Monday, August 13, 2012


I'm in the process of changing my blog around, and trying to become a bit more consistent in the content I provide to visitors. I want to have a better regimented posting schedule with varied content.

One thing I'm doing is changing the photos I feature on the 'Through My Lens' page each Monday. Those happen to be my pictures, either ones I've taken with my camera or graphics/abstracts that I've made. I've put up some new ones today! With a few thousand waiting in the wings, I should be able to share quite a few of them with you.

I'm always working on writing more on Dade's story, don't worry! There should be another update on that tomorrow.

Let's see ... what else ... I've a few other things coming up this week too. I'll be sharing an interview with an author I really enjoy, Talismania, and featuring her first e-book ever to be published! I'll do a few reviews of ebooks I've read lately, hitting those I've had to pay for, bad me I'd spend thousands a month in books if I could, and a few free stories I've enjoyed! If I can, I'll throw in a writing tip too.

And maybe ... If I'm really lucky (or is that you're really lucky?) I will have another part to Dade's story to share!

Happy Monday

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