Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Recent Riveting Reads

Hi Folks! Long time no post, right? I'm finished with the first edit on Pricolici but summer activities and my kids are keeping me busy! I am plotting out and starting Benny's story, the next installment in the world of The Experiment, and working on a few stories for GA. So, yep, I'm pretty busy and you will have more to read from me soon!

In the meantime, I thought I'd point to a few stories that I've been reading and enjoying lately. These are all free.

TMcCallahan's Dust & Ash. I'm linking to the GA page with the story but you can find other stories at Literotica under the pen name "WickedWendyDru".  This modern romance is full of hot men, music, and more! Status: In Progress

Robcub32's The Degan Incident. One of my fav online authors, Rob has just started this new story, but I hear that it will post consistently. I love hot aliens lately and I think this story is a great example, even if I've only been able to read Ch. 1 so far! Status: In Progress

Sonny Nothing and Ais' Evenfall. Part 1 of a series, In the Company of Shadows, this story was huge! At over 600k, it took me the last 3 days to read and I loved most of it. I found that the timeline was a bit dragged out, but I so enjoyed reading the interaction of the main characters, Boyd and Sin, that I didn't really mind. This is a dystopian secret agent type of story, another genre that has been catching my eye lately. I've actually forced myself NOT to move to book 2 simply because once I started reading Evenfall I had a hard time stopping for anything, including sleeping and eating, lol. I've linked you to the Goodreads page for this book, simply to give you the most information and access to a better description and the reviews of the story. The url is available for the author's webpage there. Status: Complete

A few authors I love on GA you might want check out are linked below. These list all their stories and the wonderful story listing style on GA gives you just about every detail you could want to decide if you'd like to check out their stories!

Renee Stevens
Hamen Cheese
Don Hanratty


  1. Ah jeez, I'm so far behind! Ron has a new chapter out??? *Bangs head* WEll damn lol. And off I go...


  2. YAY!!!!! New story from RobCub! I totally got up and did a jig when I saw that.. sorry you missed it. haha. Thank you soooooooooo much for posting this! I love RobCub's stories! I've been a fan since the first story popped up on Lit! And now I have added RobCub's blog to my list of "blogs to stalk" lol. Thanks!

    -- Whitney

  3. I've been following Dust & Ash on Lit since last fall (can't wait for the next chapter: hint-hint, Wicked), and Robcub's new story looks like it's going to be fantastic.

  4. All of those are great authors. Love the new story Rob has been posting on GA as well. Another author I like is Graeme. He's got several really good novel length stories. He's also got great short stories as well.

    http://awesomedude.com/graeme/ I think you'll LOVE the way his Falls Creek Lessons is set up. If you read it, click on the character name links. It gives you a peek into their heads. Even if you don't click them, it's still an AWESOME read.

    I haven't read anything by Dust & Ash, but I'm always lookin for good reads. Thanks for the suggestions.


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