st
“Told you to mind those hands,” Gage whispered gleefully in Luke’s ear.
“Dammit, what did you expect?” Luke shuddered at the deep, sinful promise and the warm breath that tickled his ear.
“Oh, just that.” Gage smiled at the lapse, but didn’t call Luke on it. He pulled a length of yellow rope from his jean pocket and dangled it in front of Luke’s face.
“God, you did that on purpose, Sir. You knew I wouldn’t be able to help myself.”
“Yeah, babe, I did know. Now stand up, with your hands behind your back.” Gage wrapped the rope around Luke’s wrists, making sure not to tie it too tight. He planned for those wrists to be tied for most the night.
Gage held Luke tightly against his chest. When he felt Luke’s body relax, he smiled. He held Luke close, Luke’s head resting against his shoulder. Gage ran his hands up and down Luke’s arms, letting his touch speak for him. God, he missed Luke, even though he saw him every day. He missed this.
Lately, life had gotten in the way, the daily fight to survive life had taken its toll on them, and Gage mentally promised himself that he wouldn’t allow them to drift apart again, no matter how busy their life became with family or their jobs. He’d take better care of his boy from now on.
He thrust his hips, knowing Luke could feel his erection poking him in the back—a promise of what was to come. He eased his hand down to the waistband of Luke’s night pants, releasing his shaft and balls. Gage wished Luke could see what he looked like. So sexy in his submission. Luke was nearly naked and helpless while he was still dressed.
“Perfect,” Gage said. “I see you wore the cock ring, like I said.”
“Yes, Sir.” Luke bit his lip as Gage rubbed his thumb over the head of his prick. “But it’s not going to keep me from coming for long. Especially if you keep that up! It’s been too long.”
So, Gage did it again, dragging a whimper from Luke. “You know what’ll happen if you come before I say.”
Author bio:
M.A. Church
M.A. Church lives in the southern United States and spent many years in the elementary education sector. She is married to her high school sweetheart and they have two children. Her hobbies are gardening, walking, attending flea markets, watching professional football, racing, and spending time with her family on the lake.
But her most beloved hobby is reading. From an early age, she can remember hunting for books at the library. Later nonhuman and science fiction genres captured her attention and drew her into the worlds the authors had created. But always at the back of her mind was the thought that one day, when the kids were older and she had more time, she would write a book.
By sheer chance she stumbled across a gay male romance story on the web and was hooked. A new world opened up and she fell in love. Thus the journey started. When not writing or researching, she enjoys reading the latest erotic and mainstream romance novels.
My links:
Twitter @nomoretears00


Weekly Review: Beggars and Choosers by Mia Kerick

Beggars and ChoosersBeggars and Choosers by Mia Kerick
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a 3.5 for me, rounded up. I started it, put it down, then re-started it one day when I had nothing better to do. I really enjoyed the characters, and the plot had a nice arc, but the accent the author employed for the characters drove me nuts. It took a while to get used to it enough to ignore the ignorant sounding speech pattern.

So many times you have stories where the characters are really bad off and magically get everything they want after they suffer a ton. Well ... that does happen here, but not like you might think. The plot arc is really all about Brett and Cory's friendship and how that develops, but I felt the climactic events were a bit too much to be supported by earlier events.

Brett's character was a little too stupid to live. He pulls some really dumb stuff and his protests that he doesn't need anyone and is only doing everything he does out of a sense of friendship is so clearly bunk. Cory's character was really well written, though I expected him to be more 'wise to world' no matter how much Brett tried to protect him. His innocence felt too contrived.

All in all, I liked the story. I even bought the sequel because I wanted to see more of Cory and Brett's story. If you really like this genre, and the synopsis intrigues you, get it. I don't think you'll regret it.

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Wednesday Briefs: One Night Part 22

Oh, more for Bear and Kameron! I chose the prompt: Don't make me laugh. Enjoy!!

One Night Part 22

Bear absolutely hated waiting. It fucking sucked. He didn’t even have his computer with him; the TV wasn’t enough to keep his mind from thinking about what could have happened to both him and Kameron … and what could happen to Kameron while he was gone.

Paolo had the number to the phone Kameron had, though, and Bear knew they had to get rid of it. Kameron would get rid of it and get a new one so they could get in touch with Jimmy and John. Bear sent a hopeful thought up to whoever, whatever, might be listening that they were both okay.

A twinge went through him as he sat up. His ribs still ached when he moved wrong and running hadn’t helped the rest of his body either.

Another glance at the clock showed only ten minutes had passed since the last time he looked.

“Damn it!”

Someone pounded on the door and Bear jumped. He grunted and pressed a hand to his side but counted silently in his head as he went over to the door and stood on his tiptoes to look through the peephole. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six.


“One. Two. Three.”


Bear unlocked both locks and opened the door. “You know, I could see it was you through the hole.”

Kameron shut the door behind him and turned the locks. “Yeah, but what if someone had been standing out of sight with a gun on me? Then I wouldn’t have knocked the right way.”

