Friday, May 13, 2016

eBook Review: Dear Stranger by SidLove

A Short Story With a Lot of Wow!

Sid Love's Dear stranger is a 7,500 word short story just right for reading on your commute... and wouldn't you know it? That's where the story starts. Two strangers are brought together by a need to make a connection they just couldn't ignore.
One of the best elements of Sid's story is that it's told from Reggie's point of view. He's blind, so we're forced into following the world through his other senses, which allows for a lot of imagination. As an author who's played with that concept myself, it's hard! We are a visual species, and when you take that away, it's harder to connect with the world around you (or the world around the characters).

That's why I enjoyed Dear Stranger so much. I appreciated the skill it took to write from a character different from the norm, and the short length made this a nice evening read that I could enjoy without having to really do more than follow along with the story. Word to the wise, though, if you do read this on your commute... make sure you're not the blushing type because Reggie sees through his hands, and that does mean everything!

Title: Dear Stranger

Author: Sid Love

Publisher: Creative Minds

Cover Artist: Sid Love

Length: 7,500 words approx

Release Date: 12th May, 2016

Blurb: Reggie is a young man in his early twenties, living a still and calm life. Being blind makes him a little cautious to new situations, at least until that one day on his way home when he meets a stranger, a man with a voice smooth as honey and burning hot as the most expensive whiskey, starts talking and flirting with him. 

At first, Reggie is scared. The guy seems to be a stalker but soon he realizes that the stranger wants him no harm. On the contrary, he is attracted to Reggie and invites him home for a hot romp in bed. 

With the ball in his court now, Reggie needs to choose what to do. He could turn him down and continue living his life as it is, with very little excitement. Or, he could say yes and see where this unexpected ride takes him...

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