Sunday, November 17, 2013

Flash Fiction! Mine

So, I've been battling health stuff still. Turns out my sickness was bacterial, so with meds on board, hopefully I'll be on the mend soon. In the meantime... I was reminded this week on GA how much fun doing a flash piece for just that update, no serial, no expectations can be.  With that, I used Prompt #278 First Line: "Please, I can explain." and wrote...

“Please, I can explain.” He looked up at me from his knees.

“Don’t worry.” I tilted my head and stared at him. “You don’t have to.”


His head rolled across the floor. His wife screamed and scrabbled back. Her body hit the floor with a dull thud. The silence was broken by the pattering of blood dripping from my nails. I flicked my hands, annoyed with the sound.

“I know you’re here. I can smell your rot. Come out, come out wherever you are.” I prowled the room, trying to find the scent that spoke of my kind. I flicked my claws out and retracted them. An alpha would have come at me by now.

“Secure in your little hidey hole?” The source of the scent was masked by the putrid smell of the doctor’s oozing viscera from his eviscerated form destroying the pretty blue carpet.

“You should have known better than to work with him.”

My ruff stood up, the skin on my neck and shoulders prickling. I huffed a sub vocal sigh. “I will find you.” Trespassers did not live after they crossed my borders. “Did you think his experiments would make you stronger than me?”

I’d not faced a credible threat in years, not that I cared much anymore. I held onto my land because once… he’d lived here. He’d loved the hills and the forests that ringed my estate, and for his memory I’d protect my claim.  

“I’ve seen his files. The tests, the trials.” I turned in a slow circle. “The good doctor was using me all along. For you.” I’d allowed the bastard to move to my city. His knowledge had been useful. Finding a doctor who’d treat werekin could be hard. I’d kept my distance, until the worm I’d sent into his computer system cracked his firewall and found everything he’d been trying on his sneaky guest.

“Did you think you could become an alpha? That something in our blood could actually change you into something strong enough to face me?” I was not an alpha because of the blood that ran through my veins. Obviously neither the doctor nor the bastard trying to challenge me understood that. “If you want to live, you’ll come out now.” I scanned the walls, searching for the cracks that had to be there.

There was a lab here somewhere. The blood and tissue samples he’d taken from my people had to be processed, and it wasn’t at the clinic we’d raided. The good doctor had rushed into this room for a reason, and it wasn’t to protect his woman.

I snapped my head and stared at the south wall. There. A faint chiming sound, like a blade drawn from a sheath.

Striding to the wall, I spun and kicked sideways. The thick sole of my boot absorbed the blow as my leg went through the wall. The gaping hole exposed a room built in the corner. I grabbed the sheetrock at the sides of the hole and tore it from the studs. A long steel counter ran the length of the wall. Tools of all kinds were strewn haphazardly across its surface. Darkness hide what lay at the far end of the counter but nothing could hide the stench of feces.

The coward must have shit himself. Alpha… yeah right.

“Last chance to come out and die with a shred of dignity.” Not even a human was as weak as this werekin filth.

I crouched when metal slid across the ground. Clumsy. He revealed his location in the shadow and that he was armed. It would be his last mistake.

A slender arm reached into the light. Dirty fingers scrabbled at the cracks in the stone floor and then pulled.

Deep blue eyes dominated the pale face. His skin stretched thin over knife-edge thin cheekbones. A black mask covered his muzzle, the straps digging into his patchy ruff.

His blood began to flow toward me in thin rivulets along the white grout between the stones from his lacerated wrist.

Not a challenger.

Park’s little brother.

We’d been told he’d died in an accident on his way to college. He’d decided to leave town, break all ties between us, and my best friend had been inconsolable when his parents broke the news Kraig would never come back.

I jumped through the hole.


The straps were easy to slice away but the mask was adhered to Kraig’s face. He cried out weakly when I ripped it away.

“Deke,” he whispered.

My heart pounded. It had been years since I heard my name said in that voice. Adrenaline surged through me in a way it hadn’t when I killed the doctor and prepared to kill the trespasser onto my territory. I felt alive in a way I hadn’t in years.

Not since he left without a look back for me because he didn’t believe he, a lowly human, could possibly belong at my side when he couldn’t be blooded as my mate.

“I’ve got you.” My hands trembled as I traced them in the air over his wasted form, unsure of where it was safe to touch. He’d sliced his wrist to the bone yanking it out of a manacle holding him to the wall to reach for me. The other wrist was still clamped with a band of twisted copper with razor edges. I licked my lips.

“I’m dying. Hold me… while I go,” he begged. His cracked lips bled fat, red drops of blood down his muzzle. His face, so different, was just as beautiful as it had been when he was a human.

“No!” I denied his request vehemently. My claws dug into my palms as I clenched my hands into fists. “Don’t ask me to do that, not when I just found you. I can save you.”

“Not safe.” He began gasping for air. “He did… things… let me die.”

I ignored his plea. I leaned down and began to lick his wrist to stem the tide of blood. There was no time to find bandages.

“What… are you… No!”

I pierced my tongue with my fangs, ignoring the stinging pain. I would not let him go again no matter the risk. If the doctor doomed him to die with his experiments, we’d die together. If I had to I’d beg Kraig’s forgiveness, but he’d only be able to give it to me if he lived. I couldn’t believe I’d find him now just to lose him. One day he would know, just as I did, that he belonged to me no matter what he’d been born as.

I shoved my bleeding tongue into his mouth.

You. Will. Not. Die.

Each thrust of my tongue denied his fatalistic desire as if I spoke the words aloud. He battled me, struggling in vain before my essence swept him away. We stared into each other’s eyes as I cradled his body in my arms and forced Kraig to accept me inside him.

The blue bled from his eyes, and they turned red.

He was blooded.

My heart sang when he began to suck on my tongue. His free hand dug into my ruff, yanking me closer. His eyes slid shut and a purr vibrated against my chest. Kraig was mine.

I’d come to this house to bring death but found life instead.

FUN, FUN! Okay, back to real writing soon, just as quick as my eyes can take it, I promise.  Happy Sunday!


  1. A powerful scene. I love Deke's paranoid, feral mindset at first and the way it gives over to tenderness. I bet there's more to this story!

    1. Thank you Tali! I'm considering it, but who knows? Deke's shift in personality was definitely deliberate, so I am glad that came across!

  2. OMG!! Every time I read someting of yours, I want more. Short stories just aren't enough, you tease.*pout*

    1. I feel that way about some authors too, lol! If only I could write 24/7, I could make enough content to keep me and my readers happy. Heck, if I could just do 2-4 hours a day... I'll have to work on it!


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