Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving Fun... *ahem* Prizes!


To those who celebrate, at least. I do, and I am definitely thankful for all of you, my readers, friends, and followers. For those in the US today is a day for family, food, and fun. Well... I'm visiting 2 families, having 2 dinners, and boy... won't rolling into bed be fun? LOL

So where's the fun? For some, it's watching the parade. For others, it's football or sports. I'm a fan... but my fun is a bit geekier than that. I love to play word games. One of my fav when I'm doing mindless activities, like eating til I need a few Oompa Loompas to roll me away, is mixing up the letters in words to figure out how many new words I can make.

So today I'll share my fun with  you. Figure out how many words you can make from these phrases and the commenter with the most legit answers will win that contest's prize. Since I'm offering more than one, but one is an eBook, just don't enter that contest if you already have a copy. Or, if you're a geek like me and relish the challenge, just let me know it's for fun, and you don't want the prize.

Contest Rules:

1. Plural don't count. Ant, Ants, Tin, Tins... etc.
2. Comments will be hidden until the end so everyone only uses their own lists.
3. Don't ruin the fun and use word generators.
4. Contest ends 11:59 PM (PST) November 29th.
5. Winners will be contacted and announced November 30th. Don't forget to leave your email!!!
6. Winners have 48 hours to reply, or a new winner will be chosen.
Contest 1 Prize: Copy of Picked at the Peak
Words: Aislin and Lander
Contest 2 Prize: $5 Amazon Gift Card
Words: Picked at the Peak
Contest 3 Prize: $10
Words: Cia's Stories Rock

LOL! Okay, have fun!!


  1. Contest One: Aislin Lander

    Airlines, lands, lined, line, airs, adrenalin, salaried, landline, inland, islander, sandier, diaries, dairies, dinners, rallied, sillier, sardine, denials, insaner, radials, snarled, aliens, arenas, annals, liner, linear, nailed, denial, diners, inline, sinner, saline, slider, dares, dears, deals, dills, dinar, ideal, ladle, aide, linen, raise, iris, sail, sale, sell, sire, sled, era, lie, lei, lad...

    I think that's all I can come up with without repeating myself.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win,
    Kathy C

  2. Contest Two: Picked at the peak

    thicket, pathetic, ticketed, packet, cheated, dictate, picked, teacake, apiece, capped, kicked, peace, adapt, adept, piped, acid, tepid, aced, cake, caked, deep, dick, diet (too funny those last 3 words) pace, paid, pack, tape, cape, heap, peep, dice, deck, tick, tide, eat, cap, pea, tic, ate, appetite, epithet, attache, apache, cheep, cheek, teach, teeth, thick, tithe, peek, pike, peck, pipe, kept, itch...

    I hope that's enough :-))

    Thanks for the giveaway,
    Kathy C

  3. And now Contest Three: Cia's Stories Rock (Too true!!)

    scariest, coarsest, Triassic, actress, erotica, satiric, corsets, scooters, racists, sisters, across, cities, actors, ascots, escorts, resist, rosaries, streaks, steaks, cakes, rookeries, roasts, storks, creak, access, rockets, croak, stroke, arcs, ark, stack, cooks, rook, cocks, cores, Kia, sore, stairs, stares...

    I'm sure I've missed a lot, but I'm getting tired. Thanks again, for the chance to win,
    Kathy Clevenger

  4. Hi Cia. Happy Thanksgiving. O.k. Here are the words for contests 1 and 3. Not good at this word thing. lol. sail, all, ails, slain, land, air, ale, inn, lean, slide, dine, dear, line, nail,
    ill, seal, liar, lair, sin, sand, ear, rain, end, rail, rile, nile, lend,

    ace, cock, rice, crock, croack, kite, tire, sort, stock, stork, ark, air, core, ore,
    ear, rot, seat, sear, tear, rear, roar, rare, rate, sate, site, rite, tore, tar, toke,

    Please enter me in the contest. Thank you:)

  5. Contest 3: Cookies, Skate Access, Acrostic, Across, Corset, Take, Is Sore, Rock, Core, Sick, Rookie, Racket, Store, Cake, Tricks, Socratic, Socrates' Rocks,

  6. Forgot email so I am gonna post again please. Sorry. for Contest 3:
    Cookies, Skate, Access, Acrostic, Across, Corset, Is Sore, Take, Rock, Care, Core, Sick, Rookie, Racket, Store, Stare, Cake, Tricks, Socratic, Socrates' Rocks, Kisses.

