Thursday, November 24, 2016

Author Spotlight: Rachel Ravenheart with Your Alpha, My Mate

Today I'm welcoming Rachel Ravenheart, and author I've known for a while and see grow so far, with her new release "Your Alpha, My Mate".

Hello everyone! It’s me, Rachel Ravenheart, and I am visiting today to talk about my new release Your Alpha, My Mate - Lonestar Chronicles Book 1. This is a book about a young werewolf who comes from an abusive background and a cruel pack. The only way to escape this torture was to run away where he joined his cousin in Texas. 

I chose to locate the two packs in locations that I knew to make it easier to describe and allow the reader to be able to visualize them and see the kind of people that I was writing about. With this being the first story that I originally wrote by using locations I knew was easier and helped me to get into the hang of writing and made it fun to be able to share some of my favorite places.

When I finished this story I felt that there were more stories to be told about some of the other characters in the book, which is where Book 2 and 3 come from. It was fun to actually include characters from another series that I hope to share soon.

I became interested in werewolf stories after watching Twilight. This caused me to start reading werewolf stories. I have always had a fascination with m/m stories and it just felt natural for my stories to follow along those lines. 

Jamie is a shifter.
But he can't shift. That's what he wants his pack to think.
Truth is, Jamie is a white wolf. The biggest, best, strongest kind of wolf. He refuses to shift because his pack, and his parents, treat him as a misfit. An outcast. And when he takes matters into his own hands by fleeing to join the Lonestar Pack, his fate is already determined.
There will be sacrifice.
There will be war.
There will be death.
Above all, there will be love.
And love always wins.
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“You ready to go in the water?” I asked. “Let me take care of these for you. I want to see all of you.” He dropped to his knees taking my pants and shoes with him, then stood up, taking hold of my cock. He moved his free hand down and across my back and nipped my ear playfully. My body heated up as he tweaked one of my nipples gently, and I released a moan. He didn't hesitate at all before taking one of my nipples gently into his mouth.

I reached over, unbuttoned his pants and removed his jeans. I knelt before him and licked his precum that leaked out. As I licked, he reached down, grabbed a handful of my hair, and moaned loudly.

I licked slowly at first, but was soon licking faster. After a few minutes, he reluctantly pushed me away, helped me stand up, and pulled me in for a long, hard kiss.

He broke the kiss and assisted me in lying down on the soft grass. He kissed his way down my body, making sure to pay attention to each nipple. He continued his journey down my chest and down to my hips. He placed kisses on both hips and moved to my straining cock.

When his mouth enveloped my cock, it felt like I was in heaven. I reached down and ran my fingers through his hair as he bobbed his head up and down, I could feel his gag reaction but he recovered quickly. He would occasionally move his attention to my balls.

He held his hand up to my mouth and had me suck on a finger to get it slick. I went up and down for a few minutes before he took his hand away then rubbed his finger over my hole, trying to gain entrance.

“Relax for me babe, this may hurt at first, but I promise it'll feel good soon.”

Author Bio
Ms. Ravenheart is new to the literary world, but has had the desire to write since junior high school. She moved from a small town in Iowa in time to start high school in Louisiana. Rachel lost sight of writing as she got bogged down with sports and school. Her dream of being a writer forgotten as she looked to the future to study Political Science with the hope of going to law school when she moved to Texas. To make her way in the world she got wrapped up in the field of nursing when she got a job as a C.N.A. and soon even her dream of law school was forgotten. Strangely, thanks to an injury, she was at home recuperating and was bored when she remembered her love for writing. Never thinking she would ever get published, she began. It was writers like Rob Colton, Mann Ramblings, and Alicia Nordwell that inspired her creativity. She found and after some encouragement she decided to post her first story. With the enthusiasm of readers her confidence grew and she took the step to send off her first story to be published. Hopefully, the first of many.
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