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Wednesday Briefs: Lost Inside Chapter 36

So this week I was actually inspired by 2 of the prompts! I used the words steel, inevitable, and posture as well as the phrase: "Kneel before me, and..." Enjoy!!

Lost Inside Chapter 36

Benny’s phone rang. He growled, annoyed as he tore off a strip of tape to secure down the bandage on his side. Velaku’s name popped up on the screen.


“The Clan is assembled at the property, guarded by the Falcons,” Velaku said shortly. “I’m assuming you’re taking charge shortly, Alpha?” He didn’t have to ask if Benny killed Sheshtun—that he’d allow the bastard to live, even if he’d yielded, wasn’t an option. Benny didn’t want to go back into that house, but this time he’d be the one giving the orders.

He’d never wanted the job, though. Benny held in his sigh. “Yes. What’s your ETA?” he asked Dav.

“An hour, give or take.”

“I heard him,” Velaku said. “The other territory leaders and I had a telephone conference. The Alpha family, as well as the inner circle of betas, are culpable for monetary reparations to those injured by wrongdoing. This time, however, your mate and his brother were the primary victims. We decided the betas who colluded with Sheshtun will be held accountable and their assets liquidated. The money will go directly to the victims harmed by Sheshtun’s plans. Those who’ve survived the assaults will face a tribunal regarding punishment—banishment or death, depending on their involvement. We will need the victims’ testimony first.”

Velaku worked fast. Benny appreciated knowing the rest of the men who’d hurt so many Tigers were locked away. They’d be unable to hurt anyone in the Clan again. That would help convince others to testify.

“Thank you. I will speak with the Clan members to identify the victims.”

“You’re welcome. I’ll let you go; I’m sure you want to contact your mate.” Velaku hung up. Benny stared at his address book. He took a deep breath, wincing at the pull on his wound.

“Call Ellis. I know you’ll want to tell Yuri everything in person, but you won’t be settled down until you’ve checked on him.”

“I don’t want to hear that he’s gotten worse. He’s so fragile, and I left him.”

“You had to.” Dav glanced over at him. “He’ll understand that, once he’s better.”

If he got better. Benny didn’t say that out loud, though.  He swiped his thumb across the screen.

“Hi,” Ellis whispered.

“Why are you whispering?”

“Yuri’s asleep.”

“He’s still asleep?” Did he need to go back to the hospital? Benny’s heart sped up, fear stealing his breath. What if Yuri needed him? He gripped his seat belt hard, just for something to hold on to. “Is he…?” His voice cut off, strangled by the thought of speaking the words and having Ellis tell him his mate wasn’t getting better.

“He’s okay. Not talking, but he woke up and ate. He seems exhausted.”

The vice squeezing Benny’s chest loosened. He gasped for air. Benny had done so many things wrong. He couldn’t stand it if his choices hurt Yuri again. He wouldn’t know how to function if his failures left his mate damaged beyond repair.

“I’m reading in a chair we dragged in. I’m not leaving him alone for a second. He’ll be okay; just get home soon. Both of you.” Ellis hadn’t asked about Dav yet, and Benny was amazed by his restraint.

“We will. Sheshtun is dead, along with the last of his guards. Dav’s driving me to the Clan’s property now, but we should be home sometime in the evening, at the latest.” Just thinking of the day he faced was exhausting.

“Thanks for letting me know.” The steady calm in Ellis’ voice was amazing. He had such faith in his mate, he didn’t even seem to worry that Dav was fine. He just knew. Benny wanted that kind of bond with his mate.

One day, hopefully one day soon, they’d have the peace to forge that deep of a connection.

“I’m sure Dav will call you later. I’m going to finish getting cleaned up and prepare for the shit coming up.” His nipples could cut glass.

“You okay?” Ellis sounded worried now.

“Nothing a little bit of time won’t fix,” Benny assured him. “Thank you for the first aid kit and the shirt, by the way.”

“Good. See you soon. Bye.”


Benny shivered, clenching his teeth. “Why is it so cold in here?” He carefully slipped the shirt over his bandages, then reached for the console controls.

Dav smacked his hand. “The blood is bad enough. You want to heat up that body back there and deal with that stench? You just have to smell it; I can taste it. The air stays on.”

“Oh. Good point.” Benny leaned his head against the head rest.

Dav snorted. “Why don’t you focus on your upcoming announcements? Speeches aren’t really your thing.”