“It’s like we’re stuck in a bad fucking movie,” Bear bitched. “Seriously!” A lot of his fear had faded as soon as Kameron came in the door. Bear knew he was safe with the other man. That allowed a lot of his natural bitchiness to come to the front though, and Bear wasn’t up to curbing it. At all.

The black bag in Kameron’s hand went flying as he threw it onto the bed. He enveloped Bear into his arms and pulled him close. His tie tickled Bear’s nose.

“I just want to go back to work at Capstone with Loren, and work with my annoying clients on their websites. I want to go on a date with you without worrying about who might see us and decide either of us needs to die.”

Bear felt his throat thicken and his eyes burned. He looked up at Kameron. “Are we going to have to move to get any peace? Go into witness protection or something?”

Kameron cupped the back of Bear’s head. “We’re going to be okay. Zbrane is an old-school gang. They really are like a snake; cut off the head and they’re powerless. We get rid of Choika and they’re out of the picture.

“That’s why they’re pulling out all the stops. They’re threatened. They know the DA has a case with us.” Kameron lowered his head, his hands pulling Bear toward him at the same time until they met together, their lips melding in an intense kiss.

Bear parted his lips beneath the pressure of Kameron’s; their tongues swirled together. Bear fisted his hands in Kameron’s suit jacket, holding on for dear life as he was kissed just about senseless.

“I love you,” Kameron said softly.

Bear opened his eyes, staring up in the endless blue of Kameron’s. “I love you too.”

They kissed again. Bear had no idea how much time had passed by the time they finally managed to pry themselves apart but his lips were swollen and throbbing and he was dizzy. His cock was leaking into his underwear too.

“You are way too good at that,” he gasped.

Kameron chuckled. He let Bear go reluctantly. “I need to get those phones fired up so we can reach Jimmy.”


“We need more than one, just in case.”

They sat side by side on the bed. “You think we’re safe here?” Bear asked as he popped the battery in and started charging the phone.

“No. Once we call Jimmy I’m gonna break this phone and we’re going to leave.”

That didn’t make sense. “But you paid for 3 days.”

“Just in case we were tracked through our old phone. I tossed it while I was out, but they might find a way to track where it was. I don’t want to take the risk they come by checking hotels. If they do, the guy will tell them we paid for 3 days. They might stick around here, thinking we’re coming back.”

“So we could get more wiggle room.”

Kameron nodded. “Okay. Do you need to use the bathroom? As soon as I hang up, I want to leave.”

Bear hurried; he grabbed a drink while he was in there, grimacing at the metallic taste of the water. “Okay … ready,” he said when he came out.

The cheap phone was quiet, but it was just loud enough on speakerphone that they could both hear.


Bear sighed in relief when his brother answered; Jimmy was okay. “Jimmy? It’s us. We’re safe, for the time being.”

“Good. We need to meet up. Tomorrow, at the place where I hit my first ever full moon.”

Bear felt a grin spread across his face.

“Uh ….” Kameron frowned.

“Gotcha, Jimmy.” Bear would explain when they hung up.


“We’ll be there,” Kameron said. He hung up, and then removed the SIM card and broke it.

“So, where are we meeting your brother?”

Bear chuckled. “Jimmy sucked at batting; a friend decided to moon him the one time Jimmy actually got a piece of the ball. They were at the batting cages but the idiot had his ass against the fence and Jimmy hit him right in the crack.” Bear was outright laughing at the look on Kameron’s face when he finished telling the story, barely able to finish it. “Oh, don’t make me laugh though, it still hurts.”

“Well, that’s pretty cryptic code. We should be safe. Come on; let’s go.”

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What's that, you say? Two posts in a day? Yep! I have this huge to do list, with like 25 things on it, that I'm trying to do this week. One of those items was finally moving my bum and signing up for twitter. So, I'm not REALLY sure of how this all works, but I do have an account.

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Weekly Review: The Plain of Bitter Honey by Alan Chin

The Plain of Bitter HoneyThe Plain of Bitter Honey by Alan Chin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This story was full; full of danger and peace, hatred and love, bravery and fear. I want to go on and on about the story, but I absolutely refuse to post any type of a spoiler at all. To be honest, this book sat on my to read shelf for a while because I expected there to be a lot of philosophical treatise and political ranting.

What I found was an emotional tale with intriguing characters ... mixed with some philosophical and political ranting. However, it only came in when it was relevant to the story and to the character's motivations and personalities. I never felt lectured, I felt enlightened. The romance wasn't very prominent, but I found I didn't really need it.

That isn't to say that this wasn't a great, entertaining story just to read for fun. If you're fond of dystopian style plots, you'll love this. It doesn't have anything really 'new' but what the author chose to include in the story was very real. There was a great action theme and some serious suspense. With so many elements to include, the weaving along the plot arc could have become muddled, but I felt that it was seamless.

