Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Wednesday Briefs: Ancalagon Ch. 53

Bouncer woke me living up to his name. He pounced on the bed, dislodging the sheet pooled around my back. I grunted and pushed up onto one elbow, shoving him off my side. “Ow, you beast. What’s got you so excited?”

His eyes were fixated on the door, and he danced on his legs. The soft mattress sunk under his weight, and I rolled toward him. Bowling into him, we collapsed into a heap. He licked my shoulder and neck, nuzzling his head against my cheek. I stroked his nubbly skin, rubbing along his powerful muscles over his shoulders and down his spine as far as I could reach while I tickled his sides with my lower arms.

“It makes me nervous when he does that,” Garjah said.

Craning my head, I glanced over Bouncer’s back. Garjah was in the doorway, two trays balanced in his hand. Steam rose from the upper tray, and a large jug with mugs balanced below it. I had the urge to pounce on him, not to knock him down and rub my body all over his—though that would be fun too—but to get to the food.

My stomach snarled angrily, and Bouncer jerked back onto his haunches. I laughed. “Sorry, buddy.”

Garjah set down the trays on the bed and slid in on the other side of them. Somehow they didn’t spill. Technology, magic, I didn’t care. “How long did we sleep? I’m starving.”

“Timok said you were still providing nutrients for the change in your body and the additional mass. You need to eat more.”

“All I ever do is eat.” I picked over the tray, grabbing into the bowl and the stabby things I was supposed to eat with. Not even bothering to ask what the new dishes were, I started tasting and eating. I huffed and hissed my way through a few bites that were too hot, which made Garjah chuckle as he ate at a much slower pace from the single bowl he’d grabbed off the tray.

“Did you make all this? How?” It looked fresh.

“I had a delivery from the markets of food, other parts are replicated, and some is from the garden.”

Stopping with the bowl pressed to my lips and a shovel of the diced orange bits about to scoop into my mouth, I glanced from Bouncer’s begging eyes to Garjah. “The garden he was in, unsupervised? Did you wash the produce?”

Garjah’s thin lips spread in a smirk. “What would you say if I said no?”

My nose wrinkled, and I started to lower the bowl. Garjah grabbed it and tilted it back up. “Stop. You’d think you weren’t a biologist with how finicky you are. The food garden is enclosed so he couldn’t get inside. And I washed it,” he said before I could open my mouth to protest again. “No other animals, insects, or chemicals are present in your food. Well, other than the chemicals that make it, but that’s not exactly sexy breakfast in bed talk.”

“So we did sleep all the way until breakfast!” I blinked, but the light hadn’t changed much. The suns were really affecting my ability to tell time.

“A human saying I picked up, since we don’t call first shift meal breakfast.”

“Is it first shift if you’re not on a ship?” I countered.

“Yes. It is still the first shift, and the same general functions apply to the meals and work performed on a planet as on a ship. Speaking of that, I need to connect with Seedrah today, and there’s a meeting we need to attend regarding the block I put up.”

I put down the bowl since I couldn’t exactly look serious and dignified while shoveling food in my mouth. “We need to talk about that, by the way. When were you going to tell me about the power you have? You never told me you head security for the entire race!” My voice rose, and I stopped, taking a breath.

“It isn’t something I felt the need to explain. Jah. My name says it all.”

“Your name says it all for Four Arms. Even with these”—I waved my arms—“it’s obvious I’m different. I don’t know these things.”

Today, you should learn more then. While I am in a meeting, Mereval asked to speak with you and also work on some documentation from your quadrant from long ago. Something about books on paper she’d like you to assess.”

I’d wrapped my hand around the cup on the tray, but I jerked when he mentioned records on paper and spilled over my hand. Lifting my hand to my mouth, I sucked the sweet, caffeinated fluid off my skin. Hmm, I faintly tasted of Garjah.

“Is that all?” I liked the scent, and I wanted nothing more than to be wrapped in it. But my belly was sated, I gave Bouncer my bowl to pounce on and finish off, and I was ready to go.


Bliss. Water cleaning. They had reclamation processes, so it didn’t go to waste, but I was able to get completely clean in a water shower that didn’t make the water feel like chemicals burned by skin or gave me a risk of organ-consuming bacteria spiking straight for my brains.

Clean, fed, hydrated, with Bouncer at my side, I left the transport Garjah was piloting and waited on a light blue bench for him while he put it wherever personal transports were located. I liked the one he had better than the one the Kardoval had made us use the day before. This one didn’t let anyone see inside, limiting the uncomfortable stares directed at us.

Mereval met us at the doors, this time made up in a casual outfit with a tunic that tied above and below her arms. She looked nice, but not so nice my clothes looked out of place.