Benny had always been better suited to actions than words. That’s why he was a good bouncer and never wanted to be an Alpha. Dealing with the shit of an entire clan was so not a job he’d enjoy.

By the time they got to the property and were passed inside by the pair of Falcons guarding the front door, Benny thought he had a plan of how to proceed. His spine was made of steel, his posture erect, and his stance was aggressive as he came to a stop in front of the assembled Tigers.

Benny slung the limp body of Sheshtun around in front of him, ignoring the gasps and cries from the crowd. “The bastard who led you before is dead by my hands.” Benny dropped the leg he’d used to drag Sheshtun into the house. “I’m Alpha now.”

Their capitulation was inevitable, but how many would try him first?

Benny swept a hard gaze across the families standing huddled together before him. “Kneel before me, and I will acknowledge your fealty.” He flexed his claws, letting them see the wicked lengths that had nearly ripped off Sheshtun’s arms when some hesitated. “Now!” he roared.
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Wednesday Briefs: Lost Inside Chapter 35

Yep, back again! I know, last week was a killer with the cliffie. Do I resolve it? Well, this week's flash was inspired by the prompt: I'm so out of here. So, what happens? Read on, read on!

Lost Inside: Chapter 35

He was done talking. Benny answered Sheshtun’s hiss with one of his own. He flexed, the muscles in his arms rippling. He was younger, stronger, and far more pissed off. Sheshtun, for all his crazy ranting, didn’t stand a chance.

Nothing was going to stop Benny from protecting his mate. The need to spill Sheshtun’s blood, hot and wet, consumed him. His vision faded at the edges, tinged red, as he focused on the snarling Tiger.

Sheshtun lunged forward, and Benny met his attack. Claws raked down his side, ripping through his shirt and deep into his flesh. He grunted, shuddering as the tip of Sheshtun’s claws felt like they skidded against a rib.

Fuck. The bastard was fast.

Benny tried to block the pain, focused on driving his claws into Sheshtun’s chest and neck. They grappled, snapping and swiping at each other. Benny stumbled against the body of the guard; the nasty crunch of the male’s fingers crushing under his heel distracted him. Sheshtun took advantage of the distraction and went for a disabling blow.

Sweat and blood dripped in Benny’s eyes. He blinked, shaking his head, blood spraying from the cut on his temple from the swipe across his forehead. He barely twisted away from it, just saving his eyes. The older Carthera darted in, striking out at his face again, making Benny rear back, and then moved away before Benny could grab him.

But he was moving slower, blood staining one arm that hung crookedly at his side. Benny had swept it away from his head with one hand on Sheshtun’s wrist and then yanked down viciously, popping it out of the socket at the shoulder. Strength would win over speed—if Benny could get the wily bastard in reach.

Then he saw the gun. That’s what Sheshtun was going for. Benny had to stop him before he reached the weapon.

Benny crouched, going in low. He feinted for Sheshtun’s legs—a move to hamstring and hobble the circling Tiger—and then leapt up, springing over Sheshtun in an acrobatic flip he’d learned from one of the Falcons. As he went up and over, he reached out, burying the claws of both hands in Sheshtun’s chest and armpit on his uninjured side. He didn’t get them in as deep as he wanted, but now both of Sheshtun’s arms were compromised.

Now to take the bastard down. Benny bared his fangs and hissed, long and low. In a move Dav would be proud of, Benny took advantage of the stunned Tiger’s agony and took him down from behind, wrapping his legs around Sheshtun’s neck as he rolled them over on the hardwood floor slippery with blood and sweat.

With one violent squeeze, he wrenched Sheshtun’s head sideways. The sick crack silenced the Tiger’s gurgles as he flopped. His body went limp, the reek of urine and shit filling the air. Benny gagged and coughed, the iron taste of blood in his mouth and the reek making him sick. He shoved Sheshtun’s body away from him and rolled over, his muscles trembling as he retched and spit.

Yanking the tattered remains of his shirt over his head, Benny groaned and winced as the wound across his ribs opened again and began dripping blood down his side, soaking into his pants. He tore the shirt in half. He pressed against the wounds in his side and across his head, slowing the blood, trying to take only shallow breaths as he slowly recovered enough energy to get to his feet.

Dav crouched in the doorway, holding his hands up when Benny whipped his head sideways when he caught a glimpse of the movement out of the corner of his eye. “Easy. It’s just me. We had two guards drive up in a car while you were fighting. Sheshtun must’ve been about to change hiding places.”

