Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Wednesday Briefs: Ancalagon Ch. 40


“And you are mine,” he said.

“Hmm?” I looked up at him, too blissed out to move. “What?”

“You said mine.” He blinked lazy eyes at me. “We belong to each other now.”

I hadn’t meant to say it out loud, but I was glad I did. For days I’d been on edge, like the skin I was in was too tight, my muscles quivering on the verge of an explosion. Inside I’d been just as big of a mess, emotionally and mentally. Now all I wanted to do was sleep. “Rest.” I stroked his chest and one thigh.

The universe could stay outside our quarters for a little longer.


Our reprieve was not as long as I wanted, but longer than I could probably have hoped for. Bouncer’s growl at the door chime woke me, but Garjah was already out of the bed. I had even been cleaned up, my skin holding the faint traces of cleanser and the metallic tang I associated with Garjah.

He came out of the bathroom with a new uniform on, but instead of answering the door chime, he came over to me. “You’re awake.”

“Hard to miss that.” I gestured rudely toward the sound.


Garjah hovered awkwardly on the side of the bed, so I stood and pulled him down, kissing him. I ran a hand over the smooth ridges on his scalp, sliding my lips across his cheek and down his neck. Inhaling deeply as I went, I let it out with a soft sigh. That was what I needed. “You smell good.”

“You do too.” He had a pair of hands on my lower back, just above my ass. He squeezed me, then let me go. “I should probably see who that is.”

“Okay,” I agreed. I grabbed a set of pants and put them on while he checked who it was.

“Hello, Seedrah.”

“Garjah.” Seedrah inclined his head but kept his distance and didn’t even try to look into our quarters. “Are you available? There have been questions about the mission, and we are approaching the galaxy edge now. The quadrant leaders are dissatisfied dealing with an underling. They are threatening to send you directly before the Kardoval.”

The stripes across Garjah’s body didn’t change color, but Seedrah’s darkened like he was distressed even to share this news.

“I would request that. The only ones who have the wisdom to judge this are those who can see all.” Garjah turned toward me. “Do not worry, Essell. I will go speak and relay the proper security codes to ensure our prompt process to the Kardoval’s complexes.”

Bouncer was at my side, rubbing against my leg. I wasn’t sure what to say; the scientist in my still reeled at the knowledge of their racial memories and the rigid roles their society locked them into. I kept wondering if that rigidity would turn into xenophobic tendencies, and that is why they hid from the Galactic… or if there was something else.

“I need to feed Bouncer,” I said. He was mouthing my hands, sniffing and nipping lightly at my fingers when they proved empty.

“Seedrah will take you.”

The younger male’s back straightened, and he widened his shoulders and took a deep breath. “It would be my honor.”

Well, that was a weird change. He’d been very informal before, almost insulting at times. Now he’d barely look at me, and he was posturing. “I’m sure I’ll be fine. I could probably figure it out from here.”

Garjah turned his back on Seedrah, and the door slid shut with a soft hiss. I opened my mouth to say how rude that was, but Garjah captured both my cheeks in his hands. He tilted my face to lock our gazes together. “Essell, you are very different now. That will confuse the crew. Sometimes confusion can turn to fear, and fear to hate for that which caused the dishonorable emotion. Please allow Seedrah to escort you so the familiar outweighs the unknown.”

I hadn’t thought about it that way; they knew what a cerops was, they’d seen Bouncer several times, and yet many of them would hiss or rumble at him. What would they do to me, the deformed half-human, half-Four Arms hybrid?

“All right.”


Garjah, damn him, turned out to be right. Even with Seedrah dogging my heels I wasn’t comfortable away from Garjah’s rooms long. The looks and mutters weren’t outright comments I could object to, but it was enough to send me hurrying back to our quarters once Bouncer had his fill.

Seedrah offered to bring food, and I thanked him. Sitting with my back tucked into the corner of the bunk, I stroked Bouncer’s pebbled flanks and under his chin. He closed his big, dark eyes and rumbled contentedly.

When the door slid open, I thought it would be Seedrah but Garjah strode in instead, a tray full of food in his hands. “Food.”

I cocked my head. “What’s wrong? Is it about the Kardoval? Are you in trouble? Are they going to kill me?” The questions tumbled from my lips in a hurry, thoughts I hadn’t even realized were in the forefront of my mind.

“What? No. We will be at their complex by the next shift change. They wish to meet you, yes. But they will not harm us.” Garjah slid a hand around my waist and drew me up. “Come. Eat. You should ask me for these things if you want food.”

I stopped, twisting to look at him. “Is that why you came in here with a frown on your face? Because I asked Seedrah to get me food?”

“We are bonded. What you need, I will provide.”