“I have a scroll I’m dying for you to translate for me,” she said, tugging me inside.

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Julie Lynn Hayes 

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Wednesday Briefs: Ancalagon Ch. 52


Garjah’s bed was soft as a cloud, an unexpected luxury. I sank into it under his weight as he knelt between my thighs. When he tried to lift off me, I pulled him back down and locked my legs around his hips.

“Stay,” I ordered. I rocked up, pressing our flesh together. I was leaking and the clear, sticky fluid smeared between our bellies.

Garjah glanced down. His nostrils flared and he rumbled. He wormed one hand between us and joined our lengths, pressed his flexible shaft to mine.

“Yeah,  just like that.” My toes curled in the satiny sheets. I loved to feel him against me. The combined scent of our pleasure rose up as he stroked. I grabbed his hips, urging him to move.

He was graceful for all his size as he stroked and rocked. The need I’d felt in front of the Kardoval made me bossy, and I relished the way he let me dictate the pace even as he caged me in his arms and under his bulk.

Sex was something I used to hurry through, but not any more. I stroked every inch of Garjah I could reach. Pulling him down, we kissed until I gasped at one particularly tight stroke over the head of my cock. I buried my head in Garjah’s throat, biting down then sucking on the salty flesh in my mouth.

Grunting, his ass flexed hard under my hands, the muscles rock solid as he froze over me. I hummed and undulated before I let go with a quiet pop. “Ugh,” Garjah grunted again in response. I licked his heated flesh, tracing the indent of my teeth and the blood I’d brought to the surface in a dark green bruise, and then I continued the caress along the column of his neck and across his shoulder. Nipping my way over the muscle, I smiled each time his muscles kicked and he drove against the grip he held us both in.

Overwhelmed by the smell, taste, and touch of him around me, I could have easily fell into pleasure but I felt hollow, empty. I wanted him inside me. Sliding a hand down between us, I curled my fingers around his. “Let go,” I said in a husky voice.

He blinked twice, slowly, before his unfocused stare finally cleared and met mine. “Why?” he complained in a rumbling voice.

“I want to scent like you, inside and out.” I didn’t have to say anything else before he let go. He barely lifted his body, and I struggled to turn over. This would be hard, and fast, and…. “Ahh, there.” He was pressed against my back, his shaft notching my cleft. His metallic slick was weeping from the holes on his shaft.

Too impatient to wait any longer, I arched and whined when the narrow head caught on the rim of my hole on the next rocking thrust. He grabbed my hip and stopped me, but I demanded, “No, now!” and pushed back another fraction. Straining, yet open to the invasion, I took his shaft with stinging pleasure until he was seated completely inside me.

Garjah held both my hips and one shoulder, his other hand braced on the bed beside us. I leaned toward that hand in the soft mattress, not quite balanced, so I lowered my chest. I gasped, shaking as his dick stroked hard over my prostate as I shifted.

It was thick, and tight, and long moments passed before I could draw in a deep enough breath to demand he move. Garjah rumbled in response, but he pulled his hips away from my ass. Cool air slid between our bodies for a moment, then he pushed back in.

“Stars! Yes!” I shouted. Pushing against the headboard, I rocked back into him on the next move, slapping our skin together so the underside of his lovely shaft caressed my prostate with ball-achingly good pressure. We moved apart and slammed together with increasing vigor, his grunts in my ear and my shouts devolving into demands for more.

I couldn’t remember any other words. I just knew I didn’t want it to end, even if the agony of sensation could only last for so long before my body cried its surrender. I rocked under him, no longer in control, and then Garjah slid one hand from his bruising grip on my hip to cup my leaking shaft against my belly.

The touch inside and out sent me over the edge, and I screamed a fierce “Yes!” as I filled his cupped palm with milky come. He kept jerking me and slamming his hips against my ass, growling as he stroked my cock with my own fluids and rode out my orgasm until the clench of my ass muscles around him became too much.

“My turn now,” Garjah rumbled. He bit down on my shoulder, his arm an iron band around my shoulder and down to my belly to keep me in place when I would have squirmed away. He hammered at my oversensitive hole before he unloaded, roaring loud enough my ears rang.

We collapsed, his weight bearing me into the bed. I turned my head, gasping for breath, and waited to recover enough to move. It might take a few hours or more. Before I was ready, Garjah pulled out. I hissed as the sensitive skin around my hole protested his movement, but I did enjoy taking a deeper breath when he collapsed on his side next to me. He pulled me over out of the wet spot.

