Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Wednesday Briefs: Ancalagon Ch. 34


Garjah knelt between my legs. I slowly pushed up on the bunk so I could pivot on a knee and then face away. My breath sawed in and out of my chest, and I moved almost as slow as I had when the gravity had pressed down on me. I gripped the top edge of the bunk with my arms, and balanced on my other forearms, lowering my torso toward the soft surface.

“Like this?” I murmured.

“Yes.” Garjah grunted the word. He leaned forward, tracing one hand over my back. “Your color is amazing. So pink.” He brought his other hand up and caressed my leg, stroking from my knee to my hip. “You’re so soft.”

If a shipmate from the Rinta had said that, I’d have a sharp retort and scrambled out of the bed. But my skin, compared to the pebbled armor covering most of Garjah’s muscles, was soft. It wasn’t an insult as a light-gravver, or from a security forces member to a geek researcher.

No, from the gleam in his eyes and the flare in his nostrils—and the fluid leaking in thick streams down his shaft—he loved my skin and lean muscles.

“I want you inside me.” I didn’t want him to mistake any signals. Their people didn’t quite follow human sexual practices, but it was very similar.

Garjah curled over me, one arm bracing next to my upper arms. The heat of his body radiated against my back. “Patience.”

Shaking my head, I groaned. Of course he would be like this. I’d been unable to resist touching him, going straight for his shaft, but he was touching me everywhere.  One hand along my back, my legs, and the other caressing my chest. One of his thick fingers grazed my nipple, and I gasped, arching into the touch. “Sensitive,” I panted out.

“Yes, I like this.” Garjah rubbed the firm nub, then teased the other until both were hard and aching. I arched into the caresses, then his hand moving to my inner thigh distracted me. I spread them, giving in to the pressure. He rumbled his approval, vibrating against my back.

It was amazing, what he could do with that extra hand, and I was glad I could both hold myself up and hold onto the bed. Otherwise I might have collapsed the next second when I felt his shaft slide through my cleft. He wasn’t moving, his chest to my back, so it was his shaft moving again.

Caressing me, slicking my crease, sliding over the sensitive skin of my hole. I squeaked, then flushed at the silly sound, but his cock was touching me, and he was plucking both nipples with two hands, and one hand was now cupping my balls.

Overload didn’t cover it. I shuddered, sensation rocketing through me. I clenched my toes, my fingers, and panted in quick breaths. “Garjah, please.”

Tight to my stomach, my shaft throbbed with every rapid heartbeat. If he didn’t get inside me soon, this would be over for me before it even started.


“If you say patience, I will jump off this bunk and go take a long shower.” It wasn’t like it was a water bath or shower, but I’d find a way to jerk off in there. It wouldn’t take long anyway.

It might have been a while for me.

“Timok said to take my time,” Garjah said.

“Timok can mind his own business.” I wiggled. “You have a similar anatomy. Just… I need a little more work. Take some of your slick, stretch my hole, and fuck me already.” I got a little bossy when I was horny. Or hungry. Or mad.

I was just bossy when I wasn’t lost in my own head. But stars above, I had been aroused most of the day, when I was about to die from embarrassment, and my balls ached. There was a need inside me that was growing exponentially as the scent of our combined arousal rose between us.

Garjah, blessedly, listened to both the words I said and didn’t say. He curled closer again, stroking both nipples gently now, and gently pressed against my entrance with one thick digit. Press, retreat, circle, press, circle…. I growled and pushed back, taking what I wanted.

“Ahh,” I sighed as he sank inside me finally.

“You are so soft.” Garjah stroked my inner walls, and I shuddered.

“Again, more.” I rocked, teaching him the rhythm I liked, demanding until I got two fingers. The burn was exquisite and took the edge of my desire to come. As soon as my muscles gave in and relaxed, I was demanding again. “I’m ready.”

“Are you sure?” Garjah’s voice was a deep rumble against my back. He stroked his sharp chin over my shoulder. “I won’t hurt you.”

“I’m ready. Now.” I rolled my hips. “Gonna feel so good.”