“You were busy,” I pointed out. “And people were staring. I just wanted to eat in private.”

“I will get you a communicator so you can message me anytime,” Garjah said. “I will bring you whatever you need.”

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Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Wednesday Briefs: Ancalagon Ch. 39


I climbed up and slotted between his legs, gasping when his shaft stroked along mine before I could wrap my hands around them. How did he do that? My eyes threatened to roll back in my head. “You are so soft everywhere,” he rasped. “But this is so hard.”

“Uh-huh.” I ached to come already. I wouldn’t let him take me over like he had last time though. This time I was scenting him. I captured our shafts in two of my hands. His dusky fluids and my clearer precome mingled already, easing the glide of my palms.

I hissed. “So good.” I leaned down to nudge his head to one side, tracing the mark on his neck, tasting the salty musk of his skin. “Mmm,” I moaned as I sucked and stroked.

Crouching over him, I bit down. His skin barely gave, but he rumbled under me and his hips jerked. I squeezed my fists, refusing to let go.

“Essell!” Garjah gripped my hips. His chest heaved. “Do that again.” His tone was desperate, and his hands were going to leave marks on my skin. I pushed up and grinned at him.

“I’m the boss this time,” I panted. He’d made the first time between us amazing; I would never forget the way he’d taken the time to explore and enjoy my body. It had driven me crazy at the time, but now it was my turn. I wanted to find every spot that would make him respond to me, learn what I could do to his body that would drive him out of his mind with need and addict him to my touch.

I would make sure he needed me as much as I needed him. My scent, my touch, our pleasure together. An unfamiliar feral need had risen up inside me, and I welcomed it. “Relax.” I pitched my voice lower and eased the tight grip I’d taken on our shafts and stroked slower, softer.

His breath hitched.

Yes, that was it. “There you go,” I crooned. Leaving just one hand to hold myself up, I caressed his markings on his chest, scratching my nails along the colored lines on his hardened skin to watch it thicken then relax as I moved on.

Gradually leaning in, keeping our eyes locked, I repeated the tracing, this time with the tip of my tongue. He was nearly boneless when I was done, a feat for the perpetually rigid male constantly trying to protect me and everyone else on the ship. Looking up at his face, I reveled in the lazy eyes, parted lips, and flared nostrils as he took in deep breath after deep breath.

There would be time later for hot, hard, and fast. This time, I wanted him to scent him and bond us together in a moment devoid of frenzy, so he would know always looking back that I’d chosen this, chosen him deliberately.

How could I do anything less?

With all the questions and craziness, it hadn’t crystalized inside my brain until right this moment. I wanted him more than anything else. Everything about him made me feel good, wanted… maybe even loved. I wasn’t sure exactly if I knew what love was, or if it worked like that with aliens, but the connection I felt to Garjah was better than anything I’d felt with anyone I’d ever met, and I’d never want to lose that. I’d do anything and everything in my power to keep it.

He was mine.

I swallowed hard, then pulled back, kneeling over him. I planted one hand on his chest, the other over the ache in mine, and then tightened the loose grip I’d taken over our shafts. I began to squeeze in a rhythm, pinking to forefinger, and then thrust against him. The skin of his cock was curiously textured, but slick it felt good against my skin, just the right amount of catch against my glide.

Garjah gasped when I thrust again, and his shaft pulsed. He grabbed the pillow by his head in tight fists, and the vents along the sides of his cock began to gape open. My cock pulsed, thickened, and I glided my hips back and forth, keeping the movement smooth and steady when all I wanted to do was thrust wildly until the friction sent the tingles in ever-stronger waves to my balls.

Groaning, my control almost snapped, the muscles in my back and ass clenched. All along his shaft, liquids began streaming from the vents in pulses. Salty, metallic-tanged heated slick that nearly cost me my grip went everywhere between us because I could not stop thrusting against him as Garjah cursed and shuddered.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes,” I chanted. The slick was warm, and my shaft began to tingle just my body had before. I couldn’t have stopped my orgasm if I wanted to, and I didn’t. I yanked my hips back so the tip rested against the base of Garjah’s shaft. Rope after rope of thick white come streaked over his cock, and I continued to stroke him with my hand through his orgasm, milking the jets of his prolonged release from him and make sure my come would cover him, fill him.

My muscles trembled, and by the time he stopped, his entire abdomen and the bunk was covered in a slick, green- and white-tinged mess. I slipped off his body to slump beside him onto one of his outstretched arms. Curled onto my side facing him, ignoring the mess of the bed, I ran a hand over his belly and our combined release.

