Monday, September 19, 2016

About Best Friends & Boyfriends Now Available with One Pulse!

Today is the official release day for One Pulse! You'll find a copy of my 8.5k short story, About Best Friends and Boyfriends inside, along with stories from 29 other Dreamspinner Press authors! To kick off the release tour, I wrote a guest feature all about the love that inspired the relationship between my main characters.
(Purchase at Dreamspinner if you can so there's no cut of the royalties that will be donated, but every purchase helps)

Cory and Elliot have been blood brothers since a bully gave them each a bloody lip when they were in elementary school. Now that Cory is finally eighteen, Elliot has to convince him they’re destined to be more than best friends.

“Oh hell no!” Elliott shoved the door open and rushed into Cory’s dorm room. “Who’s been harassing you already?”

“I’m fine,” Cory said. He dropped a box on the bed. “It’s no big deal.”

“You have a black eye.” Elliott held Cory’s chin so he couldn’t move away and gently traced his finger just under the swollen purple skin framing Cory’s bright green eye. “Tell me who hit you, and I’ll have them kicked out immediately.”

“Well, they’re not on campus, so you don’t have to do that. I’m eighteen now, a junior in college, and you don’t have to take care of me all the time. I can stand up for myself if I need to.”

“No one ever said I had to,” Elliott protested. “I’m your best friend, remember?”

“Blood brother,” Cory corrected.

Elliot frowned, and then his expression cleared. He smiled. “Oh yeah. I forgot about that. Our moms were so mad. I can’t believe we were ever that young.”

Cory’s first kiss had ended with blood dripping down his chin. Not because he picked the wrong straight guy to lock lips with—nope, the guy who planted a smooch on his lips wasn’t to blame. When he’d stopped the unexpected assault on Cory’s lips, Elliot’s had been equally bloody—but not from the kiss. They’d both been the victims of the schoolyard bully.
And Cory had been only six. Can’t forget that. Most people had their first kiss when they were older, sure, but Cory was always ahead of the game.

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