Monday, July 23, 2012

Naughty Tidbit and a New Story Soon!

Hi Folks!!

   Just a quick heads up, no I didn't disappear forever! I've been working really hard on a short story I want to send in to a publisher, while scribbling notes for the next installment continuing Dade's story from The Experiment.

  Yep, that's right, Dade is next! With his aggressive and angry behavior to the barely glimpsed vulnerability, Dade has taken over and demanded his story be told. I hope to begin posting the first part next week.

  In the meantime, please enjoy this short little piece I bases on this picture I took earlier this month. I hope you like it! ;)


"Oh wow." Andon's hands squeezed my hands tight around his stomach. "That one looked amazing. Did you see the colors?"

I cradled the lithe man between my thighs on the thick blanket stretched out on the lawn. We were in a quiet corner, away from the sprawling families with tired kids that had spent all day eating too much sugar and going on too many rides at the carnival.

I didn't mind the tree that blocked part of our view of the fireworks. There were enough visible to keep Andon happy and the darkness let me allow my hands to wander enough to keep me happy.

I nuzzled his cheek, my hands creeping lower. "I know something else that's amazing." I toyed with him, rubbing my fingertips back and forth along the top of the waistband of his shorts.

"Oh," he said softly. Last year when I did this, he'd tensed up, uncertain still that I wouldn't do anything to humiliate him. His last Dom had been a poor judge of character, and went through Andon's boundaries in ways that had nothing to do with pushing him and everything to do with shutting him down.

Thankfully Andon knew that being a sub didn't mean being a doormat and he'd left the idiot. I'd found him one early spring night at my favorite club. I'd watched him for a few weeks, making eye contact but not indicating that I was interested overtly.

He'd done a few scenes with the club Doms, but after each one I'd get a little glance, like he was checking to see if I enjoyed the show. I always did, especially the one time he'd shown just how much he liked the paddle. Usually we'd watch his cock slowly fill as he followed the orders of the Dom on the stage as he was placed in whatever bit of equipment was highlighted that night.

That night, as he stripped while the Dom selected a paddle, his pants slid down to show a cock already hard and dripping. That night I let him come to me after his scene was done and I got to know the beautiful man.

But being in displays at the clubs was nothing like being on display in public though. My Andon got off on the rush of knowing that he could be seen, but he didn't want to be. I understood his kink and loved indulging him in it.  I knew that even though there were blankets within a few yards of us, everyone was too busy watching the fireworks to pay attention to what my hand was doing concealed by the inky darkness of the night.

Last year I'd slipped my hand inside his pants and stroked him until he came in his underwear. This year I'd ordered him to go commando.

"Please," Andon whispered. He sucked in his stomach and arched up.

"Shh," I hushed him as I spoke in his ear. "Sit still. I want your hands on my knees." His hands instantly covered my knees in a tight grip. I laughed in his ear, sending a shudder down his spine that ground his ass against my cock. He pushed back deliberately when I hissed.

I bit his earlobe. "Stay still or I stop." Andon froze.

I pressed the tips of my fingers under the waistband of his pants, just barely stroking his skin then easing in farther. I grazed the weeping slit on the head of his cock with one finger. Andon trembled.

When I pulled my hands out, he whined in protest. I looked around but no one was paying any attention to us.

"Shh." I hushed him again. "Don't want anyone to hear you."

I slowly undid his pants, lowering the zipper carefully. His cock sprang out, hard and ready. I could just barely see Andon's face as he bit his lip. I knew the effect the warm air was having on him, the knowledge that his cock was exposed, no longer hidden away.

Moving slowly because I knew how turned on he was by the way his body almost vibrated, I wrapped my fingers around the base of his cock and then slid them upward. Pre-cum slipped out the slit on the head and eased the stroke down.

I glanced around again but the fireworks were exploding one after the other. The crowd oohed and ahhed at the display, hiding the moans that my Andon couldn't smother as I set up a rhythm that I knew would have him aching to com but wouldn't send him over the edge.

Not until the last possible moment.

Andon's head rested back against my shoulder. I could feel the shudders shaking his body and his nails dug into my knees. His cock was hard as steel in my hand.

"Please," he begged me.