“Sleep. You’ll need it.” Garjah caressed my back in long strokes. I wanted to ask what he meant, but exhaustion from the stress of worrying about meeting the Kardoval and the amazing orgasm he’d just fucked out of me rendered me mute. I closed my eyes and buried my face against his chest, ready for a good, long rest.

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Julie Lynn Hayes 

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Wednesday Briefs: Ancalagon Ch. 51

The color of the plants were echoed in the walls, dabbed with bright colors done directly on in murals showing scenes I couldn’t interpret. Bouncer’s nose was twitching, and he chirped, looking up at me.

“You want to explore, buddy?”

He bounced on his front legs, eager to move after so long being cooped up.

Garjah tapped a panel on the wall. “Go ahead. The field is off, so he can get in now.”

“Enjoy. Don’t destroy anything,” I warned him. I hoped he’d listen as he bounced off, true to his name. He sniffed at the plants. “Nothing in there is toxic to him, right?” I asked.

“No, he’ll be fine.”

I wanted to look around more, explore everything, but there was something I wanted more right that moment. “I can’t see the sleeping quarters from here.” I turned in Garjah’s arms. “Show me?” Rubbing against him, I made no secret of exactly why I wanted him to lead the way to the closest bed.

Hopefully it’d be bigger than the bunk we’d been making work. There was something to be said for snuggling close though.

Garjah lifted me. For once, I didn’t protest him picking me up. He went up a flight of stairs quickly, and I grabbed his shoulders. The second floor was open at the top of the stairs, the garden to our left with the tops of several trees rustling in the air flow system. Seating was arranged in the open area to the right in an informal sitting area. Opposite the stairs was a door. A corridor ran along the wall and turned to the left again, but Garjah didn’t tell me what was down there or offer to pause so I could look around upstairs.

He went straight for the door. It opened when he neared and the lights came on full brightness. Inside the room was a large bed, easily three times the size of the bunk we’d used. It dominated the room, but I could see a room with clothes through an open door and a bathroom through another.

“Lower lights.” The room had windows, but they were in the outer wall and covered. With the lights lowered, the room was dim. Spotlights on the walls shone in cones of light on either side of the bed in pale gold. The fibers of the bed covering shimmered in the light, and it was silky smooth under me when Garjah set me on the bed.

He straightened. “What do you want?” he asked in a low voice.

“You, naked, and on this bed.” I breathed hard, my lower hands clenched on in the blanket next to my thighs. I leaned back on the top pair. “Then I want you to get me naked.”

Garjah’s breathing sped up. “And then what?”

“We’re going to spend the rest of the day making sure no one doubts we’re bonded,” I promised him. I reached over and tugged on the bottom of his formfitting tunic where it was tucked into his pants. “Off.”

He didn’t argue, pulling it open and then slipping the tunic off his back and leaving it on the floor behind him without a second glance. Toeing off his foot coverings, he opened his pants and slid a thumb under each side over his hipbones. He shimmied and pushed, and then they were down and piled on top of his shirt.

Naked except for his arm bands, Garjah’s green skin shone in the gold light. It cast shadows that highlighted the muscles rippling in his abdomen. His cock hung thick and full between us.

“Hmm,” I hummed in satisfaction as I slid hands over both his shoulders as Garjah hovered over me. The muscles capping the strong breadth flexed as he slid my top off. I lifted my hips, brushing against his glistening tip, so he could slide my pants down my ass.

Garjah cursed and surged forward, knocking me backward. My legs were trapped in my pants, locked between his. He rubbed our lengths together as he caged me in against the bed. “Ahh,” I cried out, punching my hips up as he arced down.

Grabbing onto his shoulder and the back of his neck, it was all I could do to hold on. This wasn’t where I wanted our first time in a full bed to end. I wiggled, and gasped, and tried to push him back by the hips. “Wait, wait.” I panted, separating our lower halves.

“My pants. Get them off,” I gasped.


I squeezed his hips. “Now.”

Garjah growled, but he reared up on his knees and then pulled on my pants. Yanking hard, I slid on the bed but he got them off and threw them over the side of the bed a second later. “Good?”

Spreading my thighs to welcome him back between them, I curled one leg around his hip. “Much better.” I rocked my hips, sliding my slender length against his thicker cock. I was leaking from the tip, clear fluid dribbling down the side and easing the glide.

Pulling him down, I urged him to kiss me. He joined our lips, and I breathed in his scent and moaned at the flavor of his tongue when I sucked on its mobile length. I rocked against him, turning and lifting my chin. He pulled away, panting for air as he kissed along my jaw, to my neck, and along my shoulder. This was what I wanted, what I needed. Him over me, touching me, his scent, his taste, his touch… I wanted to consume and be consumed.