“Fucker won’t be do anything anymore.” Benny spit at the body. “I killed his ass.”

“I never doubted it. I’ve got some plastic to wrap the body in. You ready to finish this?” Dav slowly stood up when Benny got to his feet, hiding the grimace he wanted to make when his rib wound opened at one edge.

“Yeah. I’m so out of here.” Yuri was waiting for him, and Benny wanted the threat to his mate settled.

Then he was taking a god damned vacation.

“Bending over with my wounds is a real fucking treat,” Benny grumbled as he got into the passenger seat.

“Poor baby.” Dav mocked him. Benny flipped him off. “Suck it up, Alpha. Can’t be seen as weak.” He was right. Benny couldn’t be seen as anything less than in charge. Ever.

Thank God he had Yuri. Yuri didn’t care how Benny acted when they were alone. Thoughts of his mate firmed up Benny’s resolve. He would make sure they were safe, and he’d drag the entire Tiger clan into the modern age—kicking and screaming, if necessary—to do it. “Where’s the med kit?”

“Back seat. Ellis threw in some wipes and new clothes. I’d leave the pants, to explain away the blood, but I’d cover up that wound on your ribs. Let them think the scrapes on your face are the source of the scent.” Dav took a corner too fast, and Benny hissed. “Sorry.”

Benny pulled down the mirror and examined the cuts on his face. They went from the scruff where he needed to shave his head across his forehead and curved down around his eye and across his temple. The two raw furrows were going to leave a wicked scar.

Good. He’d wear them proudly. Benny took his time patching himself up before he slid on a black T-shirt.

Time for a showdown.


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Wednesday Briefs: Lost Inside Chapter 34

Another week... one many of you have been waiting for, even! This week's prompt is inspired by the phrase: Walk out of here while you still can.

Lost Inside: Chapter 34

Benny crept along, digging his claws into the mud to keep from sliding down the bank. Dav was kneeling still behind a sapling that shouldn’t give him any cover, but somehow he blended right in.

Dav glassed the house. “No lights inside,” he muttered. The evening had faded into dusk. As much as it’d killed Benny, they’d stopped and waited for the right time. He still thought they’d be more wary at night—expecting the attack to come when they couldn’t watch for it. Dav assured him it wasn’t a problem.

Three quick flashes of light shone at the left corner of the house. “His upper level guards are handled.”

“Jesus Christ, Dav, who do you have working for you? I thought he was just an informant.”

“If I told you, I’d have to kill you.”

Benny snorted softly. The banter kept him from sinking into his rage—the knowledge that Sheshtun was so close had him seeing red.

“Don’t worry. He still had four guards with him in the basement levels. There are plenty of men with that bastard for us to kill.”

“He’s mine,” Benny warned Dav. “Don’t interfere.”

Dav nodded. “Agreed.” Then he slithered down the hill toward the dark house. Cat Carthera were often graceful and powerful as they moved—almost sleek. But watching Dav—The Snake—move was amazing. He appeared nearly boneless as he moved through the darkest pools of shadow as they slipped closer and closer.

He pointed at the back door, barely cracked open. That was their point of entry. They stepped over the prone body of one guard curled up on his side. Benny’s foot slipped in the blood, the pool too dark to see clearly, and he grabbed ahold of the limp body to stop his fall. It made a soft thud as it fell forward.

They froze for a dozen too-fast heartbeats.


That was too close. He carefully made his way past the body and the blood. Stairs. They needed to find the way down. It appeared in a rickety door with a faint light shining from a crack where it didn’t meet the top corner of the frame. It looked like a closet door, but when Dav slid it back, there were stairs stretching downward, lit by a bare bulb hanging from a chain in the ceiling.

 A guard turned. Dav brought up his gun and shot him in the throat. He fell forward. Benny caught him before his knees could slam down on the wooden steps. Blood ran down hot, dripping the back of Benny’s shirt from the gaping wound in the guard’s neck. He slid the gurgling man off to the side so they could get around him.

Dav held up three fingers. Benny nodded once.

The next guard was quietly dispatched when Benny slit his throat from behind, but the final two, standing just outside a door around a corner. Dav and Benny shot them simultaneously, crouching to avoid the bullets that pinged off the wall from the guard’s first shots.

“Anyone behind that door has warning now,” Dav whispered.

“Not about how many are with me. He should be alone now, right?”

“Should be. Always a chance my guy was wrong.”