Two of his fingers were large and his shaft moved in ways a human’s dick just couldn’t. Wide but softer, flexible enough to stroke all around my sensitive channel, I cried out when he targeted my prostate. “You—”

“Yes, I know about that.” His voice was smug. He hadn’t touched it while he was stretching me.

“Sneaky alien.”

“Your alien.”

He was, and I was his. Despite being different, we fit together so good. And, stars be praised, but he was a quick study. That rhythm I’d used to impale myself on his fingers was turned against me. Garjah thrust and rocked, his breath coming in heaving gasps.

“Close,” I warned.

He pulled us up onto our knees, my back to his pebbled front. His muscles had no give, so I molded to him. I wrapped two arms around his neck and held onto his hard ass with the others. Not moving his hips, his cock stroked inside me to match the hand he wrapped around my shaft.

One stroke was all it took to set off an explosion of pleasure inside me. 

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Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Wednesday Briefs: Ancalagon Ch. 33


“I don’t know what Timok told—”

Cutting of Garjah, I said, “He didn’t tell me things. I asked him for… information to read.”

Folding his arms, Garjah glowered. “What did you read?”

If I had something to feel guilty about, I would have. He was very stern. I shivered, enjoying the arousal, but I raised an eyebrow. No need to let him think he could bark and drop my trousers.

Even if he probably could.

“About pair bonding.”

He dropped his arms. “Oh. I would have told you about that.”

“I, ah, also wanted some basic knowledge about Four Arms.”

“Are you still calling us that?” Garjah shook his head. “I thought you were a scientist.”

“Your names are simple. I can’t even begin to pronounce most of the vowel combinations in your language.” They used syllables to denote affiliation, and they added syllables to their other names as well. For those who founded it, who lived there, the purpose of the place… Garjah could say their species name in one fluent rolling wave of sound, but to remember it all I had to parse it out. I sounded like a stumbling child.

I’d rather call them Four Arms.  “Four Arms is descriptive enough.”

“You can’t think of anything else?”

Oh, there was more if I were to describe Garjah. The smooth curve of his skull, his chiseled features, the subtle stripes along his textured, green skin, and all those impressive muscles. But Garjah was gentle. A gentle giant.

And his scent. My nostrils flared whenever I smelled his salty, metallic tang, and all I wanted to do was press my face to his body and breathe him in.

I swayed, drawn by the look in his eyes and my growing need to touch him. His skin was usually a darker green, but had paled to blend with his stripes. He didn’t move, but his muscles in his shoulders and legs flexed.

“You smell good, Essell,” he said. His slit pupils dilated into elongated ovals.

“You do too.” I stepped back. He stepped forward. I swallowed hard. His gaze darted to my throat, where the muscles worked.

“Are you hungry?”

“Not for stew.”

“Do you want me to go—”

“No!” If he left again, I would lose it. Studying him, scenting him, the arousal in the air blossoming between us was heady and strong. My nerves were strung tight, but I knew I’d have to make the first step. I hadn’t managed a shirt; I’d have to ask for some.

But at least that made it easier to do this. I opened the snaps on my pants, then pushed them down. Sitting on the bunk, I kicked them off. I leaned back on my upper arms, but I wasn’t sure… I rubbed the sides of my thighs, wanting to touch my thickening shaft but not quite…

Garjah rumbled. “Are you sure?”

“Yes. Now stop asking me that, and get naked. I’m feeling awkward here.” And horny. It was worth it, because when Garjah slipped out of his uniform, he stood in all his naked glory with both legs spread wide. Metal bands wrapped around both his upper arms.

He did not have an innie. No, that was a beautiful shaft was rasping against the skin of his abdomen, the muted thrum a distinctive sound only a fully-aroused male made with his prehensile penis.

Yeah, I’d learned a lot from the vids Timok sent me. Nothing prepared me to actually see and hear Garjah. He was large, overpoweringly male, and wasn’t taking his eyes off me.

“Move back.”

