Friday, September 30, 2016

Help! Tour Questions

Want to be part of my blog tour for On Fire? I'm asking readers to ask me questions that I can share in one or more blog posts during the tour. These can be about me (though if you get too personal I might have to break out the ruler and smack your fingers for daring to be so impertinent!) about my writing in general or about On Fire specifically.

Interested? Just ask away in a comment, and make sure you include your name so you'll know when I answer your question during the tour, especially if you post as anonymous!


  1. Q: Do you plot out an outline of what the story is going to be? Or do you set up a basic plot and plot as you write? Many of your SF/fantasy stories have such twist and turns that keep your readers wondering what is going to happen next.

    Q: What are your favorite genres and authors to read?

    Q: Do you have any books that made a big impact or resonated with you whether as a child, teenager or adult?

    Please just give my name as "J" if you use any of my questions. I'm a background type of person.

    1. Awesome, and thank you! I'll be sure to use J for your questions. :)


Please feel free to comment about my stories or blog. Flamers will be laughed at!