Saturday, December 14, 2013

Microflash! MM Romance Group Inspires: Daddy's Money

The MM Romance group on Goodreads had a photo flash prompt. Responses have to be precisely 100 words. This is mine, inspired by this picture:

Daddy's Money

“Your casual act doesn’t fool me.” I knew everything about him.

“And your money doesn’t intimidate me.” Jim ran a hand through his blond hair, then leaned back against the balcony. “You thought I wouldn’t find out?”

I knew he’d been warned off by my father earlier. “That’s not why I invited you here.”

“To piss off Daddy with your slumming?” he sneered.

“No. To tell him I won’t go through with the marriage. I don’t want her.” I stared, my hands white-knuckled on the railing. I had tell him before it was too late. “I need you.

“Do you?”

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