I crawled onto the bunk all the way, pillowing my head on two of my arms. I succumbed to temptation and grasped my shaft with one hand, stroking up from the base until a pearl of precome beaded on the tip. Garjah stalked forward and climbed onto the bed. He held himself up over me, kneeling between my legs. He peeled my hand away and swiped up the fluid with the thumb on his hand at the same time.

Sticking it into his mouth, he sucked noisily. “You taste salty,” he rumbled. “I like it.”

Glancing between our bodies, I didn’t see fluid from him. “Do you taste salty?” He smelled it. My chest rose and fell with my quickening breaths. I tried to reach out to touch him, but he captured my other free hand.

“No. We will do this the right way,” he said. He pulled my hand to his chest. “Do you, Essell Deray, wish to be my pair bond, to allow me to seek fulfillment in all things with you, to honor and explore all that this life has to offer?”

I blinked. The document said there were declarations made. I thought I’d already done that, but what Garjah was doing, the words he said… My throat thick, I nodded.

“Yes?” he prompted.

“Yes,” I repeated.

A smile spread across Garjah’s face. He bent down and nuzzled my cheek and neck. “I am going to scent you all night,” he said. He let go of my hand, and I placed it on his side, then slid my fingers down. His lower abdomen was ridged, the skin pebbled in rows.

“Oh wow.” His penis stroked the back of my hands. It was really flexible. “Can I?”

“Yes. Your touch will make me slick for you.” It was like stroking something that was petting me back, and after just two strokes, tiny vents along the sides had pursed open. A thin, clear fluid leaked out of the holes. The metallic scent grew stronger.

Eager now, I stroked his shoulders, his biceps, his muscular chest with my upper arms while my lower pair explored his unique shaft.

Garjah allowed my exploration for longer than I would have held out. “Essell,” he rumbled, when I squeezed him tight and pulsed my fingers from pinkie to forefinger in a massage meant to drive him crazy. He grabbed my lower arms. “Roll over.”

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Julie Lynn Hayes

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Wednesday Briefs: Ancalagon Ch. 32


Bouncer’s hide was no comparison to my face when I finished reading. It was exactly what I’d thought it would be. Pair-bonding was sexual. Genetics played a huge role, but from everything I read, it was emotional as well.

Was Garjah emotional? I leaned back against the bed. He didn’t say much, but he took care of me. He brought me food. Made sure I had Bouncer. He’d pinched his slim nostrils shut and glared at Bouncer on the bed when he brought the midday meal, but he hadn’t said anything.

It was close to the evening meal, and Garjah should be off shift soon. He said we’d get my stuff. Then… I leaned my head against the pillow.

“He’s not that different,” I told Bouncer. He perked up, staring at me. “Humanoid, at least. Equipment all on the outside.” Male Four Arms were not fertile, at least, and I’d spent some time checking if the stupid medical bots had decided to infuse the liquid metal anywhere else. Not that I’d had the balls to try whipping my shaft out and stroking myself to a release.

One, Garjah would definitely smell it. Two, my luck Timok would come over and he’d smell it. Or three, one or both of them would come in and actually catch me. No. Just no.

At least, not until I figured out how to lock the damn door.

Case in point, it beeped and then slid open. Garjah stood with Seedrah behind him, and my meager possessions were in their arms. I sat up, holding the covers to my lap when Garjah’s gaze snapped to it and he froze.

“I thought you would be resting.”

“Why? I’ve been resting all day. What are you doing?” I tugged the blankets up a few more inches, and Garjah’s shoulders relaxed. He came into his quarters and allowed Seedrah in behind him. They set my things on the table and in the corner.

“I-I just… thought you would be.” It was one of the first times I’d seen the large security officer flustered.

“Why didn’t you come get me? I thought we were going to get my stuff.” It was hard to keep the whine out of my voice. I wanted out of this bed and to move. I was going stir crazy.

“Seedrah wasn’t on duty yet, and I need you here. Besides, someone has to take your cerops back.”

“He can’t stay here?” I put my hand on Bouncer’s head. He rumbled, nudging my hand with a soft twist of his head so I would scratch the base of one of those big ears. He half-closed his eyes in appreciation.

