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Wednesday Briefs: Ancalagon Ch. 38


Bouncer was up and snarling, his rumble a deeper counterpoint to my pissed off hissing anger. I only wished I sounded that intimidating. It didn’t matter, I had a cerops to back me up, and once I figured out who had touched Garjah, I would hunt them down and together we’d rip off all four of their arms so they couldn’t go around touching other people who shouldn’t be touched by anyone but—

The ramble in my brain didn’t end as I circled Garjah who stood very, very still. No, it only got more violent when I realized the scent was just in front of him. His heart was beating fast, but he looked calm.

I narrowed my eyes at him. “Who. Touched. You?”

“No one. I did the touching. There was an altercation in the maintenance bay, and I had to separate those in conflict with each other. Seedrah helped me.” Garjah motioned toward the bathroom. “I can clean off the scent.”

“Yes.” I clenched my teeth. “From everything.” It was on his uniform too. That couldn’t stay in his quarters with us. It should only smell like us in here. Timok’s scent was finally gone, and I didn’t want to have to deal with feeling unsettled like this again.

“All right.” Garjah strode into the bathroom and right into the cleanser without hesitating. I trailed behind him, watching. He closed his eyes and allowed the chemicals to buffet his body. Then he stripped efficiently and did it again.

When he turned to face me, I noticed he wasn’t mad at me… or if he was, certain parts of his body certain didn’t care. I raised an eyebrow.

“You’re watching me,” he said. “And you are claiming me.” In fact, instead of looking mad he seemed pleased.

“We’re together, aren’t we?” I asked. “That’s what all this has been about?”

“Yes, but so much is unknown. You’re acting a lot like I’m unclaimed and you need to ensure no one takes me away from you.” Garjah stood in front of me where I blocked the doorway. The scent was gone from his body, erased by the cleansing chemicals. He was strangely blank. I twitched my nose.

“And you like that?” I guessed without really guessing.

“Very much.”

“How am I supposed to claim you?”

“You scent of me after I released inside you, but I do not scent of you.” In the end, his answer was simple but was really, really not.

My face heated at the same time my stomach sank. “Are you saying I have to top you? I don’t, um, uh,” I stammered. “I don’t do that.” Maybe I could? If I really had to. But it didn’t turn me on. And that would be a problem.

“Topping? This is the human term for penetrating someone and releasing inside them?” Garjah asked.

“Yes. What do you call it?”

He shrugged. “Pair bonding. Scenting. But there are ways to do this between two males as they do not procreate.”

I blinked at him. “Whoa, whoa, whoa… procreate? Women have babies. I am not a woman. You do not think I am a woman because I let you penetrate me.” I grimaced. I wished we could stop staying that word. It was so not sexy. “I mean come inside me.”

Garjah smiled, his lips thinning in amusement. “Of course not. You are male. Two males usually do not enter each other, but humans do.”

“Wait a minute.” I put up my hands. “The information Timok shared with me—” I broke off with horror. My stomach turned. “Was that hetero sex?”


“Between a male and a female?” I clarified.

“If one was penetrating the other, then yes.”

“Oh, stars.” I’d avoided that my entire life, and now I’d seen girl bits. Well, I didn’t know they were girl bits, but they were girl bits. Nope, no, no, this was getting locked into the never thinking about it again vault. “Ignore that. Forever.” We were moving on. “What do two males do to bond and scent each other?”

“Well, Timok didn’t share this since he didn’t think you’d need it, but you would spread your seed over my vents.”

“Vents?” I didn’t know where those were. Or what those were. He didn’t mean his nostrils and mouth did he? Then again… Oh, the visual of coming across Garjah’s face definitely brought back some of the mood. My breath quickened.

Garjah reached down and lifted his cock. “These.” He stroked his shaft and the holes on it opened, leaking the milky fluid. Finally some of his scent filtered through the air to me, and my arousal tightened further.

“Wait, so those are your vents?” I asked. He nodded. “And I have to come on them. Or get come in them?” He nodded again.

So, basically, he and I needed to grind against each other until we were hot, sweaty, and coming in buckets, then keep rubbing until our scents mingled in his body and on top of mine since I didn’t have vents. “Then you’ll smell like me? All the time?”

“Yes.” His nostrils flared. “Essell, will you scent me? Now?”

“Oh stars, yes,” I breathed out in a rush. “Get on the bed.”

There was a brief hiccup when we had to evict the still not happy Bouncer, but a snack and a blanket on the floor settled him nicely. I was vibrating, nearly ripping my clothes in my haste to get my pants off. Garjah, the wise alien he was, didn’t say a word. He just lay on his back and watched me with needy eyes and spread arms and legs.

It was a feast of muscles and musky male. He smelled almost perfect. Soon, as soon as I filled those vents with my come, he’d be perfect. Everyone would know he was mine.

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