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New Release! Burning Boundaries by Bellora Quinn & Sadie Rose Bermingham

I'm so pleased to have the authors of Burning Boundaries, Book 2 of the Elemental Evidence series, on my blog today! First we're going to get to know Sadie Rose Bermingham a little better, and then I have the gorgeous cover and all the buy links you could want to get your copy of the eBook!

Getting to know Sadie Rose Bermingham

1.                   Who do you write for (your audience or who you hope to reach)?
I write for myself, really. Im unapologetically selfish. I write the stories that I want to immerse myself in, and if other people enjoy those stories, it makes me happy. I write for the GLBTQIA audience because, as a genderfluid bisexual author, theyre my people, and for the Paranormal and Magical Realism fans because I grew up with and love those genres. And if my stories reach out beyond those boundaries and pull in people from outside, broadening their spectrum of understanding, then thats a bonus.

2.                   What do you wish people knew about your books or characters?
That theyre just about ordinary people, really, like you or me. Just because I write about Gay or Bi or Ace or Transsexual people, for example, it doesnt really mean that Im not telling a story for people outside of those brackets. Theyre human, with very human emotions and motives. They need love and laughter and to talk to one another and care for one another, just like anyone. If they have sex, well, dont most of us? I dont get why some people are hung up about erotica. We all get turned on, from time to time, most of us feel attraction to another human and want to do something about that. Its just part of being human.

3.                   Are there any common themes you see in your work?
Hahah, oh yes. I have a lot of running themes. I used to joke that I recycle characters and if you look closely you can see that. I like outsiders, people with a short fuse, characters that are flawed sometimes near-fatally. I love a character with a secret, something they dont talk about but which impacts on nearly every decision they make. I like androgynous characters, guys who havent really made up their minds which side of the gender divide they sit, guys who will flirt with women as well as men, guys who dont mind experimenting with make-up and more ambiguous attire. I have an obsession with eyes, the eyes are the windows of the soul.

Many of my characters are secret masochists, they cant resist the urge to damage themselves, physically, or emotionally. Rayne, in the Dark Paths series and A Boy Who Came in From the Cold, saw himself as spoiled and soiled by childhood abuse, and spent much of his life punishing himself for that. Mari in Elemental Evidence is outwardly more confident, with a kinder upbringing. Still, he feels pressure to excel in everything he does and that causes relationship problems for him because he has the niggling doubt that he will ever be good enough to reel in and keep the man of his dreams.

A lot of my stories are about people looking for redemption.

Publisher: Pride Publishing
Author: Bellora Quinn and Sadie Rose Bermingham
Cover Artist: Emmy Ellis
Length: 103,000 Words
Format: eBook
Release Dates:
Preorder: 23rd May
Early Download (from Pride Publishing): 6
th June
General Release: 4
Pairing: MM
Heat Level: 4 out of 5
Genre(s): Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Fantasy - Urban & Magical Beings, Mystery & Thriller, Paranormal, Paranormal - Psychic Talents
Price: $5.99

Mari Gale’s life has been a whirlwind since meeting Jake Chivis. A new job prospect and his mother’s health preoccupy him, so when Jake invites him on a date he’s ready to cut loose. Their night out turns into a nightmare when a fire breaks out in the basement of the bar and they barely escape.

Soon Jake learns that the horrific accident is being investigated as a possible homicide, and it’s not the only case. Detective Inspector Cordiline of the London Met hints at spontaneous human combustion, but as far as Jake knows, SHC doesn’t exist.

When Mari looks into a group called Birthright, he finds a connection to the victims of the fires and Jake risks himself to go undercover at the shadowy organization. The race is on to determine the truth before Jake becomes the next target.

Elemental Evidence Series Info:
Former Detective Jake Chivis is a Fire Elemental who uses psychometry to see the past. Doctor Ilmarinen Gale is an Air Elemental, a human/cybernetic interface, able to infiltrate even the toughest information systems. Together they find out just how potent a combination Fire and Air can be when it comes to solving crimes.

Amid murder, conspiracy and a world that views them with suspicion, and sometimes contempt, Jake and Mari circumvent the conventional. While the police aren't always appreciative of their methods they can't deny the results.

When they aren't busy consulting for the police, figuring one another out is their next big mystery. One that proves as frustrating as it is passionate. Between hunting killers and avoiding competing government agencies that want the two of them working on their side, they just might have enough time for love.


Was that flirting? Was he flirting with the guy? Jake tried to rein those thoughts in but he couldn’t help it. Mari had a habit of flirting, but it had never bugged Jake before. Jesus, they’d managed to go to one bar for an hour and already he was devolving into Neanderthal territory. He realized something else. It had never really bothered him when he and Alex had gone out and his ex had spent all night coming on to strangers. Then again, he’d known Alex was doing it to get a rise out of him. That was not Mari’s way, at all.

“You want another drink?” Jake asked, by way of keeping himself from hauling Mari out of there and grilling him about whether he wanted to sleep with Mr. Whips and Tattoos. They had to step to one side as a sweating, agitated-looking guy pushed by them on the stairs in an obvious hurry to get down to the basement for some chastisement. Though he looked chastised enough already, in Jake’s opinion.

“If you do,” Mari said, then exhaled a huff that might have been regret and might have been relief. “Unless, of course, you just want to put me over your shoulder and carry me out, Mr. Caveman. I wasn’t giving him the come-on. So you can stop looking daggers. And don’t deny it.” He pointed a slender finger at Jake as he opened his mouth. “I could see you thinking it. Yes, he’s very cute, but he’s not really my type. I do like his toy box though.”

Jake snapped his mouth closed then pushed a hand through his hair and let out a sigh of his own. He had always pitied guys that acted like possessive jerks and here he was being as transparent as glass, all but snarling at anyone who got too close to Mari. “I’m sorry. I was aiming not to be obvious. I’ll try and refrain from clubbing you over the head and dragging you out by the hair.” He managed a sheepish grin.

“In that case, it would be my pleasure to have another drink with you, Chivis.” Mari chuckled, slipping a hand around the nape of his neck and towing him in for a brief, firm kiss.

They made their way back up into the bar and as they were weaving their way through the crowd, Jake heard someone shout, then screaming coming from the direction of the basement.

The red and gold lighting seemed to be flickering and Mari yelled, “Can you smell something burning?”

Jake noticed the smell just as Mari was saying it, and turned his head. A curl of pale smoke was winding up from the basement stairway, not thick but noticeable.

“Shit!” He grabbed Mari’s arm. “Get out of here. Hurry.”

Jake gave him a push toward the front exit then shoved through the crowd, trying to get to the stairs.

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Author Bio:
Bellora Quinn:
Originally hailing from Detroit Michigan, Bellora now resides on the sunny Gulf Coast of Florida where a herd of Dachshunds keeps her entertained. She got her start in writing at the dawn of the internet when she discovered PbEMs (Play by email) and found a passion for collaborative writing and steamy hot erotica. Soap Opera like blogs soon followed and eventually full novels. The majority of her stories are in the M/M genre with urban fantasy or paranormal settings.

Sadie Rose Bermingham:

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