Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Wednesday Briefs: Mine! Part Two Chapter 36

There's no prompt this week but I hope you'll enjoy the chapter anyway!!

Ritch crawled on the bed, straddling my feet and then slowly making his way up my legs. His eyes were locked on my leaking cock jutting straight up. He stopped around my mid-thighs. I leaned forward and encouraged him to scoot forward the rest of the way. His hands came down on my shoulders.

He was hard and leaking, his cock nestled against my stomach as I held him close to me. I tilted my head back. “Kiss?” It was something he was comfortable with, something that might bring down some of the tension I could feel in his back.

I parted my lips in anticipation when Ritch leaned down, his fingers tightening on my shoulders. His lips met mine, pressing close and then away, coming back again a second later. I ached to taste him, and I growled in satisfaction as he dipped his tongue inside my mouth.

When he retreated, I followed, taking his mouth. I swept my tongue inside and tangled them together, stroking and caressing him with my hands as we finally found ourselves slotted together, skin to skin, like I’d fantasized about.

Minutes could have become hours as I rubbed my hands down his back. He settled downward, my cock nestled in the cleft of his ass and his tight to my stomach. When he started rocking his hips in minute increments, I ripped my mouth away and moaned. I gripped both his cheeks and ground upward.


My eyes flew open and I froze, but Ritch didn’t look scared. His pupils were blown and he didn’t stop moving. “You like that?” I asked.


“Want to try some lube?”

Ritch paused, licking his lips. He nodded once. I picked up the bottle I’d set beside me and opened it. Rather than shocking him with the cool liquid, I put the tip of the bottle against the tip of my cock and squeezed.

Lube went everywhere. The cold slick oozed down my cock and pooled against my skin and slid down to my balls. I cursed and fumbled with the bottle, nearly dropping it, finally getting it shut. I dropped it on the bed, the sheets already ruined.

“Too much is better than too little.” I couldn’t even try to be suave.

Ritch’s lips twitched. “I agree.” He settled against me again, squirming. The amusement on his face faded, but his eyebrows were drawn in.

I knew what he needed. I wiped my hand on the sheet, then palmed his smooth ass cheeks, spreading them slightly. Then I lifted my hips and slid my slick, hard cock past his hole and along his sensitive skin. “Fuck.” I wanted inside him, but I needed to be patient.

“Oh yeah.” Ritch squeezed my shoulders, his blunt nails digging in. I liked the small sting and I rocked my hips again to make him do it some more. Ritch held on tight as I pushed his arousal higher. His breath came faster.

“Hold on to the headboard.” I needed to move this along before one of us came. I pushed his knees farther apart and slid down in the bed, bringing his cock level with my mouth and giving me more room to reach him.

Come dripped from the angry pink tip of his cock. I stuck out my tongue and swirled it around, capturing them and taking in his salty, musky flavor. I wanted to rub my cheeks against him, to wallow in his scent—so I did as I ran my fingers through all the lube coating my balls.

I touched him with my fingers for the first time, tracing them down his crack and then to the soft, wrinkled flesh of his hole. Ritch gasped and cursed as I circled and then pressed in with my finger. I lost myself in the sensations as he squirmed, pushing forward into my mouth and then back on my finger.

Daring to push him, I added a second finger and added suction with my mouth, laving the bottom of his cock with my tongue. His movements became slower, but he didn’t stop. “Park!” Ritch barked my name as I curled my fingers and pressed them against his spongy prostate.


“I’m gonna come,” he ground out.

I let up and pulled my fingers out. Ritch tried to follow them and his cock left my mouth. I pushed up with my elbow, squirming until I was leaning against the pillows again, his arms bracketing me. Sweat beaded on his brow, his irises were narrow rings around his blown pupils, and his cheeks were bright pink. He inched backward and this time when my cock pressed against his hole, he stopped.

“Are you ready?” The thought he might say no made my balls ache, but I had to ask.

Ritch nodded. “Please.” He was breathing hard and fast.

I reached between us and held the base of my shaft. “Your speed,” I reminded him. Ritch was less patient, and he pushed hard, my head and maybe half of my shaft inside him at once. He grunted and I cursed, grabbing his hips.


“No.” Ritch stared in my eyes. “I’m done with slow. I chose this.”

“Fuck. Okay.” I let go of his hips and let him take over, which is way harder than I thought. He drove himself down on me and then started rocking. His muscles rippled over my shaft, hot and tight.

“Not gonna last,” I warned him. I had no control, and I zeroed in on his neck. I had to blood him. I bit my finger and then then pushed it into his open mouth, exploding as Ritch sucked hard.

Then I sank my teeth into him. The iron tang of his blood filled my mouth as the bond snapped in place between us. More come spurted from my cock to coat his inner walls, and his coated our bellies.

I eased my bite, then licked his torn flesh, prompting it to heal. I’d done it. “Mate,” I growled.


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