Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Wednesday Briefs: Ancalagon Ch. 36


“I’m sure you have seen aliens who turn red before,” I muttered.

“We have.” Timok put down a scanner on the table. He turned to Garjah. “You didn’t tell him?”

I scowled. “Tell me what?”

“Your eyes. Did you even notice how dim it has gotten in here?”

Not really. I had notice the bright light when the door opened, but… “Are you saying my eyes changed color?”

“And the pupils have elongated. If you’re seeing in this lower light, they’re clearly more effective than human levels. I’ve had to raise the lights in my lab far more than is comfortable in the past.”

Was he expecting me to apologize for that? I huffed, clenching my jaw. I wanted to cross my arms over my chest, but the signals as I thought about it went haywire and I got my hands tangled up. Damn it! “Just how much of me is going to change because of what you did?” I snapped.

“You mean saving your life?”

“By taking away my choices, changing me into this…. This….” I growled, waving one hand at myself.

“You regret choosing me?” Garjah asked quietly. “You think it was forced on you?” He took a step back, paused, then shook his head. “I thought… I didn’t want that.” His shoulders slumped.

“Garjah, that’s not what I—”

“That’s what you said.” Timok raised an eyebrow.

Shut up!” I shouted. “Better yet, get out! We don’t need you here.”  

“Really?” He managed to cross his arms gracefully over his chest, giving me a haughty look.


“With new genetic changes happening, you want me—your doctor—to just leave and not scan you, not check to see what else might be changing?”

I was about to rip his face off, that was what was about to happen. “Yes!”

“No,” Garjah said at the same time.

“What?” I gaped at him. He wouldn’t look at me.

“Essell, we need to know what is happening with your body. Four arms, denser bone structure, and now your eye color has changed and your pupils are elongated like ours. What else is going to happen? Your hair fall out?”

I clapped my hands over my head. “Oh no, no, no. I don’t look good bald.”

Timok lifted one shoulder. “The pigment change could extend to his skin instead. Did you notice any textural differences?”

“No, he was still smooth and soft. The hair on his body was still there too.”

I looked at them both, horrified. This was my body they were discussing like it was no big deal. I looked down at my bare chest, at the extra pair of arms coming off my ribcage. Was it really my body? Why hadn’t I freaked out more? Why didn’t I want Timok to run every test imaginable now?

All I wanted was him gone. Far away from Garjah and out of our space. His scent was wrong, and I… My breath caught, and I stopped in the middle of a deep breath in, my nose wrinkled. Where had that thought come from?

Garjah and Timok’s words had faded into the background as I tackled those very important questions. Now I began to back away.

“Essell?” Garjah said.

“I can’t do this.” I whirled and fled… right into the bathing chamber. The door slid shut behind me, but there was nowhere to go. I smacked my hand over the sensor, stopping anyone from opening the door at least.

My chest heaved, and my eyes watered. The lights were too bright. I dimmed them, then sank against the wall to sit on my ass, pulling my knees to my chest. The others rested on the floor. The humming vibration was almost soothing. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes.

Alien eyes.

I’d avoided looking at them. What color were they now? Like Garjah’s? A mix? Were they even the same size or shape other than the pupil changing?

“Why are you here?”

I jerked my head up ready to shout. No, the door was still shut. Garjah wasn’t talking to me. I could hear him through the wall? Stars! What else was going to change on me?

That question was subsumed by my need to know the answer to Garjah’s.

“—all the signs of it. I needed to verify the test results. This is something that has to be reported right away.”

“When do we leave?”

“As soon as I can guarantee transferring to space won’t damage him.”

“The change in gravity is miniscule, and the window is brief.”

“But it’s there. The other option is to put him in stasis—”

I was pushing up and out the door before he even finished the next word, snarling and jabbing a finger toward Timok. “Don’t you even dare. You will not put me in stasis again.”

Timok blinked at my finger then focused past it to look at me. He cocked his head, his wide eyes even wider. “You heard that?”

“You weren’t whispering.” They were probably talking loud to make sure I heard it so I’d come out. Stars! Why didn’t I think of that before I ran out of there? Manipulating aliens.

“A human wouldn’t be able to hear through the ship walls.”

“I did.”

Garjah slowly stepped forward. “We aren’t saying you aren’t human, Essell,” he said carefully, “but parts of you are changing. My hearing and vision is better than most, and you are doing things only I can do.”

“You are reacting more and more like one of us. Your animosity toward me? That has grown, hasn’t it?” That irritating smirk was back. “If you had less control, I’d be either bleeding or out of here.”

I deflated, dropping onto the edge of the bunk. The strong scent of our mixed pleasure surrounded me, and I wanted to curl up and pull the blanket over my head. “I’m scared.”

