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A Spooky Feature: Fall Break Fright by Avery Dawes!!

It's October... so we had to know some of the featured content was going to be creeptacular, right?! Welcome Avery Dawes with a great interview and a featured short story! So without further ado... let's see what kind of dirt she spills!

Single people work more. Are you single?
Work more or play more? *evil grin* Yes, to answer your question, I’m single.

Who do you like best, Jerry or Tom?
Ooh, that’s tough. I’d have to go with Jerry. He’s the cuter of the two! Plus, I always liked how he could hide in the smallest of places.

Do you eat your fruits and vegetables?
Of course I do! LOL Actually, I’m vegetarian so those are pretty much a must…in addition to my protein shakes.

What are you wearing (and no fibbing!)?
Well, since I’m typing this while hanging in my favorite coffee shop, you aren’t going to get anything juicy! I’m wearing jeans and a merino wool sweater. It’s a bit chilly this morning!

Are you a person who makes their bed in the morning, or do you not see much point?
Does pulling the covers up over the pillows count? I’ve got to do that or my cat will make herself to home on my favorite pillow. No way am I putting my face where cat butt has been!! So, if that counts, then yes, I make my bed. *wink*

Chocolate or Vanilla?
Depends on the time of day. Seriously. My body is really sensitive to caffeine. I prefer chocolate, but if I want to get to sleep before midnight, then it will be vanilla.

What brought you to my blog?
One of your flash fiction pieces. Your site introduced me to Wednesday Briefs. Thank you so much for that; I’m really enjoying being part of the group.

Do your characters try to make like bunnies and create ever more convoluted plots for you? Or do you have to coax them out of your characters?
Most of the time my characters have a mind of their own and take me places I don’t expect, which can be fun and frustrating. I typically have an idea where I want the story to go, and sometimes they throw a curve that catches me completely by surprise.

I actually have one character that, every now and again, drives me crazy. I have him pictured but haven’t started his story yet. He definitely gets on me about that!

If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?
I’m not sure who I would choose…that’s tough. I will say that Stephanie Meyer (and the Twilight series) got me into writing. I was always told by teachers/ professors that I could write—technical writing. After seeing the success Ms. Meyer achieved, I wanted to prove those people wrong and show them that I could write creatively. For me writing isn’t about making money (although, I won’t lie—it would be pretty cool to end up on the NY Times Best Seller’s list!), it’s about telling a story and giving readers a break from their world. Maybe they can escape to my world and enjoy my characters and what they achieve.

Wow—I hadn’t meant to write that much!!

Name one entity that you feel supported you in your writing endeavors outside of family members.
My good friend Dawn; her nickname’s ‘Awesome Dawn’ for good reason! I met her through a writing group; we soon found that we had more than writing in common, but she remains my “go to” person when having trouble with plot and story flow.

Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?
Finishing a story. Ugh. *frowns* I have all these great story ideas and a number of them have been started (anywhere from 100-500 words), but my problem lies in finishing them. I seem to get stuck on where they need to go to be a successful story. I’ve tried outlining, and it seems to help me past my normal hurdles.

Do you have any writing rituals?
I don’t know if it should be considered a ritual, but I do my best writing when I’m not at home. I find that there are too many distractions, and I get sidetracked easily. For some reason, when I’m at a coffee shop (for example), I can focus despite the noise. Maybe it’s the drink that helps me out! Today, I’m enjoying a coconut cream latte. Yum!

How did you come up with the title for Fall Break Fright?
I struggle with titles. For some reason, they are particularly elusive! This story started off as a spring break story, but the more I thought about it, I realized it worked better as a fall/ Halloween story. After batting ideas around with Dawn, Fall Break Fright came into existence.

Did the characters or the plot come to you first?
Hmm…I would say Carson and Tyler came first. The zombies second, and the plot last.

If your story were made into a movie, who do you picture playing each characters part?
If we could make Neil Patrick Harris younger, he would be Carson. Tyler would be played by a younger Matt Damon. (Both Carson and Tyler are in their early 20s in the story.)

Can you tell us about projects you are working on?
I have a couple of works-in-progress. Titles are the last thing that come to me so I’ll have to give brief descriptions. I’m working on a first person m-f romantic suspense. I had a request for another story in the Latin Heat series so that will be m-f erotica. Last, but not least, I have a Valentine’s Day m-f story in the works. I’m hoping to set some writing goals during NaNoWriMo to finish some of those stories. Of course, I want to keep writing flash fiction, and those will be mostly m-m. 

Carson Davis can’t go home…
His aunt is his only relative in the world, and she’s made it clear she doesn’t want him there during his fall break. Looks like he’s stuck at college, alone and heart-broken. But Carson hasn’t figured on his new roommate, Tyler Owen, who’s extremely hot and unfortunately straight.
Or is he?
Tyler unexpectedly invites Carson to go with him to his family’s home in Kansas. Not only that, but Carson’s gaydar must be off, ‘cause Tyler is not only gay, he’s into Carson! However, things go horribly wrong once they reach Kansas. Not with them, but with the unexpected appearance of…
The world seems to have gone mad, and now it’s Carson and Tyler against the walking dead. They have to survive these creatures so they can enjoy their happily ever after. 

About the Author
The secret is out: Avery Dawes is Denise Wyant’s naughty alter-ego. Avery enjoys writing about the passion that exists between two hunky and sometimes geeky men while Denise favors the alpha male who sweeps an intelligent and sassy woman off her feet. Both believe in their characters finding love and happiness, no matter the trials they have to endure to achieve it.

When Denise & Avery aren’t relaxing just south of the Mason-Dixon Line, with a cup of coffee, or staying fit—running, lifting, or cycling—they make time to write and blog. You can find them at http://denisewyant.wordpress.com.

Goodreads:  https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6704485.Denise_L_Wyant

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