Now, before this appears to be all vague and general praise ... there were a few flaws. I found the minor protagonist's journey�of self to have taken too abrupt of a U-turn. I also would have liked to have seen the ending�of the story a bit more drawn out. It felt like the climax wasn't quite ... climactic. Still, I enjoyed this story immensely. I've already recommended it to several friends who have placed it on their to buy shelves.

A solid 4.5 rating from me, and I've definitely found an author I wasn't sure of to add to my buy list myself.

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Wednesday Briefs: Part 21

Happy Wednesday! I swear, the week just keeps flashing by. For this week's prompt, I choose an image ... but didn't actually incorporate the image itself. It lightning strike is a rapid shocking event that happens over and over. I wanted to use that representation in the story, so I hope it comes across. Enjoy this week's update.

One Night Part 21

Kameron spun around. “Go, go, go.” He pushed Bear away from the building and they began running away from the courthouse. Thank god they had gotten through traffic faster than Kameron had anticipated when he’d called Paolo to tell them how late they’d be. If he hadn’t seen that ….

“Where are we going?” Bear gasped.

“Away.” Kameron ran behind Bear, looking over his shoulder, repeatedly. Lightning flashes of Palo handing the gun over kept playing in his mind. “Paolo was talking to a Choika’s nephew. Don’t know why. He gave him a gun. Probably Zbrane lieutenants all around the court house.”

Bear stumbled over a piece of broken concrete. Kameron caught him by the back of his arm. “Shit, fuck,” Bear gasped. “My ankle.”

Kameron wrapped an arm around him. “We can’t stop yet.”

He kept an eye out, randomly turning down alleys until they were far enough away he felt they were safe.

They slowed, but didn’t stop. Bear was grimacing, limping, and he had one arm tucked around his ribs.

“What in … the hell … is going on?”

“My partner must be working with Zbrane. Damn it! No wonder the scum sucking bastard’s never been busted.” Kameron couldn’t believe that Paolo was a dirty cop. He didn’t want to, but he’d seen him. Who else could be working for the gang? Was it just Paolo? Could he trust anyone?

Kameron tightened his arm around Bear’s shoulders. “Don’t worry; I’ll get us someplace safe.”

“Why didn’t they attack us before?” Bear’s breathing was harsh even though they’d slowed. He still wasn’t healthy enough to run around.

“I didn’t tell Paolo where we were. The phone I had was a burner, non-trackable. The only time he knew where we were, or were going to be, was today when he was supposed to meet us for court.”

Bear glanced at his watch. “We’re going to miss that.”

“Can’t be helped.” Kameron guided them toward the more populated streets. He flagged down a cab. “Get in.”

Bear limped over to the yellow car and got into the backseat. He wiped at the sweat on his forehead. “Where are we going?”

Leaning forward toward the cab driver Kameron said, “Take us to a motel we can rent by the hour, please.”

The older man wrinkled up his lips, but he flipped the meter on. He grumbled under his breath, but he was driving, so Kameron ignored him.

“The best hiding place for us now is somewhere random. We can’t go to anyone we know, or anywhere Paolo would know about.”

Kameron dragged his phone out of his pocket. “I’m calling Jimmy.” In seconds, Bear’s brother answered his phone.

“Where the hell are you?” he asked. “The judge is furious.”

It took a few minutes to explain everything. Jimmy was cursing quietly. “Where are you?”

“I’m not telling you that,” Kameron said calmly.

“Fuck you, man! Do you think I’d put my brother at risk? That I’m dirty?” Jimmy’s voice was a low growl. “Tell me where the hell you are taking my brother. I’m coming to get him.”

“No. Damn it, listen to me,” Kameron said when Jimmy started to interrupt him. “Paolo could have bugged your phone. He could have someone following you, or put a tracker on your car. I know you’re not dirty and you’d never do anything to hurt Bear.”

Bear looked up at him with wide eyes.

“The less I tell anyone, the safer Bear is. I’m ditching this phone; we’re going to find a place to lay low. Talk to the prosecutor, tell her what’s going on. I don’t know who to trust right now, Jimmy, so I need your help. I need a safe way to bring Bear in.”

“Fuck. Fine. I get it.” Jimmy still sounded mad, but he wasn’t yelling. “I’ll work on it from this end. You’re sure Paolo didn’t see you?”

“Pretty certain, why?”

Jimmy’s voice dropped down low. “He just walked into court. He’s coming over here. Get rid of that phone. Call me later when you have a new one.”

The call ended just as the cab stopped outside a seedy two story building with rust red paint peeling in places, showing off a lime green paint underneath.

“Fifteen thirty-five,” the cabbie grunted.

Bear handed a twenty through the window but the guy let the money drop instead of taking it from his hand. “Keep the change.”

“Just get out.”

“Come on. Let’s get a room.” Kameron gave the clerk at the office fifty bucks, enough for three days. The greasy haired man leered at Bear and Kameron had to restrain himself from reaching through the small window in the plexi-glass and strangling his scrawny neck.

Adrenaline was still coursing through his system; it was taking a lot of control not to snap.