He was mine, and no one who came within arm’s length of Garjah would miss my claim. The bond between us sang with need and satisfaction. He was mine, and I was his.

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Julie Lynn Hayes


Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Wednesday Briefs: Ancalagon Ch. 50

“Timok wasn’t concerned about the sneeze because he felt it prudent to inoculate Essell while he was in stasis.” Garjah shrugged a shoulder. “He already knew I was safe.”

“But this was already after you felt drawn to him?” Mereval asked Garjah. “The inoculations and the sneeze?”

He nodded. “I knew there was something out there I had to find. I thought I was just securing the ship and crew. Instead, the second I laid eyes on him I knew I had to take him back to the ship. And that I needed to keep him.” His voice dropped on the last few words, the husky note sending a bolt of lust through me.

His tone made no mistake on just how he wanted to keep me. How did he do that while saying so little?

I had too many clothes on. This room was way too small, and there were too many people.

“They can see our bond. I’ve said I don’t want to go back, and we’ve established I don’t believe the changes to my body could be undone anyway.” Bouncer came around to stand beside me. “Can we go?”

“You have been remarkably calm during all this.” Mereval smiled at me. “We appreciate how difficult this must be for you.”

“Not really.” But I needed to go.

“We will go over the data further. There needs to be studies done on this connection, more than can be achieved on a ship.”

Garjah nodded once. “I placed a security hold on the planet once we removed a full load of oslium. We also left probes in case of more visitors.” He stood, and I didn’t let go of him so I was pulled along with him. “We shall stay close.”

We were silent on our way out of the building. Bouncer padded beside me. The sky was high overhead, bouncing off the blue metal that capped the building. I squinted. “Where are we going?”

“I have a home nearby.”

“You do?” My eyebrows went up. “Here?” I almost smacked my own forehead. I kept thinking he was simply ship security, even if he was in charge of security, but he was much higher ranking than that. Of course he’d have a home here where the leaders were.

“It’s a few minutes away. We’ll take the transport.” Garjah indicated the waiting vehicle.

“All right.” There was little to no traffic around the Kardoval’s building, but we merged into it and once again the Four Arms were gawking at us. “Is it me they are staring at or you?”

Garjah shrugged. “Both? This is an official vehicle, so it does attract attention. I am known, and you are an alien.”

“Will I always attract this much attention?” I stroked Bouncer’s head.


I smacked Garjah on the arm. “Thanks. Couldn’t you lie?”

“I try not to.”

Sighing, I turned to look out the window. We’d left the area I’d consider a business area and were approaching what I hoped were homes. The buildings had more of that blue metal on them, extending outward in only two or three stories.

Some of the buildings lined the road and others were set back. I saw a few security, their stance and stares obvious. The transport slowed as we neared one of the places with a fence, though it didn’t have the guards in front of it. “Is this your place?”

“Ours now.” He ushered me out of the transport. “I have an interior garden I think Bouncer will enjoy. There are a few trees and there’s a small water feature.”

“That sounds perfect.” Garjah used two of his palms to activate a scanner on the gate. The gate lock clicked open.

“I will add you to the system so you can unlock the doors. We’ll have to go to the security suite.” The distance between the gate and the home wasn’t large. Two stories, blue metal capped his home too. There was vegetation in the front. Bright flowers dotted the path in a carpet of orange and brown and a  tall and thin shrub with feathery strands coming off stalks branching about shoulder height flexed in the slight breeze.

The strands glistened and something clicked. Bugs? I wanted to pause and study it, but Garjah kept us moving. The door was thick, tall, and made of orange metal that matched the flowers. Using two palms, he touched the door lightly and it swung open.

“Come in.” He gestured for me to enter.

I walked inside. The ship I’d woken up on after he’d put me in stasis was larger than the Fleet vessel I’d snuck away from, but Garjah’s quarters on it had been small. Then again, he hadn’t had to share them. Maybe his quarters were really nice for a ship. But the size of his quarters had still left me with an assumption of his rank.

For the son of two scientists who’d been dragged around to station and planet, I’d gotten used to cramped quarters or being tucked away and forgotten. From time to time my parents might be important, or rub elbows with important people, but I wasn’t part of that. Honestly, I’d barely been treated better than staff.

Garjah’s home was beautiful. The interior was full of cushioned seats to the right grouped around a vid, and to the left was a food prep area that was nearly as large as the seating area. There were no exterior windows, but in the center of the space I could see was a large walled off garden full of natural light so I must go up both stories. It was stuffed full of plants I didn’t know and wanted to study.

Garjah rubbed my back, and I leaned into him. There were other things I wanted to do first though.  

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