Benny stretched out his claws. “I’ll take that chance.”

“To be legal, you can’t shoot him.”

He’d be dead, either way, but then the clan could fall under the beta’s control if Benny didn’t follow tradition. He wouldn’t be any better than Sheshtun.

“You could walk out of here, while you still can. I can kill him.”

“No.” Benny put his gun down. He flicked his ears. “But thanks.”

“He can shoot you.” Dav glanced at the door. “Not through the door, at least. That thing looks solid.”

“So I go in careful.” He’d be safe, until he opened the door. There’d be no guarantee of cover once he was inside. Benny needed to take his own cover.

He grimaced.

Benny crept over to the guard’s bodies. They were massive meat head types, the kind Sheshtun preferred. Strong enough to get the job done when he gave them orders but too damn stupid to think beyond them.

It took both hands to get one up on his feet, braced against Benny’s shoulder. Dav stood with his back to the wall, ready to open the door at Benny’s nod.

If it wasn’t locked from the inside.


Oh well. They had to try. Benny got a good grip on the bloody straps of the guard’s tank top. He nodded.

Dav grabbed the handle—and it turned, thank the gods—and then shoved the door open. Benny rushed inside, holding the body as a shield.

It jerked in his arms, startling him more than the popping sounds of the gun. Fucking coward was shooting at him.

“Face me like an Alpha should!” Benny roared as he rushed Sheshtun, shoving the guard toward him. He jumped, slamming one hand onto Sheshtun’s arm, making him drop the gun. It clattered against a table and then fell onto the floor half under the couch.

Sheshtun snarled. “You’re no Alpha.” He crouched. “You’re a waste of genetic material—not even a true Tiger. You’re unnatural, a perversion. I’m going to kill you, and then force my son to give me an heir I can train right this time.”

Could he even hear how his ravings sounded? Sheshtun’s ears were quivering, his eyes huge with tiny slits staring crazily at Benny, spit dripping from his fangs. He angled to one side. Did he have another gun?

Benny flexed his claws and slashed at Sheshtun’s face, forcing him back. “I’m more of an Alpha than you’ll ever be, you sick fuck. You aren’t going to touch my mate. Not now. Not ever. I’m going to end you.”


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Tease Me Thursday!

An oldie... but maybe you haven't read it yet! I hope you enjoy my 7 teaser paragraphs:

“Go ahead. I’ll be out in a minute.” He seemed shy. I waved my hand at the big bed. The staff had changed the bedding to a dark blue set. I imagined him posed against the midnight blue silk and my cock stiffened.

My pants were going to snap it off. I undid the buttons along the waistband and peeled them down my legs, grunting when my cock was finally freed. I stretched. The treaty had come so recently that I’d only been back on Nembero for a few days.

I hadn’t touched another man in ages. The urge wasn’t there, and my trips back planet-side had been full of debriefings and strategy sessions. At least there was one positive to this marriage. I ran a cleaner over my body. The glowing stick removed all the dead skin and other particles. I enjoyed the warm tingles left behind as blood rushed to the surface of my skin, rejuvenating me.

Kertyn should’ve had enough time to get in bed by now. I pulled the band off the end of my braid, slowly undoing it. My hair fell in waves over my shoulders. The heavy weight tickled my spine like a lover’s fingers, and I shivered.

My new husband’s hair spilled across the pillows. He was curled on his side, his hands buried under the pillow. His eyes were closed. Had he fallen asleep?

Really? I lifted the sheet.

His breathing picked up as his eyes cracked open. Kertyn’s mouth fell open. “Y-You… You’re naked.” He flushed, his neck and face turning pink. “Is that…? Should I…?”

To read the entire story, visit GayAuthors to find Married to the Enemy

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Wednesday Briefs: Lost Inside Chapter 33

It's here again... another week! This flash was inspired by the prompt, "Come on, buttercup, I don't have all night." Enjoy!

Lost Inside: Chapter 33

“I don’t want to go.” Yuri winced and lowered his voice. “I want to stay here.” Benny had tucked Yuri into his bed while he and Dav worked on finding Sheshtun. He was holding his head, and he still looked sick. Benny hated making him get up, but he couldn’t guarantee when he’d be back. Someone had to look after Yuri while he recovered.

“Don’t you want to see Cleara? The younglings?”

“They’re too loud.” Dark shadows inside Yuri’s eyes were made darker by the purple shadows under them. He’d been asked to endure so much. Benny tried to keep his ears upright. Dav thought one of his contacts had a lead on Sheshtun’s whereabouts. Bastard was hiding—big surprise. He’d never put himself at risk if he could get others to do his dirty work.