The tiny room on the end of the first floor they rented was dingy; the comforter on top of the bed looked like it came out of a seventies porno flick. Bear twitched it down onto the floor. He propped up his sore ankle on the bed.

“What are we doing, Kameron?” Bear shoved his hair back. “Every time we turn around, someone else is coming after us.”

Kameron crouched beside the bed. “I know it feels that way, but it’s been Choika all along. We’re going to be fine, but first we have to figure out how to get you into protective custody so we can testify against him.”

“What about Paolo?” Bear gripped his hand. “I’m so sorry. I know he was your partner.”

“Jimmy said he has a plan. I have to get a new phone and get rid of this one. I need you to stay here.” Kameron pulled his back-up piece from his ankle holster. “I want you to keep this.”

Bear shook his head but Kameron made him take it. “Please.”

“I don’t like this. We should stay together.”

“I know.” Kameron stroked his face. “I won’t be gone long though.”

Whew! Lots of drama! Okay, on to the other briefers, so you can check out their great works. Don't forget to comment.
MA Church     
MC Houle      

Julie Lynn Hayes

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Weekly Review: Prince Claimed by Amber Kell

Prince Claimed (Thresl Chronicles #2)Prince Claimed by Amber Kell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This story really is a 3.5 star rating for me. I liked Soldier Mine quite a bit ... but was really anxious for the overall story to be further in the sequel. When it finally came out as Prince Claimed, I was very excited.

That being said, I felt a bit let down when I finished reading Sarler and Bleine's story. There was so much potential story left not shown, I felt a bit disappointed. We got a heap of info about the Thresl society and their history, which was absolutely fabulous. I felt like a lot of that was missing in the first book in the series. However, the author went a little bit too far in that direction.

I feel like we lost a lot of the relationship between Sarler and Bleine. One of the fascinating things with the Thresl's is how they bond and change to match their 'person'. We didn't get to see that, and I missed it. The set up with all of Bleine's history, his past partner's, and his new 'gay for you' relationship was under-written, imo.

I dearly enjoy Amber Kell's writing, however, and will buy the next book in this series, probably the same day it comes out, lol. I just hope that when she writes that one, she balances the characters' stories along with the underlying plot a bit better.

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Wednesday Briefs: One Night Part 20

It's that time again! Wednesday Briefers, with all their great flash pieces, are back again. This week I chose the prompt 'show one of your MC's disappointed' for my inspiration. I hope you like this latest installment of Bear and Kameron's story.
One Night Part 20

Bear sighed. “I guess our time is up, right?” He stuck the last of his clothes in his suitcase and zipped it shut.

“You’re disappointed too, I know.” Kameron came up behind him and gave Bear a hug. “It sounds weird, but it has been like a little vacation from the real world.”

“The real world is full of gangsters, and drugs gone missing, and people trying to kill us. Yeah, I want to go back to that.”

Kameron turned him around and tilted his chin with his hand so Bear would look up at him. “I’m not going to let them put a finger on you again. I promise.”

“I know. I am still scared though. Are cops going to meet us before we get to the courthouse? Will I still need protection? What about after we testify?”

Kameron sat down on the bed, pushing Bear’s suitcase down. He pulled Bear between his legs so they were face to face. “I actually wanted to talk to you about that.”

His face was a bit pink, and Kameron looked nervous, licking his lips and flicking his eyes down and then back up to Bear’s. He took a deep breath. “Move in with me.”

“What?” Bear wasn’t sure he heard what Kameron really said. Or maybe …

“Do you want me to stay with you for a while so you can protect me?”

“Well, yes, I want to protect you.” Kameron grabbed Bear’s hands, engulfing them in his much bigger ones. He rubbed Bear’s wrists with his thumbs. “I want to keep you safe. I’d want you to move in even if we weren’t in danger though. Staying together the last six weeks here has been the best time of my life,” Bear snorted and Kameron rolled his eyes, “other than the threat of murder, I mean.”

His voice softened. “I really like being with you, Bear. I know everything has been crazy and we’ve gotten really close, really fast, but I think for some people that works. I-I love you.”

Bear’s eyes were stinging and his throat hurt. What could he say to that? Nothing but the truth.

“I love you too.” He leaned forward and kissed Kameron, putting every scrap of what he was feeling into it. Kameron brought their joined hands up and cupped Bear’s cheeks. He thrust his tongue in and Bear gave as good as he got.

Loud breaths and moans filled the room.

Bear’s suitcase ended up on the floor and they both landed on the bed when Bear climbed on Kameron’s lap and shoved him backward.

“Want you,” Bear said feverishly as he began unbuttoning Kameron’s slacks. Their court clothes weren’t treated gently as they stripped and then began grinding against each other.

“I packed up the lube.” Kameron was panting, his hands squeezing Bear’s ass and pulling him down hard against him so their cocks rubbed together.

“Just this, then.” The feeling of Kameron’s hard cock rubbing against his, their combined fluids leaking and smoothing out the thrusts, had him far closer to orgasm than it should since they’d made love twice the night before.