The scent was so much stronger out in the air than it had been mingled inside my body. The feral need inside me eased, and I relaxed in sated pleasure, confident I’d laid claim to him in the most basic way possible. There was no scent other than ours present, and no one would ever miss that Garjah smelled like mine.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Wednesday Briefs: Ancalagon Ch. 38


Bouncer was up and snarling, his rumble a deeper counterpoint to my pissed off hissing anger. I only wished I sounded that intimidating. It didn’t matter, I had a cerops to back me up, and once I figured out who had touched Garjah, I would hunt them down and together we’d rip off all four of their arms so they couldn’t go around touching other people who shouldn’t be touched by anyone but—

The ramble in my brain didn’t end as I circled Garjah who stood very, very still. No, it only got more violent when I realized the scent was just in front of him. His heart was beating fast, but he looked calm.

I narrowed my eyes at him. “Who. Touched. You?”

“No one. I did the touching. There was an altercation in the maintenance bay, and I had to separate those in conflict with each other. Seedrah helped me.” Garjah motioned toward the bathroom. “I can clean off the scent.”

“Yes.” I clenched my teeth. “From everything.” It was on his uniform too. That couldn’t stay in his quarters with us. It should only smell like us in here. Timok’s scent was finally gone, and I didn’t want to have to deal with feeling unsettled like this again.

“All right.” Garjah strode into the bathroom and right into the cleanser without hesitating. I trailed behind him, watching. He closed his eyes and allowed the chemicals to buffet his body. Then he stripped efficiently and did it again.

When he turned to face me, I noticed he wasn’t mad at me… or if he was, certain parts of his body certain didn’t care. I raised an eyebrow.

“You’re watching me,” he said. “And you are claiming me.” In fact, instead of looking mad he seemed pleased.

“We’re together, aren’t we?” I asked. “That’s what all this has been about?”

“Yes, but so much is unknown. You’re acting a lot like I’m unclaimed and you need to ensure no one takes me away from you.” Garjah stood in front of me where I blocked the doorway. The scent was gone from his body, erased by the cleansing chemicals. He was strangely blank. I twitched my nose.

“And you like that?” I guessed without really guessing.

“Very much.”

“How am I supposed to claim you?”

“You scent of me after I released inside you, but I do not scent of you.” In the end, his answer was simple but was really, really not.

My face heated at the same time my stomach sank. “Are you saying I have to top you? I don’t, um, uh,” I stammered. “I don’t do that.” Maybe I could? If I really had to. But it didn’t turn me on. And that would be a problem.

“Topping? This is the human term for penetrating someone and releasing inside them?” Garjah asked.

“Yes. What do you call it?”

He shrugged. “Pair bonding. Scenting. But there are ways to do this between two males as they do not procreate.”

I blinked at him. “Whoa, whoa, whoa… procreate? Women have babies. I am not a woman. You do not think I am a woman because I let you penetrate me.” I grimaced. I wished we could stop staying that word. It was so not sexy. “I mean come inside me.”

Garjah smiled, his lips thinning in amusement. “Of course not. You are male. Two males usually do not enter each other, but humans do.”

“Wait a minute.” I put up my hands. “The information Timok shared with me—” I broke off with horror. My stomach turned. “Was that hetero sex?”


“Between a male and a female?” I clarified.

“If one was penetrating the other, then yes.”

“Oh, stars.” I’d avoided that my entire life, and now I’d seen girl bits. Well, I didn’t know they were girl bits, but they were girl bits. Nope, no, no, this was getting locked into the never thinking about it again vault. “Ignore that. Forever.” We were moving on. “What do two males do to bond and scent each other?”

“Well, Timok didn’t share this since he didn’t think you’d need it, but you would spread your seed over my vents.”

“Vents?” I didn’t know where those were. Or what those were. He didn’t mean his nostrils and mouth did he? Then again… Oh, the visual of coming across Garjah’s face definitely brought back some of the mood. My breath quickened.

Garjah reached down and lifted his cock. “These.” He stroked his shaft and the holes on it opened, leaking the milky fluid. Finally some of his scent filtered through the air to me, and my arousal tightened further.

“Wait, so those are your vents?” I asked. He nodded. “And I have to come on them. Or get come in them?” He nodded again.

So, basically, he and I needed to grind against each other until we were hot, sweaty, and coming in buckets, then keep rubbing until our scents mingled in his body and on top of mine since I didn’t have vents. “Then you’ll smell like me? All the time?”

“Yes.” His nostrils flared. “Essell, will you scent me? Now?”

“Oh stars, yes,” I breathed out in a rush. “Get on the bed.”

There was a brief hiccup when we had to evict the still not happy Bouncer, but a snack and a blanket on the floor settled him nicely. I was vibrating, nearly ripping my clothes in my haste to get my pants off. Garjah, the wise alien he was, didn’t say a word. He just lay on his back and watched me with needy eyes and spread arms and legs.

