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Wednesday Briefs: Lost Inside Chapter 20

This week I was inspired by a prompt that really felt emotional to me. I hope you enjoy the update brought to you this week by, "How many times can you wish on a star before you give up?"

Lost Inside Chapter 20

The Tiger roared in challenge. He was big, bigger than Benny. It didn’t matter. He crouched with his truck at his back. Under his arms and in close was Benny’s best bet. It put him in danger, but it would also put the Tiger’s chest and neck in reach.

He’d have to risk getting his back sliced up. He focused his gaze on the neck, knowing he could take the other Tiger. He couldn’t think any other way and hope to win.


Yuri streaked past and slammed into the Tiger just before he hit Benny. They grappled, falling sideways. Yuri snarled and rolled.

There was nothing Benny could do. He couldn’t get too close; Yuri had the attacker on the ground under him, and Benny couldn’t risk distracting him in a fight.

Benny was trapped in a very real nightmare. His mate was being attacked and fighting, and he couldn’t help.

“Help!” he screamed. Someone had to help them.

A gun. He needed a gun.

Someone stuck their head out of the bar. Benny didn’t care who it was. “Get Dav!” he screamed.

The Tiger must have heard him. He began writhing frantically, trying to roll Yuri off him. They slammed into the side of Benny’s truck, and Yuri hit his head against the bumper.

He cried out, and then went limp. The Tiger pulled him down and buried his face against Yuri’s neck.

Benny roared. His vision narrowed. He jumped over the pair and reached for the intruder’s head. He couldn’t pull Yuri away, or the Tiger might rip his neck out.

So he went for the eyes.

But the Tiger must have sensed him. He twisted and crouched over Yuri’s body, snarling up at Benny.

Mine,” he said in a guttural voice.

“The hell he is!” Benny shouted. Yuri was Benny’s mate. He launched himself at the Tiger, desperate to make him let go.

Fire burned along Benny’s back as they clawed at each other, but he’d let go of Yuri. He dug his claws in under the Tiger’s collarbone, creating deep gouges. Benny used his thick leg muscles and pushed, shoving the Tiger away.

He heard shouting, but ignored it.

They tumbled head over feet, locked together in fury. The Tiger was too big to pin. Benny yowled as the claws in his back slid toward his spine, tearing through the muscle.

Time for the bastard to die.

He began digging his hand into the Tiger’s chest, looking for his heart. It was a lethal race to see who would reach their target first.

Benny spasmed, his legs going weak as he crouched over the Tiger. “Benny! Move!” The words finally penetrated.


He fell sideways, letting go, trusting his friend to get the bastard before he could hurt Yuri again.

Shots rang out, but the Tiger, somehow still able to move, leapt around the truck. Benny struggled to not give in to the agony coursing through him with every breath as he lay on the dirty asphalt.

He tried dragging his body toward his mate, but Benny’s arms gave out when he tried to push his chest up.

Damn it. He struck the ground with a fist, tears burning in his eyes. He couldn’t touch his crumpled mate, and he desperately needing to know he was still alive.

“Stay still.” Ellis dropped to his knees beside Benny.

“No, go… check Yuri…” Benny panted.

“I will, just a minute.” Ellis touched the wounds on his back, and Benny screamed.

“Oh, shit! Davis, we need help here. Now!”


Benny scraped his face against his pillow. “Too bright,” he muttered.

“Oh, good, you’re awake.”

He blinked his eyes open. “Where am I?”

A woman in scrubs came over to his bed. She’d dimmed the lights, and he could open his eyes without feeling like he was being blinded.

“Yuri.” His mate lay in a bed next to the wall. A Falcon stood in the corner, watching the room and the door.

“You’ll both be fine, with a little more time to heal. Now that you’re awake, I’ll go get the doctor. A friend has been waiting to come in too.”

She bustled out and a minute later the door opened. Benny heard wings rustling. The Falcon had a hand at his waist where he had a gun secured at his hip.

“His reaction means the Tiger got away.” Benny looked up at Dav.

He nodded. “Yeah. Son of a bitch must have someone helping him because you did some serious damage to his chest and I know I at least winged him. We tracked his blood trail but then it cut off. He had to have gotten in a car, but no way was he in any condition to drive.”

“Damn it.” Benny wanted it over. He kept wishing for peace, for him and his mate, but maybe they’d never have it. “Did you find anything to discover who he might be?”

“No.” Dav didn’t look happy. The Snake rarely missed a target.

“What about in the alley? He came from that direction. He must have hidden next to the dumpster.”

“No one saw him but you two, so we didn’t think to check there. I’ll send someone over. Maybe he left a print or something we can use. Isiah has connections. I’m sure he can help us get them processed asap.”

“Still gonna take days,” Benny grunted.

“Well, you have them. Your back is not up to anything other than lying in bed, and Yuri—”

“Has he woken up? Is he okay?” The last thing his mate needed was another head injury.

“I don’t know exactly what they did. The doctors said he damaged the shunt. The nurse said you’d both be fine; I heard her. I know they’d be a lot more staff in here if you guys weren’t going to heal. You two will be okay; don’t lose faith now.”

Benny closed his eyes. “It’s not faith. It’s more like wishing in the dark, but… how many times can you wish on a star before you give up?”


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  1. Awww, Cia, just when it seemed like the guys might have a chance you throw this at them. I know there has got to be a reason, but I don't like it.
    Don't worry, I still love you, though.

  2. Who the hell is that other tiger? DUN DUN DUN!! The plot thickens....
    Benny just can't catch a break,awww
    Can't wait for more.
    Awesome as always Cia, thanks :)

  3. How can Yuri have two mates? Is that other Tiger insane? Please say yes, cause Yuri belongs with Benny. Don't stop wishing, Benny. Cia will make it right. Right?

  4. Can't wait for more of the story and why this other tiger thinks Yuri is his mate. Yeah for Yuri being so protective of Benny!


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