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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Wednesday Briefs: Ancalagon Ch. 35


Garjah cursed, his arms squeezing me so tight it was hard to draw a breath. I pulsed around his length, and he ground against me. Rumbling, he softened, leaning us to one side and then curling around me. I stilled and the throbbing inside me was for almost like being massaged by a water shower wand. I had come all over Garjah’s hand, the white fluid coating thick green fingers.

He rubbed it into my belly, holding me to him. I lost the ability to speak, my chest heaving as I struggled to catch my breath. Garjah’s chest vibrated against my back. He was more vocal, expressing pleasure more than I expected… at least I hoped it felt good. “Okay?” I finally gasped when my orgasm released its grip on me, and the tiny aftershocks of pleasure eased.

“You feel so good,” he slurred out. “Tight. Pulses.”  

The way he was shooting inside me felt good too, almost soothing. I relaxed against him, laying my head on his arm and letting our legs twine together. I knew from my reading that this time, the exchange of our fluids, would affirm the bond and mingle our scents.

His was a metallic tang that lingered in my nostrils and thick on my tongue. A holdover from older times when they lived more primitive lives, but one that would calm Garjah’s territorial instincts.

Accustomed to quick releases before leaving for separate quarters, this was different. I didn’t do a lot of physical contact, but I craved it from him. I rubbed my cheek against his arm again as he finally stilled, heaving out a deep breath. “Essell.”


“You okay?”

“Uh-huh. Fine.” More than. “I like this.” I liked the difference in our sizes, how he curled around me. I enjoyed the pebbled roughness of his skin gently abrading mine. And the extra set of hands? Well… they came in handy. I chuckled.


I shook my head. “Stupid thoughts.” The metal band around his upper arm brushed against my temple. “What are these?” I hadn’t seen them on anyone else.

“Arm bands.”

Seriously? I frowned and looked over my shoulder. “I know that.”

The smirk on his face faded when my muscles tightened as I continued to glare at him. “You will start something your body cannot finish.”

I raised an eyebrow. “Want to bet?”


Later, picking at the food Garjah had brought, he said completely at random, “They are made of oslium. It was a gift from the Kardoval, for bravery on a mission.”

I stopped with a bite halfway to my lips, my mouth wide open. “Those are made of oslium?”

He nodded.

“That’s… that’s crazy. Those must be worth a fortune.”

“Only someone who has made a great sacrifice or performed a supreme act of bravery is gifted thus.” He sounded proud.

“What did you do?” I was sure it was something big. Something brave. Noble. Honorable. He was all of those things.

And I was right. He told me the whole tale as we ate, explaining about the planet they’d been on, the ship he’d crewed on, how they’d lost over half before he could get everyone on board and safe.

“How did you survive that without scars?” Being gored by an animal with horns the length he indicated should have at least left a mark. I’d spent enough time staring at his naked chest to know there wasn’t any.

“Timok. He wasn’t head of medical at that point, but he was good at his job.”

He was. I’d spent a lot of time with him, and he was equal parts scientist and doctor. His mind was highly developed, and that challenged my belief that their genetic memory would hamper their flexibility with learning new things. He frequently showed me information they’d sieved from the galactic databases, asking me to verify his understanding.

Sometimes I didn’t even know what the data meant. So yeah… it was safe to say he was more than good at what he did on the ship.

His personality left something to be desired, especially since speaking his name seemed to draw his attention.

“What do you need?” Garjah asked, after he answered the alert and opened the door.

“I think you meant to say why are you bothering us?” I didn’t stand up, just cast a glare at the smirking, green-skinned alien waving two hands full of medical equipment at me from the doorway.

“Tests. I gave you more than enough time. Garjah, let me by. You know he’s safe with me, and I need to make sure that introduction of your DNA has not done anything to his body.”

I jumped up. “What? I thought it was safe.”

“Of course. Plenty of cross-species coupling is safe. But you have started a mutation that has no precedence. Tests are prudent.”

Garjah grumbled but moved when Timok pushed him out of the way. Then he stood, feet apart, arms crossed, and glowered just like he had when I first met him.

That was not helping. The room reeked of our scent, the bunk was a tangled mess of coverings and his pillow was actually on my chair; the hard surfaces were not made for anyone who was sore after… well, after what I didn’t want Timok to think about what we were doing just a little while before.

The heat engulfed me as he got closer and wrinkled his nose. “Uniquely scented,” he said. “And that coloring.” He glanced over his shoulder at Garjah. “Good thing you claimed him now before we leave.” 

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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Wednesday Briefs: Ancalagon Ch. 34


Garjah knelt between my legs. I slowly pushed up on the bunk so I could pivot on a knee and then face away. My breath sawed in and out of my chest, and I moved almost as slow as I had when the gravity had pressed down on me. I gripped the top edge of the bunk with my arms, and balanced on my other forearms, lowering my torso toward the soft surface.

