Tuesday, May 13, 2014

eBook Review: Bonded by Rosalie Tarr

BondedBonded by Rosalie Tarr
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

3.5 stars, rounded up to 4 because I did snicker quite a bit in the story. Delivery can only make up for the plot so far, though, and I felt that Bonded took the gay for you a bit far with 2 'straight' characters. I have to admit to having issues with fact that the insta-love element didn't just apply to the character's newly met relationship but to the sexual desire element as well.

There's a line there when it comes to attraction going from opposite to same gender that doesn't always need to be crossed. It's like telling a gay man he just needs to meet the right woman, and he'd be straight. Now, maybe in paranormal fiction that would work... but how loud would folks cry out against it, if it were true? I didn't really expect all that in the story, so it really colored my reading experience.

I did like the author paired both the romance with an underlying story. Without giving away anything, I enjoyed the arcs of the story... until the end. Like another reviewer said, it just felt too neat, too pat. Things are never perfect--especially when you deal with real people and real events. I'd have loved to see a better realistic ending.

Overall, I like the story. But... that's it; I just like it. I find that vampire fiction isn't as common anymore, so I was super excited to pick this up to read, but then fizzled. It just didn't quite live up to what I was looking for as far as the overall storyline.

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