Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Win a $5 GC and mention in new eBook series!

Remember that question I had before about the "Interstellar Travel Agency" MM stories themed around traveling the universe that I posted on Facebook and my idea to write it, if I couldn't find it? I've found the 'alien owner' image and created the travel brochure image that would be in each eBook prior to the first chapter. This would not be the cover image, but I'd use it in each eBook and for promo too.

Now a big part of the fun of this is creating the alien's name as well as the name of the travel agency. I'd love some input on that. I'm looking for corny/cheesy/quirky to go along with the image, so hit me with your best suggestions! The person with the winning idea for the alien and travel agency name will receive a $5 Amazon GC and be credited for the idea in the first eBook*.

Please comment on my Facebook post in order to share your suggestion and be entered in the contest!

*Use of suggested name does not relate any ownership over concept or collaboration in the eBook.Contest not associated with Facebook in any way. 

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