  7. Okay, I've only had 3 people join in the contest! Am I alone in my geeky fun??

  8. For contest 3 - Cia's Stories Rock
    1. air
    2. arc
    3. cake
    4. care
    5. cite
    6. cock
    7. coir
    8. coo
    9. cook
    10. core
    11. cork
    12. crack
    13. cress
    14. crest
    15. crick
    16. cries
    17. croak
    18. crock
    19. crook
    20. irk
    21. kiss
    22. kit
    23. kite
    24. kris
    25. oak
    26. oar
    27. orc
    28. rae
    29. rake
    30. rare
    31. rear
    32. rest
    33. rick
    34. rise
    35. rite
    36. roar
    37. roc
    38. rockeries
    39. Rockies
    40. roe
    41. roo
    42. rook
    43. roost
    44. Saki
    45. scare
    46. sea
    47. sear
    48. sis
    49. sit
    50. site
    51. soar
    52. sock
    53. sore
    54. stack
    55. stair
    56. stake
    57. stare
    58. stock
    59. stook
    60. store
    61. stork
    62. stroke
    63. take
    64. tar
    65. tare
    66. taser
    67. tea
    68. tease
    69. tier
    70. tire
    71. tock
    72. took
    73. tor
    74. torc
    75. tore
    76. tress

    The following are homonyms, verbs and adjectives, not plurals. You can decide if they count or not.

    77. cakes
    78. cakier
    79. cakiest
    80. carer
    81. cockier
    82. cockiest
    83. cooker
    84. cookies
    85. corer
    86. corkier
    87. corkiest
    88. kisser
    89. rakes
    90. riser
    91. rises
    92. rocker
    93. rockier
    94. rockiest
    95. rocks
    96. rooks
    97. roosts
    98. scarer
    99. scarier
    100. stacker
    101. stacks
    102. staker
    103. starer
    104. stocker
    105. stockier
    106. stockiest
    107. stocks
    108. stooker
    109. storer
    110. stores
    111. taker
    112. teaser

    and of course stories and rock

  9. For contest 2 -
    1. ape
    2. aped
    3. app
    4. ate
    5. cake
    6. caked
    7. cap
    8. cape
    9. caped
    10. capped
    11. cat
    12. data
    13. date
    14. deck
    15. deep
    16. dick
    17. dike
    18. dip
    19. eat
    20. eek
    21. heap
    22. heat
    23. heated
    24. heath
    25. ice
    26. iced
    27. ick
    28. keep
    29. kip
    30. pape
    31. pat
    32. pea
    33. peaked
    34. peat
    35. peck
    36. pee
    37. peed
    38. pic
    39. pick
    40. pie
    41. pied
    42. pike
    43. pith
    44. take
    45. tap
    46. tape
    47. taped
    48. tea
    49. teak
    50. tee
    51. teed
    52. thee
    53. thick

    and of course Picked at the Peak

  10. Sorry if this is a duplicate, but it didn't ask for a security are you a person check.
    My email for my two entries is dreamseeker331(at)gmail(dot)com. Thanks for the contest, it's fun! I play way to much word yacht on my copy of Hoyle Board Games :-)

  11. LOL, Well thank you to everyone who participated! Dreamseeker won the $10 gift card, Kathy won the $5 gift card (Deep Dick Diet!!! LMAO!!!) , and Shorty Chelle won the copy of Picked at the Peak.

  12. Darn, bummed that I missed out.


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