“Like this?” I murmured.

“Yes.” Garjah grunted the word. He leaned forward, tracing one hand over my back. “Your color is amazing. So pink.” He brought his other hand up and caressed my leg, stroking from my knee to my hip. “You’re so soft.”

If a shipmate from the Rinta had said that, I’d have a sharp retort and scrambled out of the bed. But my skin, compared to the pebbled armor covering most of Garjah’s muscles, was soft. It wasn’t an insult as a light-gravver, or from a security forces member to a geek researcher.

No, from the gleam in his eyes and the flare in his nostrils—and the fluid leaking in thick streams down his shaft—he loved my skin and lean muscles.

“I want you inside me.” I didn’t want him to mistake any signals. Their people didn’t quite follow human sexual practices, but it was very similar.

Garjah curled over me, one arm bracing next to my upper arms. The heat of his body radiated against my back. “Patience.”

Shaking my head, I groaned. Of course he would be like this. I’d been unable to resist touching him, going straight for his shaft, but he was touching me everywhere.  One hand along my back, my legs, and the other caressing my chest. One of his thick fingers grazed my nipple, and I gasped, arching into the touch. “Sensitive,” I panted out.

“Yes, I like this.” Garjah rubbed the firm nub, then teased the other until both were hard and aching. I arched into the caresses, then his hand moving to my inner thigh distracted me. I spread them, giving in to the pressure. He rumbled his approval, vibrating against my back.

It was amazing, what he could do with that extra hand, and I was glad I could both hold myself up and hold onto the bed. Otherwise I might have collapsed the next second when I felt his shaft slide through my cleft. He wasn’t moving, his chest to my back, so it was his shaft moving again.

Caressing me, slicking my crease, sliding over the sensitive skin of my hole. I squeaked, then flushed at the silly sound, but his cock was touching me, and he was plucking both nipples with two hands, and one hand was now cupping my balls.

Overload didn’t cover it. I shuddered, sensation rocketing through me. I clenched my toes, my fingers, and panted in quick breaths. “Garjah, please.”

Tight to my stomach, my shaft throbbed with every rapid heartbeat. If he didn’t get inside me soon, this would be over for me before it even started.


“If you say patience, I will jump off this bunk and go take a long shower.” It wasn’t like it was a water bath or shower, but I’d find a way to jerk off in there. It wouldn’t take long anyway.

It might have been a while for me.

“Timok said to take my time,” Garjah said.

“Timok can mind his own business.” I wiggled. “You have a similar anatomy. Just… I need a little more work. Take some of your slick, stretch my hole, and fuck me already.” I got a little bossy when I was horny. Or hungry. Or mad.

I was just bossy when I wasn’t lost in my own head. But stars above, I had been aroused most of the day, when I was about to die from embarrassment, and my balls ached. There was a need inside me that was growing exponentially as the scent of our combined arousal rose between us.

Garjah, blessedly, listened to both the words I said and didn’t say. He curled closer again, stroking both nipples gently now, and gently pressed against my entrance with one thick digit. Press, retreat, circle, press, circle…. I growled and pushed back, taking what I wanted.

“Ahh,” I sighed as he sank inside me finally.

“You are so soft.” Garjah stroked my inner walls, and I shuddered.

“Again, more.” I rocked, teaching him the rhythm I liked, demanding until I got two fingers. The burn was exquisite and took the edge of my desire to come. As soon as my muscles gave in and relaxed, I was demanding again. “I’m ready.”

“Are you sure?” Garjah’s voice was a deep rumble against my back. He stroked his sharp chin over my shoulder. “I won’t hurt you.”

“I’m ready. Now.” I rolled my hips. “Gonna feel so good.”

Two of his fingers were large and his shaft moved in ways a human’s dick just couldn’t. Wide but softer, flexible enough to stroke all around my sensitive channel, I cried out when he targeted my prostate. “You—”

“Yes, I know about that.” His voice was smug. He hadn’t touched it while he was stretching me.

“Sneaky alien.”

“Your alien.”

He was, and I was his. Despite being different, we fit together so good. And, stars be praised, but he was a quick study. That rhythm I’d used to impale myself on his fingers was turned against me. Garjah thrust and rocked, his breath coming in heaving gasps.

“Close,” I warned.

He pulled us up onto our knees, my back to his pebbled front. His muscles had no give, so I molded to him. I wrapped two arms around his neck and held onto his hard ass with the others. Not moving his hips, his cock stroked inside me to match the hand he wrapped around my shaft.

One stroke was all it took to set off an explosion of pleasure inside me. 

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Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Wednesday Briefs: Ancalagon Ch. 33


“I don’t know what Timok told—”

Cutting of Garjah, I said, “He didn’t tell me things. I asked him for… information to read.”