It was a feast of muscles and musky male. He smelled almost perfect. Soon, as soon as I filled those vents with my come, he’d be perfect. Everyone would know he was mine.

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Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Wednesday Briefs: Ancalagon Ch. 37


“You don’t need to be scared,” Garjah said. He hurried over to the bed and sat next to me. The bunk edge sank under his weight. I leaned against him. The scent was even better straight from the source.

Timok stepped closer, and I snapped my head up. He eased back, raising his hands. “Okay, so I’m going to say the bonding is not yet complete.”

“You think?” I wanted to snap, and I was probably shorter than I even thought that came out considering I couldn’t stop glaring at him.

Garjah wrapped an arm around my back and put a hand on my leg. “What do you think needs to happen?”

“You claimed him?”

“Of course.” Garjah blithely shared information I wasn’t sure I wanted Timok to know. I clenched my jaw. “But we didn’t—”

“He doesn’t need to know what we did.” Maybe it was because I’d only stuck to humans before. I’d never had sex with an alien, not even one that had been known to our kind for generations. There were species very compatible with us and some not so much. Plunging into the unknown had been scary but exhilarating and Garjah had made me feel amazing.

And it was our first time together. Telling Timok about it felt like tainting the memory. It was bad enough he was disturbing the afterglow. I glared at him, my shoulders tense.

“I can smell it, you know. And I shared those vids and documents.” Timok pursed his thin lips. “You need to lose those human sensibilities about answering personal questions and do it fast.”

“Why?” All my suspicious nature came out in that one word, and there was no way I could try to hide it behind a na├»ve and curious tone. Not when I still felt like ripping his face off if he didn’t back up a few more steps to get his scent out of our space.

“The Kardoval will need to know about the mutation you’re going through. The more tests I can do now, and the questions those results can answer, the less poking and prodding you will go through later.” He looked thoughtful. “Maybe. A single result is rarely trusted. They may wish to run all my tests again.”

“Stars.” I remembered what Garjah said about the Kardoval. They were ‘all’. They basically held all the knowledge for the species, so they were the only ones capable of making the informed decisions for the group. In short, their word was law.

And I was about to become their lab animal. Captive, tested, probed, studied, and tested again.

Wild laughter broke out of me before I could suppress it. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I’d come to Ardra to study it and the universe had decided my wild, impulsive decision merited a cosmic comeuppance. I went from the researcher to the researchee.

With a helping of experimental crap floating through my body turning me into something never seen before. That might get me killed. To turned into a monster.

I still wanted to kill Timok. Maybe even more now. My eyes were burning, and my nose was running, but I couldn’t stop laughing even as my chest hurt and my throat grew tight.


When I woke up, it was dark. I knew I was still in Garjah’s room, on his bunk, because the scent of sex still clung to it. It was faded now and another scent mixed into the covers.

Bouncer was curled up next to me, and I had one arm over his side.

I closed my eyes, blocking out the night, and curled out my cerops friend. He and I were in the same boat. Forever changed, unable to go home again, going far away from everything we ever knew. How would he deal with space?

Had we taken off yet?

Where was Garjah? The last thing I remembered was losing it when I realized they were taking me back to their sector of space to meet their leaders who Timok seemed to think would be all up in my face with questions and tests I wouldn’t like so I better just get over it. Yep, quality way to end an evening where I’d gotten sexed up for the first time in… nope, I was going to count all the months. I didn’t have enough fingers and my toes were comfortable covered under the blankets.

A vid popped up on the shelf beside the bed. “Essell? Are you awake?” It was Garjah, looking and sounding uncertain. Bouncer huffed and curled up tighter. I swiped a hand through the image.

“I am.”

“Are you calm? Is it okay if I come back?”

“Was I not calm before?” I’d just been laughing, right?

“I— um, you were not welcoming and your vitals were not doing well, Timok said. Not until I thought to get Bouncer.”

Reading between the lines of what he did not say, and the expression on his face, I’d rejected his touch when I lost my shit and, even sedated, didn’t do well. Stars. I sighed. “Thank you for bringing him.” I ran a hand down Bouncer’s muscled side and his skin rippled. One ear twitched and I could almost read the irritation. “You could come back now.” I did want him here. “But can Bouncer stay?”

“Of course. I will be there soon.”

Soon meant almost before I could reach out and swipe through the now blank vid screen image. He must have been very close. Garjah paused inside the door and I sat up on the end of the bunk. “I have been working. I should shower.”

“You should come over here first.” I needed to touch him, to at least give him a hug to remove that wary look from his face. When he started to shake his head, I made the choice for him and got up.

Two steps closer to him, and the scent hit me. “Who touched you?” I hissed.

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