“Feels so good,” Bear moaned out.

“Uh huh.” Kameron’s hands kept kneading his ass, increasing their rhythm. “Gonna come soon.”

Shivers began to run through Bear as pleasure coursed through him, building in waves. He could feel it, so close, that moment was just out of reach as he rocked almost violently against Kameron’s cock. Then the tip of Kameron’s finger entered his hole, just breaching it, the dry sting enough to lift Bear’s balls and tip him over.

“Fuck!” Bear came all over them. Kameron’s head kicked back against the bed and he ground up, grunting. Seconds later more hot spunk splashed between them.

Bear lay panting on Kameron’s chest, ignoring the mess between them. “Oh, god, I needed that. I feel like a limp noodle now.”

Kameron laughed. “Glad I could help.” He looked over at the clock. “We’re going to be late meeting Paolo though.”

“Meh,” Bear flapped one hand. “He can wait, as long as we aren’t late for court.”

“We should be fine there.”


“I’m not saying we should tell him why we were late, but maybe you should apologize when we find Paolo.” Bear was walking beside Kameron. They’d parked in an old alley four blocks from the courthouse. Paolo was supposed to meet them about a block away.

“He’ll be fine. Do you have any idea how many long breaks the man can take during a shift? And how many phone calls I’ve had to wait for him to finish? It’s about time I kept him waiting.”

“Does he have a hot girlfriend or something?”

Kameron shrugged. “I think so. I’ve never met her though.”

“Maybe we could get together when all this shit is over. I mean, he is your partner, right? Jimmy and John are really close.”

He’d never really been that close to Paolo, but Bear was right. “Yeah, maybe after you move in we can have everyone over for a bbq.”

Bear grinned up at him and Kameron was glad he’d suggested it. “Sounds great.”

As soon as they turned the corner, Bear pointed and said, “There he is.”

Kameron stopped instantly. Bear took a step forward and Kameron’s reached out and grabbed his arm, yanking him backward.

“What the fuck!”

“Shh!” Kameron hushed him frantically as he towed him around the corner. His heart was racing. He had to see if they’d been seen; he didn’t hear anyone running but that didn’t mean much. “Don’t move,” he told Bear.

Peeking around the corner risked getting his head shot off, but Kameron had to check. He eased to the edge of the building and peeked around the bricks.

Paolo was still standing in the alcove, his back to Kameron. That meant the guy he was talking to was facing him and Kameron could see his face perfectly.

Choika’s nephew.


And Paolo just handed him a gun.
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Weekly Review: Elian by Vicktor Alexander

ElianElian by Vicktor Alexander
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I believe in honesty, even when it's not about telling how great a story is. I read A LOT of fiction. This is not the worst I've ever read, but it is really high up there on my 'I wish I had not bought this' list. I read Tabansi's short story with the MM Romance groups event and found the history of the 'world' and the dynamics interesting (though a bit appalling in some ways with the forced prostitution).

I did not like this 'novel'. For those who don't like spoilers, don't read on because I'm going to poke tons of gigantic fingers in the numerous plot holes and issues.

The info dumps from the 'prophecy' areas pretty much told us the entire plot. That continued throughout the whole story as the author attempted to foreshadow things but ended up completely telegraphing everything. I knew the big AHA moments because of the so called clues given (such as when Elian discovers that the baddies are trying to destroy the whole city/planet with the ancient ritual used to split their planet from the female's planet and Earth and destroy Sodom and Gomorrah)and then he thinks that information to himself ... and then says almost the exact same thing aloud! I don't need the big reveal of the bad guy multiple times as the reader.

That leads me to my irritation in Ingo's role. We know, right off, when the author tells us about Nevin's brothers that Ingo is the odd one that will be the bad guy. Again, more telegraphing. And how exactly is his plot to take over supposed to be real when at the same time he's telling Elian that he's going to set his brothers up one after the other to get rid of them so he can rule without being suspected by the people (What happened to creating the ancient ritual to call down fire on the city/planet????) and get rid of the all the new female babies so they can go back to being a pure male planet... when he has all the brothers rounded up and thrown into prison together IN THE SAME CELL?

Where does the Dark god that Ingo bargains with for power not come in to the story beforehand when they're talking about the bad guy's plans? THAT should have been foreshadowed, but wasn't. It was just thrown in there to explain Ingo's ability to control half-men/half-beasts and to have magic to destroy Elian with some black shrouded misty stuff. Where is Nevin's power supposed to come in as the god promised him when he'd be able to save Elian from the bad things coming?

Which also begs the question ... how did Elian defeat Ingo? Why couldn't he reach his magic all of a sudden when he knew he had it? Where did the light come from that blew everyone up? Why didn't Andalusia tell him what happened like he did every other damn time? What happened to the 'you will have great power' in the aftermath of having the kids? Which, btw, ew... here, please crouch between his legs and talk to the babies, cause otherwise they'll never come out of his asshole and they'll all die. Really? Plus, why is he bathed in this healing light and sleep for a full day with the birth of the triplets... but when he has his son that doesn't happen?

