Sunday, August 19, 2012

Reviews on My Reads

So what have I been reading lately? Let's see...

Of course I'm loving the ongoing The Degan Incident by Robcub. He's been posting on GA and Literotica, but GA's 2 chapters ahead. Woo hoo! He's at 10 out of 12 chapters posted and I can't wait to find out what happens. Chapter 10 left us at an awful cliffhanger but it's oh so good I find myself re-reading up to that point all the time!

A new author I tried out has posted his first ever public chapter on GA this week. I try to support new authors, since we were all there at one point. I remember how I waited with a racing heart to hear what people thought. With a conflicted character pairing, a hot man in a cowboy hat and a fun county fair... I will definitely be keeping tabs on To Move Forward by Randomness!

With many thanks to those who gave me birthday gifts that allowed me to purchase more ebooks last week, three of which I really enjoyed.

By C.B. Conwy, I read A Russian Bear and Alphabet Soup. Both bdsm focused books, they both highlighted different aspects of the lifestyle along with very touching romances. I still can't pick which one I liked more. I think that Tom from A Russian Bear is my favorite character though. He was so open to learning about his particular needs and I enjoyed the honesty with which he approached the bdsm lifestyle.

My favorite ebook of the week as last night's purchase of In Service by Mima. An alternate world/space menage book with a mmfmm grouping, I found the society in this book to be fascinating. The men in the story are all Luo males that are sort of like energy vampires in my mind. What kind of energy? Sexual energy, of course! Malla is an Elite trained to be that energy source for the team, though she doesn't know it. She takes on the challenge of helping Shon's team as they are on the brink of falling apart, even though someone is clearly trying to stop that from happening. Part political intrigue, part interstellar alien war, part romance, LOTS of hot sex... this story was fascinating and kept me up til 3:30 am! The only complaint I had was that the story seemed to wrap up too easily at the end, I'd like to have seen the fallout of the crisis point be as elaborate and involved as the rest of the story. However, that niggling dissatisfaction is a minor quibble and I can't recommend this story enough, as evidenced by my 5 star rating on goodreads.

Anyone have any recommendations for me of books they've read lately? Feel free to comment below!

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