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Wednesday Briefs: Lost Inside Chapter 36

So this week I was actually inspired by 2 of the prompts! I used the words steel, inevitable, and posture as well as the phrase: "Kneel before me, and..." Enjoy!!

Lost Inside Chapter 36

Benny’s phone rang. He growled, annoyed as he tore off a strip of tape to secure down the bandage on his side. Velaku’s name popped up on the screen.


“The Clan is assembled at the property, guarded by the Falcons,” Velaku said shortly. “I’m assuming you’re taking charge shortly, Alpha?” He didn’t have to ask if Benny killed Sheshtun—that he’d allow the bastard to live, even if he’d yielded, wasn’t an option. Benny didn’t want to go back into that house, but this time he’d be the one giving the orders.

He’d never wanted the job, though. Benny held in his sigh. “Yes. What’s your ETA?” he asked Dav.

“An hour, give or take.”

“I heard him,” Velaku said. “The other territory leaders and I had a telephone conference. The Alpha family, as well as the inner circle of betas, are culpable for monetary reparations to those injured by wrongdoing. This time, however, your mate and his brother were the primary victims. We decided the betas who colluded with Sheshtun will be held accountable and their assets liquidated. The money will go directly to the victims harmed by Sheshtun’s plans. Those who’ve survived the assaults will face a tribunal regarding punishment—banishment or death, depending on their involvement. We will need the victims’ testimony first.”

Velaku worked fast. Benny appreciated knowing the rest of the men who’d hurt so many Tigers were locked away. They’d be unable to hurt anyone in the Clan again. That would help convince others to testify.

“Thank you. I will speak with the Clan members to identify the victims.”

“You’re welcome. I’ll let you go; I’m sure you want to contact your mate.” Velaku hung up. Benny stared at his address book. He took a deep breath, wincing at the pull on his wound.

“Call Ellis. I know you’ll want to tell Yuri everything in person, but you won’t be settled down until you’ve checked on him.”

“I don’t want to hear that he’s gotten worse. He’s so fragile, and I left him.”

“You had to.” Dav glanced over at him. “He’ll understand that, once he’s better.”

If he got better. Benny didn’t say that out loud, though.  He swiped his thumb across the screen.

“Hi,” Ellis whispered.

“Why are you whispering?”

“Yuri’s asleep.”

“He’s still asleep?” Did he need to go back to the hospital? Benny’s heart sped up, fear stealing his breath. What if Yuri needed him? He gripped his seat belt hard, just for something to hold on to. “Is he…?” His voice cut off, strangled by the thought of speaking the words and having Ellis tell him his mate wasn’t getting better.

“He’s okay. Not talking, but he woke up and ate. He seems exhausted.”

The vice squeezing Benny’s chest loosened. He gasped for air. Benny had done so many things wrong. He couldn’t stand it if his choices hurt Yuri again. He wouldn’t know how to function if his failures left his mate damaged beyond repair.

“I’m reading in a chair we dragged in. I’m not leaving him alone for a second. He’ll be okay; just get home soon. Both of you.” Ellis hadn’t asked about Dav yet, and Benny was amazed by his restraint.

“We will. Sheshtun is dead, along with the last of his guards. Dav’s driving me to the Clan’s property now, but we should be home sometime in the evening, at the latest.” Just thinking of the day he faced was exhausting.

“Thanks for letting me know.” The steady calm in Ellis’ voice was amazing. He had such faith in his mate, he didn’t even seem to worry that Dav was fine. He just knew. Benny wanted that kind of bond with his mate.

One day, hopefully one day soon, they’d have the peace to forge that deep of a connection.

“I’m sure Dav will call you later. I’m going to finish getting cleaned up and prepare for the shit coming up.” His nipples could cut glass.

“You okay?” Ellis sounded worried now.

“Nothing a little bit of time won’t fix,” Benny assured him. “Thank you for the first aid kit and the shirt, by the way.”

“Good. See you soon. Bye.”


Benny shivered, clenching his teeth. “Why is it so cold in here?” He carefully slipped the shirt over his bandages, then reached for the console controls.

Dav smacked his hand. “The blood is bad enough. You want to heat up that body back there and deal with that stench? You just have to smell it; I can taste it. The air stays on.”

“Oh. Good point.” Benny leaned his head against the head rest.

Dav snorted. “Why don’t you focus on your upcoming announcements? Speeches aren’t really your thing.”

Benny had always been better suited to actions than words. That’s why he was a good bouncer and never wanted to be an Alpha. Dealing with the shit of an entire clan was so not a job he’d enjoy.

By the time they got to the property and were passed inside by the pair of Falcons guarding the front door, Benny thought he had a plan of how to proceed. His spine was made of steel, his posture erect, and his stance was aggressive as he came to a stop in front of the assembled Tigers.

Benny slung the limp body of Sheshtun around in front of him, ignoring the gasps and cries from the crowd. “The bastard who led you before is dead by my hands.” Benny dropped the leg he’d used to drag Sheshtun into the house. “I’m Alpha now.”

Their capitulation was inevitable, but how many would try him first?

Benny swept a hard gaze across the families standing huddled together before him. “Kneel before me, and I will acknowledge your fealty.” He flexed his claws, letting them see the wicked lengths that had nearly ripped off Sheshtun’s arms when some hesitated. “Now!” he roared.
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  2. Big entrance by Benny with dead body in tow at his meeting with the Tiger Clan. You certainly know where to put those cliffhangers. I was thinking... What?! LOL. Wishing you a wonderful long Labor Day weekend!


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