Wednesday, May 23, 2012

From the Land of Potato Salad

LOL! Yes, Hello from the Land of Potato Salad. So... we were invited to a last minute birthday bbq tonight. It is 55 degrees and raining off and on but this is the Pacific Northwest... we don't melt! So anyway, I had to go get the fixings for my mother in law's recipe for potato salad. We're talking 10 giant potatoes, a dozen eggs, mayo, sour cream, dill pickles, seasoning... and whew boy does my house STINK! I made the giant double batch since my hubby would be quite indignant if I didn't have a 2nd tub sitting here at home, since it is of course better the next day.

Now that I'm finally done with that, I'm settling in to work hard on The Experiment. Come back later to see if I get the next part ready to post tonight, if not, it'll be up tomorrow! Yay!

You might be even more excited to know the next chapter of Hypnotic is at my beta/editor. I knocked out 5757 words yesterday alone on that puppy, so it should be good and long... which is good since it is the last chapter. Yep, the last one. *don't kill me!*

So what else is coming up in the land of Cia's stories to keep my readers from dying of story deprivation? Well, I have a fantasy story I'm writing for the summer novella anthology at GA, though that won't be live until August sometime. I'm also plotting out a sequel for Pricolici to send to the publisher, and once The Experiment is done, I plan to go straight into the next story set on Seral's planet! Yep, there will be more!!

So this is goodbye from the Land of Potato Salad; I hope everyone else is having a lovely day.


  1. LOL! :)


    (taps nails on keyboard. I'm waiting...)

  2. Thx for the update, Ms Cia... *excited and dancing mode on*


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