Folding his arms, Garjah glowered. “What did you read?”

If I had something to feel guilty about, I would have. He was very stern. I shivered, enjoying the arousal, but I raised an eyebrow. No need to let him think he could bark and drop my trousers.

Even if he probably could.

“About pair bonding.”

He dropped his arms. “Oh. I would have told you about that.”

“I, ah, also wanted some basic knowledge about Four Arms.”

“Are you still calling us that?” Garjah shook his head. “I thought you were a scientist.”

“Your names are simple. I can’t even begin to pronounce most of the vowel combinations in your language.” They used syllables to denote affiliation, and they added syllables to their other names as well. For those who founded it, who lived there, the purpose of the place… Garjah could say their species name in one fluent rolling wave of sound, but to remember it all I had to parse it out. I sounded like a stumbling child.

I’d rather call them Four Arms.  “Four Arms is descriptive enough.”

“You can’t think of anything else?”

Oh, there was more if I were to describe Garjah. The smooth curve of his skull, his chiseled features, the subtle stripes along his textured, green skin, and all those impressive muscles. But Garjah was gentle. A gentle giant.

And his scent. My nostrils flared whenever I smelled his salty, metallic tang, and all I wanted to do was press my face to his body and breathe him in.

I swayed, drawn by the look in his eyes and my growing need to touch him. His skin was usually a darker green, but had paled to blend with his stripes. He didn’t move, but his muscles in his shoulders and legs flexed.

“You smell good, Essell,” he said. His slit pupils dilated into elongated ovals.

“You do too.” I stepped back. He stepped forward. I swallowed hard. His gaze darted to my throat, where the muscles worked.

“Are you hungry?”

“Not for stew.”

“Do you want me to go—”

“No!” If he left again, I would lose it. Studying him, scenting him, the arousal in the air blossoming between us was heady and strong. My nerves were strung tight, but I knew I’d have to make the first step. I hadn’t managed a shirt; I’d have to ask for some.

But at least that made it easier to do this. I opened the snaps on my pants, then pushed them down. Sitting on the bunk, I kicked them off. I leaned back on my upper arms, but I wasn’t sure… I rubbed the sides of my thighs, wanting to touch my thickening shaft but not quite…

Garjah rumbled. “Are you sure?”

“Yes. Now stop asking me that, and get naked. I’m feeling awkward here.” And horny. It was worth it, because when Garjah slipped out of his uniform, he stood in all his naked glory with both legs spread wide. Metal bands wrapped around both his upper arms.

He did not have an innie. No, that was a beautiful shaft was rasping against the skin of his abdomen, the muted thrum a distinctive sound only a fully-aroused male made with his prehensile penis.

Yeah, I’d learned a lot from the vids Timok sent me. Nothing prepared me to actually see and hear Garjah. He was large, overpoweringly male, and wasn’t taking his eyes off me.

“Move back.”

I crawled onto the bunk all the way, pillowing my head on two of my arms. I succumbed to temptation and grasped my shaft with one hand, stroking up from the base until a pearl of precome beaded on the tip. Garjah stalked forward and climbed onto the bed. He held himself up over me, kneeling between my legs. He peeled my hand away and swiped up the fluid with the thumb on his hand at the same time.

Sticking it into his mouth, he sucked noisily. “You taste salty,” he rumbled. “I like it.”

Glancing between our bodies, I didn’t see fluid from him. “Do you taste salty?” He smelled it. My chest rose and fell with my quickening breaths. I tried to reach out to touch him, but he captured my other free hand.

“No. We will do this the right way,” he said. He pulled my hand to his chest. “Do you, Essell Deray, wish to be my pair bond, to allow me to seek fulfillment in all things with you, to honor and explore all that this life has to offer?”

I blinked. The document said there were declarations made. I thought I’d already done that, but what Garjah was doing, the words he said… My throat thick, I nodded.

“Yes?” he prompted.

“Yes,” I repeated.

A smile spread across Garjah’s face. He bent down and nuzzled my cheek and neck. “I am going to scent you all night,” he said. He let go of my hand, and I placed it on his side, then slid my fingers down. His lower abdomen was ridged, the skin pebbled in rows.

“Oh wow.” His penis stroked the back of my hands. It was really flexible. “Can I?”

“Yes. Your touch will make me slick for you.” It was like stroking something that was petting me back, and after just two strokes, tiny vents along the sides had pursed open. A thin, clear fluid leaked out of the holes. The metallic scent grew stronger.

Eager now, I stroked his shoulders, his biceps, his muscular chest with my upper arms while my lower pair explored his unique shaft.

Garjah allowed my exploration for longer than I would have held out. “Essell,” he rumbled, when I squeezed him tight and pulsed my fingers from pinkie to forefinger in a massage meant to drive him crazy. He grabbed my lower arms. “Roll over.”

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