Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Wednesday Briefs: Mine! Chapter Three

Another week, another update! This week's chapter was inspired by the prompt: Use innocent, garbled, close.

Chapter Three

Kraig wrapped his hands around mine, pressing them close to his cheeks.

“The doctor did this,” I said grimly. “And he was using the samples he took from us to do more tests and experiments on Kraig. I killed him and his wife and was going to kill the intruder who thought he could become an alpha through science... but that wasn’t what was going on. I found Kraig.”

I gently turned his hand over so I could stroke his wrists. The antiseptic properties in my saliva had helped, but the wrist he’d sliced open tearing it free from the manacles was still raw even though it wasn’t bleeding. “I should’ve bandaged this last night.”

“It’s fine,” said Kraig. “It’s not nearly as bad as it was yesterday."

Park growled. He hovered next to the bed staring at Kraig. “You looked worse than this?" His gaze snapped over to me. “I hope that doctor suffered before he died."

His anger at the abuse of someone who’d been so innocent and excited when he left was nothing compared to mine, but I knew Park needed some time with Kraig before he could calm down. I stood up gently placing Kraig’s hands back in his lap. “Why don’t you sit here with Kraig while I go find some bandages and cream for his wrists." I stayed close while Park sat down on the edge of the bed not quite touching Kraig but looking like he wanted to pull him into his arms.

Once they started murmuring to each other, I went to the bathroom to look for a first aid kit. There was one underneath the sink, but I wasn’t sure if it had enough bandages to wrap Kraig’s wrist. I headed back into my bedroom but stopped in the bathroom doorway. Park cradled the back of Kraig’s head with both hands and had therefore had pressed together whispering to his brother.

I’d known how fiercely Park had mourned Kraig when he thought he was dead. I’d also felt that empty hole inside me, but now it was filled. The bond was different from ours, but I knew his family’s love was equally as strong. If he was going to heal he was going to need all of us.

“I’m going to head downstairs.” Kraig pulled back and looked at me, his eyes wide. “Don't worry, it will only take me a few minutes to get what I need for your wrist."

“I’ll stay and guard him,” said Park. He was still holding onto the back of Kraig’s neck. He gently squeezed it. “I won’t leave him alone for a second.”

A small spark of the Kraig I’d known growing up surfaced. He rolled his eyes and pulled away from Kraig to lean against the headboard. “I’m pretty sure nobody’s going to get me here in the alpha’s bedroom.”

“Better safe than sorry," Park said. “Besides Mom and Dad should be here soon, and you’re still naked. It’s probably a good idea if you put something on.”

Looking down at himself, Kraig turned red and yanked the sheets up. I wouldn’t have wanted my mother to see me naked either, so I took pity on him. I pulled a pair of boxers and a T-shirt out of my dresser and tossed them on the bed. “I’ll be right back."

There was an entire closet downstairs full of first-aid supplies. Cubs had a hard time learning how to control their claws sometimes, scratching without intending to hurt their friends as they played. My mother had kept the closet well-stocked when I was growing up; Park and I had definitely put it to good use. By habit, I’d simply replace things as they were used since my parents died. I dug through the shelves getting exactly what I needed to doctor the wound on Kraig’s wrist.

My stomach growled. I’d skipped dinner the night before dealing with the doctor and then the shock of finding Kraig and blooding him. Usually I fended for myself not expecting the street to provide me with meals, but news of finding Kraig had spread quickly. The others just wanted to help, so when I went into the kitchen there were a bunch of covered containers on the counter. I could scent rich meats, creamy eggs, and cinnamon French toast—Kraig’s favorite.

On a hunch, I open the fridge door. It was stuffed full with several plastic wrapped cuts of fresh venison sitting on the top shelf. Maybe we’d have a barbecue for lunch, if Kraig was feeling up to it.

I’d already been downstairs longer than a light so I hurried back to my room. Instead of being in bed Kraig was settled on the couch in the outer room of my suite. He was swimming in my shirt and a blanket covered his lap. His shoulders visibly relaxed when I walked into the room. Park stood stiffly by the fireplace, and tension sung between them. Had been arguing about something?

“Got what I needed. As soon as your parents get here we’ll eat. All your favorites are downstairs: French toast, sausage and bacon, and lots of scrambled eggs with cheese.” I dropped to my knees beside the couch and picked up Kraig’s wrist. If Park hadn’t been in the room I would have licked the wound again, but seeing that intimacy would probably set him off. I hadn’t exactly explained the blooded part, and the strange lack of scent with Kraig apparently meant Park couldn’t smell our bond. Ointment would have to do.

“Tell me if this hurts,” I said.

“It doesn’t.” Kraig rested his head against the back of the couch and closed his eyes as I gently smoothed ointment over the raw skin on his wrist. I’d just finished, smoothing the self-adhesive fabric to itself with as few wrinkles as possible, when Park’s mother led his dad into the room.

He froze, the words he was beginning to say garbled into nonsense that trailed off.

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