Tuesday, December 20, 2016

eBook Review: Claimed Beauty - The Cubi Book 2

Today I'm happy to feature Meraki P. Lyhne's newest eBook, Claimed Beauty, Book 2 in The Cubi series.

Genre: Paranormal
Blurb: Daniel was an Untouchable destined to be trained as a companion to a high ranking Cubus. A red-eyed Incubus screwed all that up at a dinner party, and Daniel is now a confused Changeling with a libido far exceeding anything he could ever have dreamed off.

Seldon failed in keeping the Untouchable under his care safe, and he accidentally dosed the too young human. His worst fears came to pass when Daniel turned out to be a Changeling, and Seldon now has to face the Cubi justice for turning someone so young.

Luckily, Seldon has a powerful friend at his side—one who also has an eye for the young beauty.

My Review

Claimed Beauty follows immediately after the first book in the series, Untouchable Beauty. Both books showcase the incredibly ancient and rich world of the Cubi, succubi and incubi who depend on sexual energy for nourishment. The first book is a rather harsh look at how the Cubi manage to keep themselves fed, and it was almost uncomfortable to read which is mostly due to the difficulty the main character, Daniel, had adjusting to his new status.

With Claimed Beauty the world the Cubi is further shared because Daniel is no longer an Untouchable... exactly. With the tension of the ending of book one, I was in dread of what was going to happen to the other main character, Seldon. I can say I was extremely happy with how the storyline flows, though I won't say anymore about the plot for fear of ruining it for new readers.

The sex scenes were graphic, plentiful, and HOT. There's a fine line between an erotic romance and porn thinly veiled as plot, but Claimed Beauty stayed firmly on the right side to balance out the need for sex based on the Cubi's need for nourishment with the extra plot events. Another thing that amazes me is that the whole timeline is extremely short, even though the eBook is quite long. Yet it doesn't feel overly-detailed.

There's a twist in the story toward the end that I was pretty sure was coming, but I loved the characters' reactions to the surprise. It also sets up even more to learn about the Cubi culture and Daniel's new life if there's a book three. (I really hope there's a book 3!)

Claimed Beauty is a sexy, exciting story that kept me up too late, awake too early, and made me far too willing to ignore the rest of my daily life until I finished it. So go buy your copy today, but make sure you have plenty of free time to read it!

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