“No. I do not share my head with deadly creatures.”

I raised my head. Smirking, I shrugged one shoulder. “Guess I’m out. I’ll just head back to my quarters. Seedrah can you help carry things into my room?” I knew that last question would be the final pin. He was even jealous of Timok, though he tried to hide it.

“Seedrah can’t help you. He is on shift now and must go.” Garjah crossed both sets of his arms and stood with that wide-legged stance.

“So bossy.”

“Yes, I am the boss. Goodbye, Seedrah.” Garjah looked at Bouncer, waiting by the entrance to the main corridor.

I sighed, patting his shoulder. “Better go, buddy. I will see you tomorrow.” I wasn’t asking, and I glanced at Garjah so he caught that. He did. There was a swirling energy between us. When we had guests, it was banked, a simmer. Once we were alone, the air turned heavy.

“Are you all right?” Garjah came to sit on the edge of his bunk.

Oh stars, now he was going to be all nice and ask about my feelings. Well they were a mess. A big, giant, swirling maelstrom of ‘What happens next?’.

“Last meal?” I finally strangled out.

“Oh, yes, I can go get that.” He cleared his throat. “Do you have any requests?”

Could I ask for a do over? So much had changed, it was hard to keep up. “No.”

When he left the room, I stood. It would be better to meet him at the table. Plus all my stuff was on it. I grabbed my bag, digging around for clean clothing. I changed as fast as I could, then tossed my bag in the corner with my bin of supplies Timok had let me use for scientific specimens.

I felt like a specimen in a jar, so how I missed the door opening and shutting behind him. I’d never know. The large hands landing on my shoulders startled me, and I yelled, jerking away. My ran into the table, wincing at the rough edge that dug into my thigh.

The pounding of my heart shook my whole chest. Or maybe that was my hands.

Garjah stood close, his warmth and hot, spicy scent filling my senses. “You don’t have to be afraid, Ellis.”

“I’m not,” I said. My voice shook hard enough it was stupid to even try to lie, but I did anyway. I fisted my hands. “Just a tickle. I need a drink.” On the edge of the table was a tray Garjah had been carrying. The stew looked amazing; I’d kill for a thick, crusty roll to go with it.

Not exactly food for beings who didn’t chew. They just used that long, slender tongue and those strong throat muscles to push their—

If Garjah hadn’t noticed my arousal before, he was going to now. Even I could tell the smell in the room had changed. Maybe it was time to be brave again.

I turned. “I want you,” I said baldly. I looked up into his wide eyes. “And I know you want me too.” The telltale white creeping up his uniform jacket provided all the proof I needed.

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Julie Lynn Hayes

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Wednesday Briefs: Ancalagon Ch. 31

“Are you always this calm?” Even as I asked the question, I was pushing away from the table to pace the room. As big as it was, I could only manage a few paces in each direction and that wasn’t enough.

“Yes.” Garjah set down his knife and watched me. “Staying calm is essential in high stress situations.”

I ran a hand through my hair. “Basically your whole job.”

He inclined his head. “A lot of the time, yes. My mission is to keep everyone safe, but I feel different toward you.”

Of course that was stressful. I’m an alien. Well, he’s an alien. We’re both aliens? I threw my hands up in the air. “How is this supposed to work?”

“I don’t know. I think it’s best if we go see the Kardoval. I should not be in charge of security with a pair-bond, but Seedrah is too inexperienced. I must continue to fulfill my duties.”

“How come you’re not mad? I’m messing up your whole life.” Ever since I’d learned about how their society worked, I’d made the mistake of believing that meant their thinking was rigid. That they lacked flexibility by their memories.

But the ability to access a memory and learn inherent knowledge didn’t necessarily indicate a lack of plasticity in thinking. Assumptions were biting me in the ass again.

Exhaustion swamped me, and the manic energy fueling my pacing drained out of me. I slumped on the edge of the bunk. “I don’t know what to do.”

Garjah turned his chair and leaned forward. “Humans do not bond this way, correct?”

I shook my head. “No.”

