Thursday, August 7, 2014

Tease Me Thursday!

An oldie... but maybe you haven't read it yet! I hope you enjoy my 7 teaser paragraphs:

“Go ahead. I’ll be out in a minute.” He seemed shy. I waved my hand at the big bed. The staff had changed the bedding to a dark blue set. I imagined him posed against the midnight blue silk and my cock stiffened.

My pants were going to snap it off. I undid the buttons along the waistband and peeled them down my legs, grunting when my cock was finally freed. I stretched. The treaty had come so recently that I’d only been back on Nembero for a few days.

I hadn’t touched another man in ages. The urge wasn’t there, and my trips back planet-side had been full of debriefings and strategy sessions. At least there was one positive to this marriage. I ran a cleaner over my body. The glowing stick removed all the dead skin and other particles. I enjoyed the warm tingles left behind as blood rushed to the surface of my skin, rejuvenating me.

Kertyn should’ve had enough time to get in bed by now. I pulled the band off the end of my braid, slowly undoing it. My hair fell in waves over my shoulders. The heavy weight tickled my spine like a lover’s fingers, and I shivered.

My new husband’s hair spilled across the pillows. He was curled on his side, his hands buried under the pillow. His eyes were closed. Had he fallen asleep?

Really? I lifted the sheet.

His breathing picked up as his eyes cracked open. Kertyn’s mouth fell open. “Y-You… You’re naked.” He flushed, his neck and face turning pink. “Is that…? Should I…?”

To read the entire story, visit GayAuthors to find Married to the Enemy

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