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Wednesday Briefs: Orphic Revelations Part 3

Happy Wednesday! Today we had a wide variety of prompts to choose from, including photos. Out of the word prompts I chose to incorporate the words: fantasy, extinct, and brilliance. Of course I continued with Orphic Revelations, so I hope you enjoy finding out a bit more about these guys!

“Go, you’re freaking him out.”

The lion huffed, turning away. I gasped as he faded as he walked away until he disappeared. I flicked my eyes sideways, glancing up as far as I dared.

The wemic stood next to my pallet, naked. He was dusted in golden hair but he had legs, human legs. I glanced back toward where the lion disappeared, my hand on my chest where the raspy tongue had scoured my skin. Questions flashed through my mind, one after another that I dared not ask.

After a moment my new master moved away. What was he? I’d heard stories about wemics; tales of their violence and rage as well as their lust for human flesh were whispered on dark nights, but nothing had been said of this. What it some fantasy made up by my mind? Was I delirious back in my cell, lost in a fantasy dream?

“I told you to sleep.”

I lay down, obedient even then. The warm bath, food, and soft bed were too much for me and I fell asleep quickly.


The next morning the dysantha was gone from my system.  Without orders I was at a loss. I spied a privy pot set off to one side in a small room. I crawled, unable to walk due to the inflamed burns on my heels. On my way back I banged into a chair, making a book fall to the floor.

I froze when the wemic sat up, his eyes falling on me with all their shining brilliance. I yanked my gaze away, prostrating myself for punishment.

“What are you doing?”

I shook as he stomped up next to me. I hadn’t seen him grab a rod, but he was a huge man, he could punish me without one easily.

One hot hand palmed my face, forcing me to sit up. “What were you doing?”

“I had to …” My eyes slid to the privy closet.

“You’re not healed enough to move around.” He yanked me up, our bare bodies touching as he held me.  He put me down on my pallet as he grabbed something from the shelf by his bed.  

“Your feet are still infected. Your stupid flight through the city’s filth infected your wounds. I cannot believe your sadistic fuck of an uncle burned them; you would’ve been marked for life.”

As if I wasn’t already? One hand flashed up to my collar but I moved it before my hand was smacked. “I’m sorry my injuries render me unable to serve you.”

The man snarled, sounding as fierce as the lion. “I don’t want a servant.”

Of course not, I was his slave.

“Yes, master.”

“I said don’t call me that!”

I jerked back, moving away from his outstretched hand. The wemic snarled.

“Damn it, stay still.” He pushed me until I fell back. I whimpered when he grabbed my feet, one hand easily holding both ankles still. He slathered something cold on my heels then set them down gently.

Confusion warred in me. His words were rough but his touch was gentle. Nothing made sense. Sweat beaded on my forehead but I decided to risk everything. I had to know.

“You said a son of Imvar Youk should know better,” I whispered. “You knew my father?”

“I did.”

The wemic stood, moving to a cupboard along one wall. He stepped into a pair of loose linen pants and then pulled a tunic on.

He tossed a tunic to me. “Put that on.”

Dare I question him further? “Ma—”

“Don’t you dare call me master! I. Am Not. Your. Master. I paid your uncle but
I was rescuing you. My name’s Tek and you will use it. I promised your father I would look out for you, and I failed. There’s more to you than a slave. You will stop acting like one. ” He glared at me. “Now.”

My mouth dropped open.

“Put on that tunic so we can eat. You have much to learn. First, though, that collar comes off.”

My hands flew up to the thick metal around my neck. “You can’t.”

“You’re right, but my lion can.”

He pointed to the tunic. I grabbed it, my fingers rubbing the soft fabric. I hadn’t worn anything so fine since I’d been enslaved. The large shirt extended past my elbows and pooled around my waist.

I knelt at the edge of the bed and the wemic—Tek—growled. “Don’t get up. Stay there. I will pick you up; your feet need more time to heal.”

He sat me in a chair at the table. I tried to slip down but he growled. Tek made me food, more than I could possibly eat. He’d glared at me but when I’d been unable to eat more, he took my plate and finished it off. Now I was waiting.
Tek was doing … something.

“He’s coming.” Tek put me back on my pallet. “Don’t be afraid. He won’t hurt you; he actually likes you.”

A shadow darkened and then I saw the lion. He appeared to step out of the shadows, like a legend made life. I couldn’t help but gasp when he walked straight up to me and rubbed his head against my chest. I could feel him, touch him, but he’d appeared like a spirit.

“Yes, I know you like him. Now help him so I can explain everything without that blasted collar confusing him.”

The lion huffed.

“Be very still.”  I knew why Tek had warned me not to move as soon as the wemic’s jaws closed over my neck. I felt the smooth edges of his teeth between my skin and the metal  of the collar before he closed his jaws with a snap.

The collar was in two pieces when he spit it into my lap.

“Now it’s time for the revelation of your true self. Your orphic self,” Tek said.

“The orphic are extinct,” I gasped out before the world went dark. 


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  1. I'm really interested in finding out more about the orphic and a possible connection to the wemic. :)

  2. Intriguing is definitely the word. Look forward to more.

  3. Don't think I'd eb that calm with a lion's mouth that close to my neck. - ew - lion breath. He's a brave boy. Waiting to see what wonderful things ar about to happen for him.

  4. LOL. I wouldn't be that calm either but he's been a slave for a while; it makes sense that he would follow orders. I also think the absolute shock of the lion not being a real lion would be confusing him too. There's a lot going on, and a TON to explain next week. This story will take longer than one month, so I think I'll extend it into December until it's time to do a special Christmas prompt. Thanks for commenting everyone!

  5. Spooky, your chapter ended the same way mine did. I get the feeling, though that things are going to look better for your boy than mine when the world gets light again :)

    I LOVE the idea of lions who can walk out of shadow and meld with a human. That's an amazing take on the whole shifter thing. I'm really looking forward to next week

    1. They did end the same! LOL I really went off the path with my lion-taur/wemic mythos. Changing stuff up is the most fun. Thanks for reading Nephy!

  6. Intriguing! I am looking forward to next week.

    1. Intriguing seems to be the word of the day, lol. Thanks for reading Kim, I hope you continue to enjoy the story next week.

  7. More? More? More! You're building an intriguing world there, Cia. I look forward to next Wednesday!

    1. I know, the 1k limit is killing me! :) I'm glad you're enjoying the world, I am too each week when the prompts give me new ideas. Thanks for commenting Elyzabeth.


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