Sunday, August 5, 2012

Dade... An Excerpt

So Dade has been fighting me hard but my beta should have it back so I can post it by tomorrow. In the meantime, to wet your whistle, I thought I'd share a short excerpt from Part 1! I hope you enjoy!!


"I ... I'm not so sure about this," I said. I twisted my arms in the straps and tugged.

A tinny voice came over the speakers in the room. "Stay calm, Sergeant Pareano. You signed the paperwork for the program. Just settle down."

I opened my mouth to speak but it was too late. A sharp jolt spiked through my temples from the electrodes. My mouth slammed shut as every muscle in my body went rigid. Then the pain shut off.


The taste of blood filled my mouth from the bite on my tongue. "Stop!" I shouted. "That hurt."

"Oh buck up, Sergeant. You are a military man. I'm sure you've endured far worse than a little electricity."

I'd spent weeks being tortured by enemy forces once, but even a nerve tingler didn't hurt as much as what I'd just gone through.

"I changed my mind. I un-volunteer. Let me go."

The door opened and the doctor came back in the room. I shifted in the chair.

"I'm sorry but your agreement cannot be rescinded, Sergeant. Your initial results are the best we have ever seen. With you, we could have our first success." He uncapped a needle he pulled out of his pocket. A yellow fluid filled the syringe.

"Just relax."

"Hey, hey, what's that?" I yanked on the bands, straining as hard as I could. The muscles in my arms bulged.

"A little cocktail I came up with." He pushed the needle into my arm.


More soon!!


  1. More, please. NOW!!! Seriously, don't rush anything. I'll wait patiently for when the story is truly ready.

  2. Noooooooo!
    This was nothing.
    You're so mean. Sob sob.
    What if I fall in love with Dade while your beta is editing?
    Please hurry.


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