Thursday, November 27, 2014

Who Looooves Holiday Sales and Special Promos?

*I do, I do!!!* LOL. Okay, so we all love feeling like we got something for a great price, right? But for many consumers this time of year, that means braving the outside world with the hordes of other crazy shoppers. For those of us who prefer eBooks--well, I have a deal for you! Well, a few deals! lol

First off... Happy Thanksgiving!

Dreamspinner Press has all the titles on their website on sale 25% off! So, if you haven't read it yet, The Experiment is only $5.24! Plus, did you know it's out as an audiobook? Yes, it is!! It's not part of the sale, but if you like your books for listening to in the car, this option might be for you. Or hey, go look at the absolute ton of books they're constantly producing--including many from my favorite authors, too!  

Buy the eBook, just $5.24 @ DSP through this link!
Buy the audiobook, just $24.95 through links at DSP from here!

I'm going to put all my self-published titles available on ARe 25% off! Since it isn't as easy to do a discount on Amazon, anyone who buys Pricolici, Picked at the Peak, or Burden of Secrets on Amazon can email me at anordwell (at) for a free copy of Heated Blood in pdf, epub, or mobi format. Please make sure you put the book title in the subject so it doesn't get filtered to my junk!


And did you know you can get 3 of my stories to download, totally free? You can find them on ARe or Both places require a membership to download, but if you just can't do that, email me! I'm always happy to share copies. And you're more than welcome to share these free eBooks with anyone else you think might enjoy them!

I hope everyone enjoys the deals and gets some great reading time in! But wait... is that all I have to give? Oh no! It's not! I'm giving away a $5 Amazon gift card to one person who comments on this blog post. Tell me what you plan to buy (even if it's not my book, lol!) or you can tell me your favorite holiday tradition from this time of year, wherever you're from! It could be hiding from the hordes of crazy shoppers (sooo me!) to braving the elements and insanity with friends and family to whatever tradition you've grown up with or started with your family--and yes, even if they aren't blood related, it still counts. So spill, and you might be the lucky winner of the $5 Amazon gift card!
(Contest runs from 12:01 AM on 11/27 through 11:59 PM on 12/1. Winner will be announced 12/2 at noon, PST.)


  1. One of my favorite family's holiday traditions was to have egg nog (store bought but still good), which I add nutmeg for extra zing.
    Happy Thanksgiving Cia and to others in the USA!
    strive4bst(AT) yahoo(Dot) com

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Cia. I plan to either buy Burden of Secrets or your next book that is coming out. I spend Thanksgiving at my parents but we usually decorate for christmas after dinner so that's our tradition every year.


  3. Well I'm either buying one of M A Church's, Rob Colton's or one of yours. And that's a given. :)

  4. Well, I already bought Pricolici and The Experiment when they first came out since I couldn't wait, but I just found out about Cataclysmic Evolution, so I just went and bought that. :)


  5. One of my favorite holiday traditions is the gift exchange at our extended family party (trust me, I'm related to waaay to many people - we rent a hall). I love giving and getting gift cards because then the person I'm gifting can get exactly what the want. I've got so many books that even though it's my favorite gift to receive, nobody can ever find a book I don't already own :-) I'm looking forward to a lot of different authors upcoming books and plan to get the revision of Pricolli when I have book money again.


  6. Every year I get up early on Thanksgiving and go and help my sister get lunch ready and then stay a help her clean up. On Black Friday my sister and I go shopping and eat lunch out and this year my niece went with us. I'm not sure which of your books I would by.
    sstrode at scrtc dot com


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