Monday, July 30, 2012

What am I reading? Um, everything!

Well, not everything obviously, but I'm always trying. I'm constantly devouring stories but these are what I've been reading lately.

I'm following Dust & Ash by TMcCallahan on GA as well as The Degan Incident by Robcub. Both wonderful stories, Dust &Ash is about a hot man with a band and an active itch in his pants, but it goes SO beyond that. If you like a sexy romance with a strong musical theme, D&A is a great story to follow as it is still in progress.

The Degan Incident by Robcub is a futuristic alien/human mpreg story. Not for everyone, but I really enjoy the story myself. It has a lot of Rob's trademark themes like the size disparity in the two main characters and hot sex, but there's a real intrigue to this story and he keeps ending all the chapters in cliffhangers! It's a great story, but still in progress.

A short story by lilansui called The Word Ai on GA also recently made it onto my radar. Complete at just shy of 15k, it is a short read but a very enjoyable one. It featured Kyo who is an artist, (who always get such interesting personalities), his lover Ryuu. The drama of their meeting and the relationships that change around him, especially theirs, sents him into his artwork in order to really understand things around him. Of course that leads to a misunderstanding of sorts ... but to tell more would give it all away. Check it out!

In published ebooks I've read a few this week. Two I've had issues with so I won't go into them, but I did put reviews up on Goodreads. One was good up to the last page where a character did a personality flip that totally reversed my opinion of the story. Unfortunately, we don't like everything we read.

Last night I started reading Moro's Price.  It's interesting, VERY graphic in some parts so read the warnings if you check it out. I had little sleep last night, though, and this story is quite complicated with a large cast of characters so I put it aside to finish when I won't fall right asleep reading it. I have to say that Moro's character really pulled me into the story so I can't wait to see how he grows as he starts his new life and finds out things in his past that were hidden from him.

I read Tech Support this morning. By Jet Mykles, from what I see, it's fairly standard fair. I did like the faintly foreign feel and the geeky main character, Aaron. Nothing in the plot was new, or had an interesting twist, but it was a nice bit of fluff that I was able to enjoy without taxing my tired mind.

I'm in the middle of reading Dance with Me right now. It had a lot of good reviews on Goodreads and I had a free ebook code on ARe so I picked it. I've already found some of the flaws and personality quirks of the main characters, Laurie and Ed. I have to say that I didn't like the way the story flashed back and forth between them in the first chapter to show us their 'scarring moments', but I got past that and the scene shifts slowed right down. I'm only about 10% in so far but I am really enjoying watching the dance between the character's personalities. If you like actual dancing, that is part of the theme of this story too.

What's next on my reading list? Well, I found a free read that looks quite promising called Blindsight. The cover lauds it as a 'Hugo Award Finalist' which instantly intrigued the sci-fi fan in me. Add in some mysterious alien objects penetrate Earth's atmopshere and what sounds like a very ... quirky cast of characters sent out to space to investigate, and I didn't hesitate to download this ebook.

I also re-read Tiger by Laurann Dohner this week. If you haven't checked out her New Species series, you're really missing out. These are all MF couples, but oh wow are they hot. A mix of modern and medical fantasy, these are part of my favorite genre. She has the next book in the series coming out this month too! I can't say enough good about these, and it would be too long to review each one but check them out on goodreads. She's had a few actually hit National bestseller's lists too!

I have a pretty good list of rated books you can find through my profile on Goodreads. I also have a handy little tool on the left side of my blog that shows my last 25 ratings, I believe, and links you to the ebook's page on Goodreads if you're ever curious about what I've been reading when I'm not doing reviews!

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