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Wednesday Brief: Lost Inside Ch. 22

Welcome to another weekly flash update with the Wednesday Briefers. Today, my 1k flash (cause I can never keep it less than that it seems, lol) brings you a bit more of Benny and Yuri, of course. One of the prompts was to have a character see a doctor--but that was too easy. So I also worked in, "Well, come on, man, get naked." Eager to go read now? *winks*

Lost Inside Chapter 21

Yuri was exhausted after all of Dr. Vancould’s tests. The doctor tried to go over the results with Benny after Yuri complained of a headache. That was a mistake.

“Talk to me about me,” he insisted. He crossed his arms over his chest and flattened his ears.

“You said your head hurts.” Benny sighed when Yuri turned his glare on him. “Okay, okay. We can go over everything tomorrow. We’re cleared to leave, right?”

“He is,” Dr. Vancould said. He made a note in Yuri’s charts. “You still need to be released. I would suggest you both rest.”

Benny hated waiting, but it was several hours before he was released with orders to come back the next day to have his stitches removed. They had to go back to see Dr. Vancould anyway, so he readily agreed—thankful to escape the hospital’s constant barrage of scents and sounds.

It gave the Falcons plenty of time to put guards on them too. This time Benny didn’t object.

“Can we just go to bed?” Yuri asked when they finally got to Dav’s bar.

“We can. Let’s pick up the food I ordered first, though.”

Yuri perked up. “You ordered more burgers? With bbq sauce and onion rings?” he asked hopefully.

Benny smiled. “Yep. I’m starving. No way was I going to touch the hospital breakfast when we could have your favorite.”

“Let’s go, let’s go.” Yuri hopped out of the car, then grabbed his head. Benny got out slower, careful of his back.

“You okay?”

“It’s too loud.”

They weren’t even inside yet. The bar had just opened for the lunch crowd, and the sound was loud to Benny. With Yuri’s headache, it was probably deafening. Benny leaned into the cab of his truck, wincing at the pull on his back. He rummaged around in the glove box and came out with a pair of ear plugs. “Here.”

Thankfully, their food was ready and Dav had ensured the apartments over the bar were soundproofed. Benny wanted the shirt off his back, pronto. “How about we eat in bed?”

“I dunno. I’m kinda messy.” Yuri frowned. “I could stain it.”

“We can always change the sheets if we have to.”

Yuri grinned and flicked his ears. “Good point.”

Benny left his jeans on, but Yuri stripped down completely. He looked up at Benny and frowned. “I thought we were going to bed.”

Benny coughed. “We are.” Jeez, blood was running south so fast he felt dizzy.

“Well, come on, man, get naked.” Yuri yanked back the blankets and climbed on the bed. “I’m hungry.” His nose twitched. “And I can smell the bbq sauce.”

It helped that Yuri was fixated on opening the box with his burger. Benny shimmied out of his pants and sighed in relief. The ones Dav and Ellis brought him were way too tight for an erection. Benny slid under the covers and grabbed his food off the nightstand.

He rolled onto his stomach and hissed.

“What?” Yuri asked with his mouth full.

“Nothing.” Benny began eating his fries first. He liked them hot. Yuri gobbled down his food by the time Benny was still halfway through his burger. The next bite he took sent bbq sauce squirting over his fingers. Benny dropped his burger back into the box and chuckled. “See, you didn’t make a mess, but I did.”

Yuri scooted next to him and grabbed his wrist before Benny could wipe his hand off with a napkin. “Let me.”

Each lick from Yuri’s slightly rough tongue sent a shiver through Benny. It made his back ache—and his balls too.

He moaned.

“I bet you have other stuff for me to lick up, too.” Yuri gave Benny a heated look. “Why don’t you stand up?”

Oh God. Yuri hadn’t been so assertive since… Benny didn’t want to think about that. He didn’t want to think about anything. His mate was licking and biting his fingers, and he gave Benny an order. It might’ve sounded like a question, but Benny knew what he was supposed to do.

Benny scooted over when Yuri let go of his hand and stood at the side of the bed. The first lick Yuri made from the base of his cock to the crown was nearly too much. Benny shouted.

“Nope, no touching.” Yuri batted Benny’s hands away when the sweet torture got to be too much. “You know better. Hands behind your back.”

He did, and he reveled in the fact Yuri remembered for a second, then Yuri rewarded Benny for listening by swallowing his cock to the root. Benny’s balls drew up and his mind blanked.

“Gonna come,” he said in a strangled voice.

The muscles in his legs quivered. Benny fought to hold on, to grab a few more seconds of pleasure in the hot, moist warmth of Yuri’s mouth, but then his mate swallowed.

Benny roared as his orgasm peaked, and his mate took every drop of his seed. He nearly fell when he pulled out of Yuri’s mouth. He held on to the edge of the bed, breathing hard. Yuri rolled over and stroked his cock.

“My turn,” he said.

Benny fell to his knees between Yuri’s legs. He nuzzled Yuri’s sac, then sucked one of his balls into his mouth. Yuri widened his legs. He worked both balls into his mouth and laved them with his tongue.

Yuri chuffed. Benny gently released him and looked up.

“Please.” The softly growled word wasn’t begging—not the way Yuri said it.

Benny took Yuri’s cock in his mouth, sucking first on the head so he could run his tongue around the hard ridge and then sinking down until his nose was buried in Yuri’s pubes.

He’d missed this. He’d missed the scent, and feel of his mate, so much. Yuri placed his hands gently on Benny’s head and began moving him up and down, gently rocking his hips. Benny closed his eyes and relaxed for the first time in a long time.

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  1. I'm soooo glad that Yuri is coming back to himself. I loved the interaction the interaction between the 2 and how 'big, bad Benny' turned into the submissive one to 'easygoing, flighty Yuri'.
    Kathy C.


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