“Believe that I would not harm you in any way.”

My mouth dried, and I found it hard to swallow. Harm me? My voice rasped and stuttered as I spoke. “W-what would make you think that?”

Garjah’s expression was earnest. “The extra limbs, the increased bone density, and ability for your body to handle the gravity due to stronger fibers within your muscles… all of that is an improvement over your previous form. But you are still much smaller than me. I was careful when I tended your body.”

Cheeks heating, I cleared my throat. “I don’t know that four arms is an improvement.” I also wanted to know what he meant by tending my body; I’d had the same thought when Timok had said it, but I didn’t want to know either.

“Of course it is.” He smiled and sat back.

“Agree to disagree.”

He cocked his head. “That must be a human thing because it does not make any sense.”

I sighed. “What happens next?”

“We finish eating, I return the tray. You rest, and I will bring your cerops to you. Then I must work. I will be back with meals. After my shift, we can move your things.”

“Wait. I’m not trapped here, am I?” I narrowed my eyes at him. “Why can I go get meals?”

“Because Timok wishes for you to rest. And we have not completed our bonding. It would be better to limit your exposure to others at this time, for their sake.”

I lifted my eyebrows. “Their sake?”

“Hurting my crewmates would not be ideal.”

“Why would you hurt them?”

“You scent of me right now after spending so long in my bed. That is good. I would not like it if you were touched by another.” Garjah lifted his gaze and the intensity in his eyes shocked me. I gasped in a breath. “Not when you have not yet touched and claimed me so I carry your scent as well.”

Closing my eyes, I began to count. From the things Timok had said, I’d assumed the pair-bonding was intimate. Of course that mean… physical things. Touching. Being touched.

I’d never seen one of the Four Arms naked. Did they have external genitalia? Oh stars, what if I’d assumed Garjah was a male this whole time from his build but he had an innie? I didn’t do females.


Trying not to think about that, I cleared my suddenly ticklish throat. “I’m not hungry. Will you go get Bouncer?” I needed some space. I needed some answers.

“Of course.” Garjah put the dishes on the tray and strode out of his quarters, his movements always deliberate and steady. I’d caught a glimpse of a fiery emotion inside him, but he’d hidden it quickly. Tapping my fingers rapidly on my leg, I tried to think. It was no good. I was going to have to ask Timok.

“Yes?” he said when I contacted him.

“I need information.”

“More? I thought I overshared last time.”

“Turns out, not quite enough,” I said darkly. “I need… um… I need gender studies. And information on pair-bonding. Things you’d give to adolescents.”

The tiny smirk he didn’t bother to smother irritated me immediately. “Adolescent gender and bonding videos. Completely innocent research. Right.”

“Just knock it off. You know why I’d be asking these questions, and you can either provide me with the data to read or view or come tell me yourself.” I threw down the gauntlet. That was one of my favorite sayings I’d learned. I still wasn’t quite sure what a gauntlet was, but had the image of throwing a hand covering pointing at the person making a very rude gesture.

Timok would deserve it. He was so irritating. “Well, I could come explain in—”

I cut him off. “Don’t. Send the data.”

“Very well.” Timok smirked. “Have a good day reading in Garjah’s bed.”

He was gone before I could curse at him. At least Bouncer was coming. He’d be a good distraction from the embarrassment I was sure was about to commence from whatever Timok would send. 

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J Alan Veerkamp

Julie Lynn Hayes

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Wednesday Briefs: Ancalagon Ch. 30


“Did you tell Garjah this?”

“Of course.” Timok sat back in the chair beside the bed, for all the universe like he hadn’t just dropped news deep enough to mimic a black hole. It consumed all logic, all thought, and sent my emotions into a tumble. I sat up, swinging my legs over the edge of the bunk. I couldn’t just lay there.

Gripping the edge of the bunk’s mattress, I asked, “Does he hate me? It’s not my fault. I didn’t do this on purpose. I didn’t ask for you guys to pick me up. He chased me down, stunned me, and brought me on board.”

