Saturday, October 18, 2014

Limited Time: Free download: Fall Break Fright!

Remember the eBook I just featured? If you thought it was interesting, but don't have the means to buy it, it's your lucky day! You can get Fall Break Fright by Avery Dawes, FREE, Saturday 10/18 and Sunday 10/19 on Amazon. Don't forget to leave the author a review, if you get the chance! It's a great way to thank someone for a free download--you know we all adore feedback!

FREE 10/18 & 10/19

Carson Davis can’t go home…

His aunt is his only relative in the world, and she’s made it clear she doesn’t want him there during his fall break. Looks like he’s stuck at college, alone and heart-broken. But Carson hasn’t figured on his new roommate, Tyler Owen, who’s extremely hot and unfortunately straight.

Or is he?

Tyler unexpectedly invites Carson to go with him to his family’s home in Kansas. Not only that, but Carson’s gaydar must be off, ‘cause Tyler is not only gay, he’s into Carson! However, things go horribly wrong once they reach Kansas. Not with them, but with the unexpected appearance of…


The world seems to have gone mad, and now it’s Carson and Tyler against the walking dead. They have to survive these creatures so they can enjoy their happily ever after.

** This is a short story **

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