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Wednesday Briefs: Fortitude Part 17

It's Wednesday again, woo hoo! This week we have a VERY titillating chapter for you. About time, right? Read on to see what I came up with, inspired by the prompt: Only you could pull it off.

Fortitude Part 17

Will inched forward, the sheets rustling the only sound in the room. It had to be perfect. This was his first chance to touch Teddy the way he’d always wanted to. He swallowed hard, darting his tongue out to wet his dry lips.

This close, he could see Teddy close his eyes just before their lips touched, but Will couldn’t look away. He wanted to see everything.  He wanted to feel everything.

It was bliss.

Teddy’s lips were firm but soft. Will brushed his lips across Teddy’s, sucking gently on his bottom lip. They parted on a long exhale, and Will did what he’d been dreaming of for years. He slipped his tongue in Teddy’s mouth, tasting him for the first time.

He moaned.

Their tongues tangled together, the kiss consuming Will on for long minutes. But he needed more. Teddy was clutching his night shirt and one of his hands. Will broke the kiss, pulling back.

“What? Did I do it wrong?” Teddy asked breathlessly. His breath puffed over Will’s lips, tantalizing him and making him want to start kissing Teddy all over again.

“No, god, not at all.” Will panted, uncertain about asking for more, but he was seizing the moment. There was no way to know if it would ever come again. “I just… I wanted to ask….”

Teddy untangled his hand from Will’s shirt. He reached up and cupped Will’s cheek. “Whatever it is, yes.”

Will whimpered, pushing his hips forward. Teddy’s eyes grew huge and his breath stuttered as their groins met, rigid erections brushing together. “Will!” Teddy shuddered and moved back, just until they weren’t touching anymore.

“I’m sorry.” He desperately needed to move, to push against Teddy, to find the friction he needed to stop the aching need between his legs, but maybe it was too much. Will trembled, fighting the urge to thrust forward.

He didn’t stand a chance when Teddy slammed against him from chest to knees, their bodies separated by just two thin night shirts. Every speck of his being was consumed with touching and feeling Teddy. He splayed one hand across Teddy’s low back, pulling him in as he thrust back.

“Will!” Teddy was like a man possessed. He guided Will’s lips back to his. They panted and groaned, teeth clicking together as they sought forbidden pleasures. Will’s heart was racing, his head spinning, and he wished it never had to end. He couldn’t hold out for long, though; his entire body was primed and throbbing like a live wire.

With a hoarse grunt, Will lost all control. His seed poured from him in pulsing waves. Teddy strangled back a cry against Will’s shoulder, and the musky scent of their spend filled the room. They shuddered in each other’s arms. Will began to recover his senses first—the orgasmic white noise fading until he could focus once more.

“That was amazing,” he croaked. His throat burned and sweat stung his eyes. Their night clothes were a sticky mess, and yet, Teddy rested against him, not jumping up to immediately wash up in the basin. Once, Will had pretended to be asleep at Teddy’s house, and he’d felt the bed move with the furtive touches his best friend made so carefully, and smelled the scent of Teddy’s seed for the first time. The second his arm stopped moving, Teddy had gotten up and poured water from the pitcher into the basin, scrubbing furiously.

It had been too dark, and he’d had to keep his eyes mostly closed, so Will didn’t get to see Teddy’s private parts. He still hadn’t. But Will had made him feel so good, Teddy wasn’t even freaking out over soiling themselves just after they’d gotten clean.

They hadn’t even touched each other. What would it be like when they did more, things like in the forbidden book Will had found?

He couldn’t wait.


The next morning, Teddy was shyly avoiding his eyes when Will rolled over to greet him. “Hey,” Will said. He rubbed his thumb over Teddy’s bottom lip. They were just slightly swollen, the only outward sign he could see of their late night passions.

“Good morning.”

“Hmm, it will be, if you’ll kiss me again.”

Teddy sucked in a breath. “It’s morning.” Like that had anything to do with kissing.

“No one will see,” Will whispered. “My door is locked. Just one kiss.”

“You’re sure?”

He nodded.

For all his aggression in the night, Teddy’s kiss was a simple press of their lips together. Warm and loving, they met and parted several times. It stole Will’s breath until he was forced to stop in order to breathe so he wouldn’t swoon. He pressed his forehead against Teddy’s.

“I promise, when this is over, we’ll be together,” he said. Teddy didn’t argue with him, but his silent doubt wrinkled his forehead. Will could believe enough for both of them. “I love you.”

Teddy smiled. “I love you, too. I don’t know if it’s really possible, but if it is, only you could pull it off.”

“Speaking of, we have a lot to do. We need to clean up and dress.” Teddy’s stomach growled. Will grimaced. “But first, breakfast with my mother and father. Maybe my brother will be there hungover, irking my parents, and keep the attention off us.” It was unlikely, but a man had to have some dreams, and the rest of Will’s were already coming true. He refused to be anything less than optimistic.

“Cleaning up, oh yes.” Teddy made a face, plucking at his night shirt. “Can you warm the water?”

Will got out of bed. His shirt was crusty and stuck to him in some places. It was gross, but worth it. “Give me a few moments.”

Sooooo, a nice little interlude. Was it worth the wait? ;) Okay, more flash fiction for you to enjoy--just go check out the other Briefers!

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