"Not yet." My own cock throbbed as I enjoyed watching him struggle for control. His awareness of the crowd faded as his need took over. I wanted him on the edge so I began to whisper in his ear.

"Do you know what I'm going to do to you when I get you home tonight? I'm going to tie you to the bed and blindfold you. Then I'm going to pick a plug and open your ass with it until you are begging me to come.

"But I'm not going to let you. Not until I've given you ten strokes with your favorite paddle, the one with the leather cover."

Ten strokes was just a tease for my horny little sub who loved the paddle. Andon gasped. "Gods, sir." His hips thrust up into my hand.

There was a pause in the fireworks and then the first explosion of the finale began. I knew it was time.

"I told you not to move. Maybe I should stop this right now and take you home for your spanking." I let my hand pause, squeezing the head of Andon's cock in my fist, until he shook his head frantically back and forth. "Or you can take twenty strokes with my favorite paddle." The one with the studs that left such a pretty pattern on my beautiful sub's ass.

"Yes, sir." Andon gasped as my hand moved down. "Please."

"Please what?" I prompted. "Please don't stop? Please spank you?"

"Both," Andon moaned. "Need to come. Want you to spank me. Please, I need you!"

I tightened my grip and added a twist at the head. One stroke, two, and then I spoke one more time.


There was an explosion in the sky and in my hand. Blue and white fireworks exploded in a firebird pattern over us just as Andon's orgasm overtook him. The loud booms and crackles of the fireworks covered his groan as I pulled every drop of cum out of him.

I knew we didn't have that much time so I reached for a cloth I'd hidden next to me and cleaned him up and then wiped my hands. I tucked his cock back inside and then carefully zipped up his shorts. Andon's body was limp in my arms as I went back to cradling him as the last few minutes of the fireworks lit up the sky.

Once they were over, Andon turned around in my arms. He tilted his head, asking for a kiss. I leaned down, brushing our lips together. I let him pull back and he jumped up.

Holding out his hand, Andon pulled me to my feet. He picked up the blanket and the small bag with our trash from our dinner. I raised one eyebrow. I'd expected him to be limp with exhaustion after a teasing scene like that but his eyes glittered and he had a lot more energy than I expected. I was tense, my cock throbbing. Thankfully we weren't parked far down the lot and home was just a few minutes away.

"Eager to get home?"

Andon nodded. He leaned in close to me and looked up. "You promised to use your paddle." He swallowed hard. He knew that meant he'd be feeling my marks for days afterward, just like he loved.

Just like I loved.

I pulled Andon into my arms and reached down to grab his ass. He pushed into my hands but a baby let out a cry near us and I pulled away regretfully. I gave him another kiss, thrusting my tongue into his mouth just once before I let him go.

"Let's go home."


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    1. Thanks Michael! I'm glad you loved it. It was fun to write, *grins*

  2. Oh my! Wowowow. Loved it. Also, while I would love you to write something everyday, I would rather you write what you love when you love to write it. I will guess the work comes out better that way!

    1. Hey Susan! I'm glad you liked it. It was a lot of fun to write and when things come to me and I write them as the urge strikes, they do come out better I think.

  3. You know how much I love stories like this!!!!! ;)


    1. Coming from you, that's a great compliment. Thanks so much M!

  4. before i start reading I have to ask what that is a pic of. It definitely is eye catching and makes me want to figure it should publish more of your pics on here too!

    1. ok, so it's a firework duh.. it didn't look like one to me:) neat.

    2. LOL. It's okay to be confused about it. I was taking pictures with a slower shutter speed and then moving the camera in a sort of wave to try and get that feathery look so it wasn't immediately obvious what it was. I'm glad you like it, I'll try to post more pictures here.

      What did you think of the scene though?

  5. I absolutely loved this. Exhibitionist dom/sub is tricky to pull off but so deliciously taboo. And you also made it so darn sweet and filled with trust and love. What can I say, but beautiful. :D

    1. *Grins* Thanks so much Tali! I went a bit more overt than I usually do. A lot of the time I do have an alpha male in my stories, but this went beyond that into a deliberate d/s scene, though just a light one. I'm so glad you enjoyed it.


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