Normally I can find good things to say to balance out the bad, but this story is defying me left and right. I do like some of the plot scenery descriptions, but couldn't stand the way the author gave out character descriptions like dossiers: So and so is this tall, and has this color hair, eyes, and skin. There were, at least, few typos in the story so while the line edit was performed reasonably well, whoever beta read/content edited it did not help this author one bit.

This could have been really good. I like polyamory, I like fantasy, and I like the whole size disparity between partners, cliché though it can be. There is such potential in this world, or there was, but between Tabansi's story and Elian's ... it was lost.

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LHNB: Teaser #4

I finished my rough draft of my story for the Goodreads Love Has No Boundaries Event. If you've been wondering about what has been taking up all my time ... it's been this. Well, that and life in general. Yesterday I spent hours tracking down a plagiarizer and rule violater on Gay Authors ... which just pisses me off. If you want to know more, you can check out the site staff blog on the main forum page on the site through my free fiction websites page.

This story is moving right along though! Working in conjunction with my beta the first 25k of the rough draft is already beta'ed. I ended up around 33.5k, and I usually have a bit more added during edits, so I'm hopeful for the story to end up around 35k for the final draft.

So ... how about a teaser?

Page pursed his lips. “He never said, but I’m pretty sure the contract expired. (Still not telling) isn’t stupid, but we’re both new to the lifestyle, you know? I stopped playing for a while after I saw what was happening with him; it scared me. But this submissive chick I know told me about the munches hosted by Master Pete at the restaurant. I thought that would be safer than going to clubs, and I could learn some stuff too.”

Cason nodded. “You were smart.”

Page snorted. “I was lucky; I met you. I thought that I wanted you, especially after I saw that paddling you demonstrated on the guy wearing those leather chaps? Man, his ass was so red afterward it was practically glowing; you barely had to touch him before he came all over the stage. But Brandon is perfect for me, and you knew that, didn’t you?”

Shrugging one shoulder Cason said, “I guessed you two would be good together.”

“Brandon says that it is more than guessing. You’re good with people."

I know it's short, but I have to draw it out until the story posts. More coming soon. Enjoy!    

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wednesday Briefs: One Night Part 19

This week we have another installment from Bear and Kameron's story. I chose to use the prompt of some use of the 1812 overture. I always found the music invigorating when I needed something to give me an outlet. I imagined Bear would like it too. He's very dramatic.
One Night Part 19

Crashing cymbals and cannon blasts greeted Kameron when he walked in the door. Bear laughed at the shock on Kameron’s face.

“I’m surprised you’d even heard me knock!”

“1812 Overture,” Bear said. He turned down the speakers on his computer. “My problem client is being a pain in the ass again. Sometimes the energy release in the music helps keep me from cracking my computer screen.”

“Okay.” Good smells were coming off the greasy bags in Kameron’s hands. Bear’s stomach rumbled. “I’m glad you’re back; I’m starving.”

Casually, over their hot dogs, Bear decided to deal with Kameron’s distraction. It was worse than usual and he knew that there was something on his mind that he was reluctant to talk about. Normally the man inhaled his food, needing a large amount of food to keep that big body moving … and damn he could he make it move. “So, did your partner have any news for us?”

Kameron’s mouth dropped open again.

“Ew, man, I didn’t need to see that. Swallowing is important, very important.” Bear smirked as Kameron’s cheeks turned a bit pink. “You didn’t really think I didn’t know that you were going out every other day around dinner time to pick up food, and then you have that little wrinkle in your forehead.”

Kameron frowned.

“Yeah, that one,” Bear said.

“I just need to know what is going on.” Kameron wiped at his mouth. “The phone is a burner purchased with cash. I never call from the apartment.”

Bear nodded. “I know you’re being safe. I like the idea of having someone to fall back on for information too. Did he have anything to say? Have they found Choika’s drugs?”

“No.” Kameron cleared his throat. “Actually … Vilem was shot in the head; he’s dead.”

That was not what Bear expected to hear. His hot dog fell from numb fingers. “I … he what?”

“Zbrane got him on the transfer to his grand jury testimony.”

Icy cold chills washed over Bear. His mouth was incredibly dry and he tried in vain to swallow. He shook his head.

Kameron was out of his seat and beside him, pulling Bear into his arms. Bear wrapped his arms around Kameron’s chest and held on, trying to stop the waves of panic but he couldn’t way his way out of the panic.

His ribs protested when Kameron lifted him. Bear buried his head in Kameron’s neck. Tears leaked out from his clenched eyelids.

“Hey, shh,” Kameron’s rough thumbs brushed the hot tears away from his cheeks. “I’m sorry. I wouldn’t have told you like that if I knew you still had feelings for him.”

Bear shook his head. That wasn’t it. “No.” He couldn’t explain it but he had to try. He couldn’t let Kameron believe that he was upset for Vilem’s sake; not just because of how he’d been killed.

