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Wednesday Briefs: Lost Inside Chapter 38

Here we are again, another week... another prompt! This time I used "Don't be a backseat driver." I did promise something interesting this week, didn't I? Let's see if you can spot it.
Lost Inside Chapter 38

“When Sheshtun hurt Yuri, I didn’t help him,” Peten muttered. “I should’ve. But I don’t know if you’ll understand what it was like.” Hatred burned in his eyes. “What he did to us, just because he had the power. We hadn’t joined with your clan long before you mated with Yuri and Sheshtun really went off the deep end. You didn’t see how bad he could be. You don’t know how much he could make life hurt.”

Benny’s nostrils flared as he held on to his temper by the narrowest margin. “You think I didn’t? When my mate was beaten nearly to death in front of me? When I was forced to live apart from my mate because the very sight of a Tiger—even me—sent him into terrified, screaming fits? When that bastard captured us and hurt my mate again, after I’d promised to keep him safe?” Benny’s venom made up for the lack of volume as he trembled in rage.

He knew. Benny dug his claws into the couch. The Clan tigers watched him warily. Benny closed his eyes and held his breath. He had to get back to Yuri. He was already sick of this shit. Benny worked his jaw and then let out a deep breath, then opened his eyes.

“Do you know of more victims?” he asked them. “Can you convince them to speak up? They deserve reparations.”

“There are a few unmated females who were abused,” the old Tiger said. “I don’t believe they will speak to you, though. They’re too afraid of Alphas.”

“I didn’t get your name.”

“Methusis, Alpha.”

“You can call me Benny.” He ignored their shocked looks. “Their fathers can testify on their behalf, but could you speak with them? Ask them to be prepared to talk with the council?”

Methusis cocked his head. “Why me?”

“You’re brave. You spoke up when you didn’t have to. Plus, elders command respect in the Clan. I’d appreciate your help, if you’re willing.” Benny’s parents had raised him right. He treated everyone well, no matter what their station in the Clan, and his time away from the rigid hierarchy had only enforced his disgust with the elitist mindset fostered by most of the ruling Clan Tigers.

“It’s been a long time since I was asked for anything by an Alpha,” he mused.

“Don’t get me wrong; I won’t let this Clan dissolve into chaos. I am in charge. But I don’t believe in overlooking the contributions of every Clan member, and letting them know I appreciate their worth.”

If their eyes could have popped out of their heads, they would’ve. Benny snorted.

“This could be interesting.” Methusis braced himself on his cane and stood up. “I’ll be happy to spread the word and approach the family heads directly, as needed.”

Benny stood up, and Peten rapidly followed, tugging Carlit up with him. “Thank you.”

There was a lot more to do, and Benny was approached throughout the day by the fathers of the females Sheshtun and his men abused for his program. He listened to each one as they stood nervously before him, and he thanked each one for agreeing to ensure no victim went unheard.

By the time they were headed back, Benny was ready to climb out of his skin. “Can’t this car go any faster?” he nagged Dav.

“Don’t be a backseat driver.” Dav looked tightly wound too, his knuckles were white on the steering wheel.

“I’m not in the backseat.” Peten and Carlit were. Even though the big Tiger was asleep, his nose buried in Peten’s neck, Dav kept glancing back in the mirror. Benny should’ve offered to sit back there—he knew how much Dav hated anyone at his back—but he didn’t want to separate the pair.

There was something seriously wrong with Carlit.

“Don’t. Care.” When Dav was in that mood, it was best for everyone to leave him alone until Ellis showed up. So Benny shut up.

He’d hope Yuri would be awake and waiting for him. After the night they’d shared, Benny’d had so much hope Yuri would be okay, even after everything. Ellis said he’d refused to speak to anyone or eat again. He needed to talk to his mate, but Benny needed his touch and his love more. What if everything caught up to him while Benny was gone?

Had he shut down again?

Benny collapsed to his knees beside the bed. He grunted. He was so sore, and his ribs still hurt. He should probably clean them again. Yuri rolled over and blinked, opening his eyes. The pupils were blow wide, and Yuri jerked back.

Pain stabbed deep inside Benny’s heart, and he prepared for Yuri’s panic.

“You’re here.” Yuri lunged forward and grabbed Benny’s face. Their lips crashed together, fangs and teeth clicking. Benny ignored the iron tang of blood, lost in the relief Yuri wasn’t afraid of him, wasn’t screaming at him. Yuri pulled back with a gasp. “I want you.”

He yanked Benny onto the bed. Benny hissed, but his wounds wouldn’t keep him from his mate. Yuri yanked at his pants while Benny ripped off his shirt.

“You’re hurt.”

“My cock hurts more.” Benny had never gotten so hard, so fast. He gripped it with one hand and stroked, base to tip. The tip shone, sticky with pre-come. His mate ripped his hand away and flipped him over. Foreplay went out the window. His mate’s tongue in his ass was all the lube he got.

Benny didn’t care. It was rough, and hot, and Yuri had come deep inside him by the time they collapsed into the wet spot he’d made on the bed.

Yuri rubbed his cheek on the back of Benny’s shoulder. “Damn, my head hurts, but I feel so good.”

“Me, too.” He was too out of it to worry about Yuri’s head.

His stomach growled and Yuri’s echoed it. Benny snorted and rolled over. “Should we get food?”

“I’ll get it.” Yuri got up.


Yuri strode naked into the living room, then froze.
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  1. So glad that Yuri is still himself. Like Benny, I was worried that Yuri would have a relapse.
    As always, I'm loving the story.
    Kathy C.

  2. How hope the meeting with Peten and Carlit won't be too stressful for Yuri, especially seeing the damage done to Carlit.

    1. Oops, I meant "I" instead of "How"


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