Thursday, July 4, 2013

Coming Soon! Free *Complete* Novella! Don't Miss Out!!!!

Hey blog fans! Looking for a new story to read? Want something a little contemporary, a little paranormal? Check out my soon to be released novella, Needing You, with the M/M Romance Group on Goodreads. It will be posted in the group first, so if you're over 18 and not already a member, please join! They are posting 1-3 stories A DAY ALL SUMMER LONG!!! Seriously, there are some absolutely awesome stories available from this event, including many from published authors.


Vince walked in the door, shaking snow out of his dark blond locks, and they locked eyes.

Heat suffused his body. He wanted Vince under him, looking up with those smoky eyes shining with their green glints. His breath held, Cason waited to see what the submissive would do when he waved him over, pointing to the chair next to his.

Vince strolled over with an air of nonchalance, and shrugged out of his coat before he sat down. He raised an eyebrow while looking at Page. “You didn’t tell me we’d be seeing anyone else here, or is this just a coincidence?”

“Of course it isn’t,” Cason said before Page could open his mouth. “I wanted to see you.”
Vince’s lips looked chapped, which was really too bad because they usually looked soft. Vince started gnawing on his bottom one as he turned his eyes on Cason, who was staring at him. “Why?”

“To apologize, for starters. I shouldn’t have spoken that way.” Cason didn’t apologize for what he said, and he wouldn’t, but he did need to make amends for how and where he’d said it. A perfect stranger telling him he’d been handling his sex life completely wrong would have pissed him off too. In fact, it had, back when his family had issues with the way he choose to use his daimon abilities.

“It’s forgotten.” Vince shrugged one shoulder. The white T-shirt set off the caramel tone of his skin. Cason didn’t often mark his subs but he wanted to pull up a vivid purple mark right above Vince’s collar on his neck so everyone could see it.
“Thank you.” Cason said simply.  “Can I get you a cocoa? Perhaps a peppermint flavor? I asked when I came in and they said they have it in sugar free syrup.”

The look Vince sent Page was hard. “What the hell, Page? Have you been spilling all my secrets?”

Page shrugged. “Maybe.” He tipped his head back and drained most of his mocha in one long drink.

“Maybe Brandon needs to know about your thirty minute shower this morning?” Vince’s smirk was back. Cason had to hide his smile. The man definitely had a wicked streak, though he didn’t seem as bratty as Page.

“Maybe Brandon told me to take that long shower.” Page looked at his watch in an exaggerated movement. “In fact, maybe I need to be off to meet him right now. Have fun.” He wiggled a single finger in goodbye at Vince as he left. Cason couldn’t stop himself from laughing at the vulgar salute.

“He’s such a brat.”
You'll just have to stay tuned for more! It's coming soon ... sign up with the group now! As a bonus, I picked up a second prompt that had been left in the cold and fleshed it out into a 13k short story now with the group's editors. It'll come out later this summer. Check out the cover, now available!

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