“I could care less about that fuck.” The wide shoulders he was holding on to had all sorts of burdens on them; he hesitated to add more. “But what are we going to do? They’ll try to kill us when we go back to testify.”

Kameron smiled. “You know that Jimmy will have made sure every precaution that can be taken, is. You’ll be safe.”

He put one hand on Kameron’s cheek. “I don’t want you to get shot because of me. You have to be safe too.”

“We both will be. I promise.”

The conviction in Kameron’s voice helped calm Bear and he was able to relax a little. He sank against Kameron. “I’m sorry. I can deal well with stress in the moment but not the future. I want this to end, damn it!”

“Shh, it will. We’ll get those bastards convicted and make it too damn costly for Zbrane to go after us.”

Kameron brushed the hair back from Bear’s face and then leaned forward to kiss him. “We’ll be just fine.” He kissed him again, sliding his lips side to side, coaxing Bear until he opened.

Sucking on Kameron’s tongue, Bear felt heat spread through him. He wasn’t cold anymore; he was hot. It took barely a touch from Kameron to get his cock hard and leaking.

He’d never been with a man as good to him as Kameron was. As big as he was, every touch was gentle.

But tonight Bear didn’t want gentle. “My ribs—”

“Did I hurt you?”

Bear shook his head. “No. I was going to say they’re fine. I need to feel you tonight, hard enough so that I can still feel you tomorrow.”

Kameron was up to the challenge. They were naked, Bear supported on pillows even though he said he didn’t need them.

“I want you to be comfortable.” Kameron blanketed his back, talking quietly in his ear.

The stretching took longer than Bear wanted too. He arched and pressed back into the slick fingers loosening his hole but Kameron refused to hurry and give him the hard pounding he wanted.

Instead of the quick, fast fuck there was slow, deep thrust after slow, deep thrust. Each drive sent a hard jolt up Bear’s spine. He pushed against the headboard but Kameron pulled his arms down, wrapping one around his waist and the other around his shoulder and across his chest.

Then he really let go. The slow pace countered the hard thrusts, forcing the arousal to build slowly. Bear was gasping, begging, babbling incoherently … but Kameron refused to speed up or let him move.

His orgasm, when it finally hit, caught him almost by surprise. One minute the sweet agony was consuming him, stealing his breath and then he was screaming as cum boiled out of him, soaking the pillows under him.

Kameron gasped and ground against his ass, his cock buried as deep as it would go and then he lost control, coming with a few jerky thrusts.

Rolling them over, Kameron pulled out but didn’t let Bear go.

“I will keep you safe.”

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Friday, May 3, 2013

Weekly Review: Builty for It by Daisy Harris

Built 4 ItBuilt 4 It by Daisy Harris
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Made 4 It was an interesting story. I hadn’t read any other story in The Love-Bot series, but this still made a lot of sense to me. I get that there might be nuances of the supporting characters from earlier stories that I missed but the general gist of the world the author created made sense.

Ala Frankenstein … but not nearly as primitive, scientists have created a whole style of lab rat that are actually legal and called steins. The ethics of such a thing, and the lack of humanity required to bring people back to life and then experiment on them, was a disturbing theme. I found the character of the head doctor, Frith, to be particularly callous and cruel.

What was interesting to me was the way that humans reverted so much to animalistic tendencies as steins. They would create pack structures, used touch and physical cues to communicate when speech was beyond them. The leader, Kee, was the biggest and strongest … and curiously, also the smartest of them all. Emotions rule the steins’ actions … and Kee has a serious amount of emotion for the reluctant lab assistant Ben, who hates his job.

Throughout the story, Kee grows, Ben learns new things … and they both get something they wanted. In the end, their differences don’t seem to matter that much, even if society would condemn Kee and Ben for them. Their journey, sometimes together and sometimes apart, was good and I liked the romance but I found the philosophical questions brought on by this story almost more interesting than the story itself.

It begs the reader to question if the potential for Kee's recovery of his 'self', based on the electrical impulses of the device in his head that brought him back, would be limited to him for some reason. If given better implants could all steins regain full intelligence? What does that mean legally? Should people be brought back from the dead and limited to a certain level of intelligence deliberately? Can they be people again with all the same rights as the conventionally living if given a chance and should they be given that chance?

Could this be possible in OUR future?

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wednesday Briefs: One Night Part 18

Holy crap; it's May already and that time of the week again! Hump day! Particularly apt for this installment of my flash story, LOL! Please welcome a friend of mine, beta extraordinaire, and wonderful author ... Renee Stevens, to the group. She is sharing her first Wednesday Briefer flash piece this week.

So, my choices this week were myriad, including photos and: "An ounce of prevention is worth..." or use: cauliflower, pastor, enable or "When will I see you again?" or dress your characters in blue or "Count sheep? I'd rather count..." or "My ... is so sore.... (fill in the blanks).

