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Wednesday Briefs: Orphic Revelations Part 4

Happy Wednesday! This flash group challenges authors to write 500-1,000 words around a prompt theme, which we have several to choose from. This week I chose the line prompt, "When did you become such a ...". I hope you enjoy this latest installment!

Lights swirled with all the grace of a blizzard. They buffeted my body, twisting me. Whispers howled through my mind as I futilely tried to cover my ears.

I opened my mouth to scream for it all to stop and the cacophony poured into me. Arching, muscles rigid, they flooded my being.

"Mnemosyne," cried the whispers.

The pool of Memory.

I remember.


When I woke up Tek was on the floor beside my pallet. The lion was resting his head on my leg

"What ... ?" My croak was barely audible. I licked dry lips.

Tek's head whipped up. "Nysion."

That was my name. My hand came up to cover my throat.


He cradled my head in one large hand and held a wood cup to my mouth with the other. Water spilled down my cheeks and I coughed.

"Sorry," Tek said. His lion huffed; Tek shot him a look.

I was limp in the bed. "What happened?"

"You're the Orphic."

That's not what I meant. "I know. Why am I so weak?" My hands felt the scars, remembering a past life where the collar had shackled me until that mortal body crumbled. Sigils raised from the inner rim that withheld the dreams from entering me were imprinted on my skin.

"You've been dreaming for more than fifteen days now. Some broth was all I could manage for you to take and most of that you'd spill." There was the cranky man whose gruff manner had so scared me before. Not anymore.

I was wasting from hunger after many days listening to the strands of Memory I'd consumed. My stomach snarled.

Tek grumbled as he got up. "I'll get you food."

I stroked the lion's scratchy rough as I watched my lover walk to the cupboard, grab some bread and then ladle a cup of broth from the pot by the fire.

He was kneeling beside me when I dared ask. "How long have you been waiting this time?"

His broad shoulders bent as Tek sighed. "Too long."

"When did you become such a sorcerer? A wemic? I've never seen you manifest a physical half-merge."

Tek broke off a bit of bread and dipped it in broth to soften the crust. He brought it to my mouth, nudging my lips until I took the bite.

"This is our tenth circle. The Titans stole magic after you died last cycle and found your last revelation and the symbol of your re-birth. A pair broke from the essence of the whole, all that they could spare in this final attempt to overcome you. Without you aware I could not act, but your father allowed me close to protect you." Tek kept dipping the bread in the broth and feeding me, avoiding my eyes.

"The signs were too obvious. Your dreams as a child came true too often, once you even slept and spoke of a blood soaked tree surrounded by a sea of silk."

I had but what good had it done? "It didn't save my family."

"You were a child, Nysion."

My jaw clenched as my hands fisted. "I've not been a true child in ages."

"You're not to blame. I left, thinking you would be safe before you matured but I miscalculated. It killed me to leave you, but I thought we needed help against the Cronus and Iapetus."

"Uncle and my cousin."

"Not really. They're male Titans."

"They should've killed me when they'd the chance," I said. "Why didn't they?"

"You had to survive until your birthing day. Then your powers would manifest and the shock of the collar would tear you from this world before you gained strength from the memories."

I lifted a thin hand to Tek's face. "You learned much while I was waiting to be born. Always my protector, looking out for me."

Tek shook his head, his hand came up to hold mine to his face. "You were harmed. I should've been there to stop it from happening. My travels helped us not at all and hurt you."

It wouldn't matter. The Titans had been lost nine cycles before. This tenth was their last chance but I was free now. I had my memories, my protective lover. I dropped a kiss on his palm, enjoying his rumble.

"You're too weak."

The corners of my mouth curled up as I gave him the teasing smile he loved.

Creaking from the roof and the windows rattling finally broke the heated stare between us. "It's storming?"

"It's why my lion is sticking so close. He wishes to ensure that we are well; he refused to take my word that you'd wake up as soon as you could. He's still wild but the magic calls him." The lion huffed.

Tek rose and pushed more wood into the fire and put the empty bowl on the counter. He settled next to me on his pallet. I rolled to my side, my muscles trembling with the effort, snuggling into him. His fingertips made small circles on the scars on my neck.

"I can never say it enough, but I'm sorry."

I sighed. "Don't dwell on the recent past. We've bigger concerns. The waters of Memory told me many trials we'll face come spring. For now, love me."

My body woke as a man's. When Tek would've protested I let my body sway toward him, sliding my weeping stalk against his rising manhood.

Experience told me he was giving in as his hand slid down my back.

"You have the tiniest ass in this body," Tek groaned.

"It's yours, when we're ready."

His hand held my hip still as his free hand encircled our battling lengths, squeezing them together. So different in this body from my memory, but our souls felt the bond.

We fell over the precipice together, creating a slick, warm mess on our stomachs. Exhaustion claimed me and this time I slept, the dreams leaving me in peace while I absorbed the calm of my lover's arms.


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  1. I have to say I wasn't expecting things to turn around so fast. Lovely.


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