Benny’s phone range, and Yuri flinched. Benny growled as he yanked it out of his pocket. “Yes?”

“We need to head out. I have a bag of weapons ready. Stockins is double checking his surveillance footage, but he’s pretty sure a Tiger matching Yuri’s father’s description came through Lexer. My car has a full tank; I say we take it instead of your gas guzzling truck.” Dav wasn’t going to let Benny go on his own, even though Benny’d snapped at him, insisting taking down his mate’s father was his problem. A single glare from Dav when Benny had tried arguing had stopped him in his tracks.

Sometimes he forgot his friend Dav was Davis Retic, the Snake. When Dav asked him if he was putting his pride before his mate’s safety… Benny had caved. He knew he didn’t have a leg to stand on.

“I’m not ready yet. Yuri….” Benny trailed off. He didn’t want to say his mate was being difficult—but he was. Benny ran a hand over the soft bristles of his hair, wishing he could tug on it.

“What’s wrong with Yuri?” I heard a tussle, then Ellis’ voice came over the phone.

“What’s wrong with Yuri?” he repeated.

“I just asked him that.” Benny heard Dav in the background. He sounded exasperated.

“Well, are you a medical professional? No. I am. Now shut it.” Benny listened in silence.

“Benny? I asked you a question.” Now Ellis sounded exasperated at him. Benny cleared his throat. That was the last thing he wanted.

“Sorry. He doesn’t want to leave the apartment. Says Cleara’s younglings are too loud.”

“Hmm. His head probably hurts. He’s been through a lot. Being in your bed, with your scent, will probably help him. I’ll call Dr. Pannar and beg off for a few shifts. I’m sure he’ll understand. He’ll probably want to see Yuri, though, as well as the other doctors.”

Bile rose up to burn Benny’s throat and his breath caught in his chest in a painful lock. “No! No. He doesn’t go out. Yuri has to be safe, and guarded, at all times!”

Ellis lowered his voice to a soothing tone. “Oka, Benny, calm down. I understand, and I actually agree with you. Would it be okay for them to bring some portable equipment here? We’ll check it all, and I’ll only let the doctors you know in. No one new, and the guards will be there, the whole time.”

Benny tried to calm his breathing, which came out in pants after his outburst. Maybe it was better for Yuri not to leave.

“Okay. He stays here, with you, and at least two guards outside, and another two inside if anyone but you comes in.” No one, and he meant no one, was ever going to hurt his mate again.


“Come on, buttercup, I don’t have all night.”

Yuri had fallen asleep just before Ellis came over. Benny sat next to him on the bed, holding his hand and stroking Yuri’s soft hair away from his face. He flipped Dav off but didn’t get up.

“He’ll be fine,” Ellis assured him. “Go. Do what you have to do.” A dark look crossed over his face. Ellis had once done what he had to do, at the same time he learned he had fangs and venom—though he’d been born a full human.

Killing Sheshtun wasn’t the hardship. Benny didn’t think of it as anything but an act of long-deserved recompense for the evil Sheshtun wrought on those he should’ve protected. For his sons, his clan, and the future of all the Tigers… the bastard deserved to die.

“Make sure he gets a bacon cheeseburger for lunch, with fries. He likes those.” Kissing Yuri’s sweaty forehead one last time, Benny pulled his hand away and stood up. He let out a deep breath.

“I’m ready to go.”

He followed Dav out to his car and got in the passenger seat silently. The click of their belts was loud in the silence.

“We have confirmation on his location, and my informant is watching the house to ensure he doesn’t lose Sheshtun. Guns and knives are in the bag.” Dav gestured with his head toward the back seat of the car as he smoothly merged into traffic on the freeway.

“What’s our plan?”

“That depends. Are you going to do this the smart way or the guns blazing take no prisoners’ way?” Dav raised an eyebrow and glanced at him.

His question was one Benny had been bouncing around in his brain since he found out Dav had a lead. “Don’t know if I’m capable of a smart way.” Then again… if the result was Sheshtun’s bloody head in a sack, along with the dead bodies of his co-conspirators, Benny would be happy.

“Hear me out.”

Benny sighed. “We have a few hours.” He was exhausted, but he had so much adrenaline in his system, Benny knew sleeping was out of the question. “Okay. Tell me.”


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