Guess which one I picked? *winks*

One Night Part 18
“Fuck … yeah.” Bear groaned, desperately wanting to squirm but unable to with the arm Kameron had braced across his hips. “More.”
Kameron had his face buried between his legs, sucking hard on his cock. It had been a long time for Bear and the tight, wet heat that slid from the base up to tip and then dove back down was driving him close. His toes curled and every muscle in his thighs tensed.
Kameron circled the base of his cock with his fingers and held tight. The squeezing sensation made it feel like the tip of his cock was about to pop off and the rhythmic sucking from Kameron’s lips locked just under the crown was too much for Bear.
His balls throbbed and he hung onto that rush of feeling, so close, wishing it could last but wanting that release too. “Now!” Bear held his breath, his jaw clenched, and then it came. He reveled in the wave and then let out an explosive grunt. The hard back of the sofa hurt his head when it kicked back as the shots of cum filled Kameron’s mouth.
Bear panted. His cock ached when it slipped out of Kameron’s mouth. The cool air made him shiver and his ribs protested. “Oh god, you just sucked out every bit of strength I had through the tip of my dick.”
“Good, then you won’t fight me when I do this.” Kameron straddled him carefully. Bear looked up from the bulge tenting Kameron’s jeans that the man seemed to be ignoring, expecting a light kiss but what he got was an intense consumption of him, just as thorough as the blow job he just received.
The bitter taste of his cum wasn’t Bear’s favorite flavor but he loved that he could taste it in Kameron’s mouth. Bear couldn’t lift his arms up for long, but he gently stroked Kameron’s stomach as they kept kissing messily. He slipped his hands under the worn t-shirt, feeling the soft skin over hard muscle and the marring here and there of the wounds left by Choika’s brutality.
“Kameron,” Bear gasped when they finally pulled back to breathe. “You … you just ….”
A smirk spread across Kameron’s face. “I know.”
Bear reached for the snaps on his jeans. “I want to suck you, but I can’t bend over.”
Kameron pushed his hand inside his loosened pants and wrapped Bear’s fingers around his cock. “Pull it out.”
Bear did.
“Just stroke.” Kameron’s voice was tight and his cock was rigid in Bear’s hand. He stroked his fingers up and down lightly. The hand over his squeezed down. “Hard,” Kameron said. “Fast.” His hips rocked up into their combined grip. “I won’t last; not this time. You can suck me later.”
Bear began jerking his hand up and down almost roughly. “Are you going to come on me?” He hoped Kameron would. He liked the way a man’s cum splattered across his body, especially when it wasn’t his own. There was something so erotic about it.
Kameron leaned over him, hips rocking, one hand holding on to the back of the couch. “Ugh,” he grunted, snapping his hips up. “Now, now, now,” he chanted as he froze, arcs of white cum squeezed out between their hands to paint Bear’s torso where his shirt was pushed up.
The weight of his lover’s limp body was heavy on Bear’s thighs when Kameron rested more of his weight on Bear’s lap, but he didn’t complain. It felt good. Safe.
Kameron and Bear settled into a routine as they both healed and got to know each other better. Kameron was bored out of his skull though. There was only some much daytime TV a man could watch and Bear’s fingers typing away on his keyboard were driving him a little crazy. Bear had slowly begun to work again; he’d explained about using a bouncing IP signal in order to mask his location when he logged into his email or his client’s sites, but Kameron didn’t really like computers.
He could check his email and surf all the porn he wanted … well, had wanted, before he had Bear. As his stitches came out and Bear’s ribs slowly began to let him move around more easily, they’d moved from blow jobs to sex.
It still blew Kameron’s mind. He’d never met anyone like the small, incredibly snarky man, but one smirk and lifted eyebrow from Bear was all it took before his cock decided it was ready and willing. Kameron had never been so glad to have anyone’s forgiveness as he was Bear’s; the idea of missing out on getting to know him made Kameron still shudder.
Tap. Tap. Tap, tap, tap, tap.
Kameron stood up. He still couldn’t stand the typing. “I’m going out for a short walk. Do you want to come with me?”
Bear shook his head. “No way, my thighs are so sore from last night.” Bear had been limping a little but he’d wanted to be on top and there was no way Kameron was going to argue.
“Want me to pick up dinner?” Evening was already slowing the city down around them but Kameron felt like he hadn’t done a damn thing. “I feel like some of those chili dogs from that place around the corner.”
“Sounds good,” Bear said absently as he tapped at the keyboard while squinting at what looked like lines of gibberish. Bear stopped and looked up when Kameron picked up his keys. “You won’t be gone long, right?”
“No. Still, lock the door behind me with the chain, okay?”
Kameron enjoyed the breeze outside, his hands in his pockets. His chest still itched a bit and his shoulder ached when he moved wrong but they’d been hiding for a good two weeks. As soon as he was around the corner and knew Bear wouldn’t be able to see him, Kameron dug his phone out.
“Hey, Paolo. Tell me something good man.”
*evil grins* Okay, more next week. Now check out all the other great flash stories!