Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring is Here!

So, I went with my daughter and best friend to a Tulip Fest today. Cloudy when I got up, the day quickly cleared and turned quite nice, a rare occurence in Washington State, let me tell you. Last weekend it was nice for Easter as well, I'm quite shocked to be truthful.

However, that let me get a few shots that got me thinking and stirred my creative juices, especially the statuary. Don't worry, I've filed those under my plot bunnies folder; I won't get distracted from finishing Hypnotic and The Experiment. I thought you guys might like to see a few though.

I hope you enjoyed those! Come back tomorrow for an installment of The Experiment!


  1. Great pics... and I can see why they got the creative juices flowing! I love taking pictures too (my laptop is so full that I'm sure its running at like 1/2 speed, lol)!!

    Also, I was thinking about my comment on your story today... and there was something I left out. I had decided, when I posted it, that I would just keep it to myself... but as the day has progressed I just want to get it out.

    I know I said that I would go. True love is hard to find and sometimes you have to leave some things behind to follow your heart. But-- that is much easier said than done (of which I know from experience). Leaving behind your life and, in this case, making a complete change in lifestyle... makes it a much harder choice. Plus-- if he decides to go... then where would the drama be??

    I am excited to see where you end up taking this. And, if I know you as well as I think I do... I'm thinking there will be some surprises to this story and we will all be amazed at where you actually decide to take it!!!!

  2. Beautiful pictures. I can see why they'd inspire you.

  3. Thank you both! Taking pictures brings me a bit of joy and getting creative inspiration only makes it better.

    Naughtycouture: LOL, All those thoughts... yep, yep, and again yep. Not even I always know where my stories are going but I definitely want to spend more time with Aukai and his love interest. I'm glad you enjoyed the sneak peek!


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