Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Check it out! New eBook: Heated Blood

Hi readers! I know I've been disappointing in the updates lately, but I worked hard all day today to polish up Heated Blood and create a cover. Not only that, but I converted it into 3 formats and posted it on GayAuthors as well as Amazon.

Here's the thing... cash is nice, right? I'd like a little myself but I also want to make sure my readers are covered. You guys had the story here free and you can get free copies on GA (you must be a member), but if you have 99 cents, or you want to do a direct buy for your Kindle, you can purchase the story on Amazon.

If you absolutely cannot afford it, or join GA for privacy reasons, shoot me an email at anordwell(@)live.com. I'll help you out. The eBook is available now on GA and the Amazon copy should be up within the next 12 hours.

Old world legends walk again and new legends are created when the world changed in a single flash of light. When the infants born in that moment begin to grow up, they're beset by danger. When the weak can't make it on their own, they do what they must to survive. But when survival isn't enough anymore ... things change again.

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  1. now that was one excellent read

    thank you

    1. Yay! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Not available on amazon.ca :(

    1. Maybe it's just taking a bit of extra time for foreign markets? It just went live on my Amazon.

  3. Cia
    Just wanted to let you know I just picked this up on Amazon. I have no problem paying .99 cents for this. Thanks for all the great stories you give us for free. It's appreciated.


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