Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Wednesday Briefs: Denied Chapter 39

“What are you doing?” Captain finally looked down and seemed to realize that I was opening his uniform.

I tugged on the open edges of his jacket. “Come on.” I pulled him into the other room. The bunk was made—I had no idea when he found time to do that—but I was about to destroy the tightly tucked blankets. Gently, I pushed him down.

“Give us a minute,” I said to the crew member who looked up when the door started to whoosh shut. His eyebrows rose, but before he could say anything the door was closed.

“Kohen? Are you feeling okay? Do you need to lie down?” Captain was already standing. That was okay. I could work with that.

“I’m fine. Whatever Aparoe gave me worked.” My fingers were still clumsy, but I was going to do this, for me and for him. I pushed his uniform coat off and let it fall on the bedding. I pulled his duty shirt out of his pants, running my hand along the warm skin of his stomach, tracing the tight muscles. They jumped and quivered.

“Kohen,” he gasped.

“Shh, we don’t have long.” I undid the fastener and then pushed his pants over his lean hips to pool at his feet. His shirt I left on. The barely there touches to his stomach had some effect on him, but he was still only half-hard, even though it was clear then what I was going to do. “Please let me. I need this. I need to be close to you, to see and touch and feel you on me. To taste you in me.”

He gave in, just as he almost always did when it was something I needed. That had slowly dawned on me; I just had to convince him.

I pushed him down on the bunk. The pants around his ankles kept his legs from spreading apart, but I was skinny enough to barely fit between them. I liked the tight squeeze, the way it felt like his thighs were trapping me close to him. I nuzzled the warm fur of his testicles with my mouth and nose, tasting and touching and scenting him in all the best ways.

Long and slow was the best way to ease Captain into touching, but he was still skittish of the intimacy between us, and I didn’t have time for any of that. I traced circles on the wrinkled flesh with my tongue, then up the thickening length starting to protrude above his sac. I sucked on the loose tip of the flesh of his covering, then tickled the sensitive head and tiny slit peeking out.

Captain was quivering, gasping, one hand smothering his sounds while the other grabbed and held on to the edge of the bunk. I was right there with him, need sending a shiver up my spine. My hands were free, so I used one to bare my aching length and the other to reach up and play with the skin behind his sac.

“Fuck!” Captain cursed when I scraped it with my nail. His back bowed, his cock hit the back of my throat, and I swallowed him down farther. He shook and shuddered, his hand coming up to cup my head. “Yes?”

I didn’t know exactly what the question meant, but yes was an answer I would always give him. I nodded. Captain’s eyes hooded, and his nostrils flared.

His hand tightened on my scalp, and I regretted I didn’t have hair long enough for him to bury his hands in. But he didn’t seem to care. He watched me carefully at first as he pumped his hips, pulling back and then thrusting forward until he was tapping at the back of my throat and waiting there until I swallowed him down. Each time he waited until my throat convulsed around the head of his cock, and each time it did his gaze grew darker, hungrier, needier, until he started to speed up, to thrust harder, to demand the caress instead of waiting for it.

I had to squeeze the base of my shaft or I would have come all over the floor. I’d been taken many times, but never like this. Never been watched and held and caressed so carefully while at the same time allowing someone to take me the way they needed so much.

Because I could see it when he let go with a groan, just how much sheer fucking need for this Captain had and how much pleasure it gave him. How many had missed the signals before me? Would he have ever told me, if I hadn’t done this now, when he was distracted and vulnerable to my physical approach?

I didn’t care.

Because he wasn’t using me as he fucked my throat, he was giving us both so much pleasure I could hardly stand it. The dark flavor of the game gave it an edge, but I knew how to time my breaths, could gasp in air when I needed it, and I loved the feeling of him slipping into my throat.

His hips started to rock in smaller, tighter thrusts, not pulling back as far, and I knew that meant he was close. I loosened the hold on my cock and began to squeeze my fist up the shaft, teasing the head when I swallowed around his. We groaned in unison, mine a soundless vibration trapped by the swollen head of his cock lodged deep in my throat, and I couldn’t hold the need to come back another second.

I shot all over the floor beneath his feet just as his shaft swelled in my mouth and throat. I pulled back and caught the last few spurts on my tongue, because I had to have the salty bitter tang of him with me when he left to take care of the invaders on the ship.
Captain was part of me, forever. 

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