“Garjah knows this. We are assigned to a vessel that goes on missions that can be considered unsafe, to say the least. It is an honor and a risk. Only the best may go, and only the strongest survive their tour of duty.”

“What? I thought you guys were miners or something. How dangerous is that?”

Timok chuckled, and I winced at the sound. “It can be very dangerous. But this side mission is not the whole of our directive. And even returning to planets we have explored before can be risky—you never know what species might turn up.” He considered me, narrowing his eyes. “Or how that might impact the entire ecosystem.”

“So my being human is somehow to blame? That sounds like an excuse to make this all my fault.” I glared at him.

“I did not say that, you did.”

“You said what species might turn up and how it impacts the entire ecosystem. An ecosystem you interacted with before without this happening, right? No other crew people formed bonds? What about any of the others who’ve been on the planet?”

“No one else as far as I can tell. I’ve asked for any who’ve had any sudden urges and tested all those who might have come in contact with the organism, just to be safe.”

I drew myself up at the word urges. “What do you mean? What urges?” It echoed in my head repeatedly.

“The bonds between you and the animal intrigued me. The cerops are not known for anything but hostility for those outside their own species, especially if the being might be competition for food. Garjah is even less social. Yet with you, he’d drag you out for meals, take you to the hold. Talk to you.”

“He felt responsible.”

“He is drawn to you.”

That should have scared me. An intellectual, I’d run in circles among the scientist families my parents had known and then the students at the university. The ship, where’d I’d been so clearly resented by Captain Sonez had ostracized me from my peers and I’d steered clear from the crew.

No one like Garjah had ever been attracted to me before. Wait. “What do you mean, he’s drawn to me? Like a protector?”

“Do many protectors among your people sleep in the same bed? Tend to the other’s bodies?”

He tended to my body? Heat flushed my cheeks.

The door slid open right then of course revealing Garjah. He held a tray in his lower hands. He shot a glance at me and then Timok, raising his brows. “Food,” he offered, hefting the tray. “And a stimulant brew for you, Timok.”

Timok eagerly took the clear glass, wrapping a hand around the narrowed center. The mixture was smoking. My nose wrinkled. I’d smelled that before; it had a peppery, acrid odor that wasn’t appealing at all.

“Here, Essell.” The light orange drink he handed me was much better. Fruity with a sweet note, the liquid swirled with thinner yellow ripples as I twirled the glass. Standing, I moved to the table, pulling out the chair. I sat and waited.

“Actually, I think I’ll go. I ate when I got up.” Timok drained his glass, plopping it down on the tray Garja sat on the table. “Message me with any other questions you have.” He paused in the doorway. “Or just ask Garjah.” This was a set up. He’d asked Garjah to leave so he could explain things to me, gave me the shock of the news, then leaves? Tells me just to ask the male whose life I’d upended?

Could I do that? I fixed my gaze on the table, considering. Sighing, I slumped. This was the path I expected my life to take, and I really doubted it was what Garjah expected either. At least I had some flexibility. His kind was probably rather rigid.

“Do you need your fork?”

I hadn’t even noticed the food Garjah had slid in front of me. I wasn’t hungry, but I picked up the fork anyway. I chewed a bite slowly. Garjah sliced off a strip of meat and swallowed it down.

“Ah, Timok said he told you about the thing.” I pointed with my fork at my chest then his. The mouthful I’d swallowed sat in my stomach like a lump. I licked my lips.

Garjah paused in slicing off another bite. “Yes.”

Nonplussed, I put my fork down. “That’s all you have to say? Yes?”

“What else should I say? He told me. I understand it.”

“What about how you feel?”

“This is not what I expected, but it will be fine. I’ll take care of you.”

I rubbed my hands along the edge of the table, starting when I realized I was using the new ones. Screwing up all my courage, I finally looked up. “But do you want to?”

“Yes. You’ve fascinated me since I brought you on the ship.” Garjah inhaled his next bite and I stared at him while he eat, seemingly unconcerned.

“That it might just be the symbiont doesn’t bother you?”

“I don’t know. I can’t tell the difference. All I know is I want to take care of you.”

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