Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Amylea Lyn's Nature of the Beast

I read an excellent ebook today that I got at ARe. Nature of the Beast by Amylea Lyn was a great read. I didn't have to beta or edit or do anything but follow where she took me. A sterile city, a man who speaks to plants, a man who is called 'The Beast' in a prison where the two main characters meet in a very difficult circumstance... and who just might not be a man at all. I won't give away what happens but if you have the chance I'd definitely recommend you read it. She has a blog, www.amylealynromance.blogspot.com where she is also posting a serial story and has links to other stories she's written. Happy reading!

On the writing front-more editing today and I have done some writing. A new chapter will be coming out soon on GA for Hypnotic and the first chapters should post tomorrow on Literotica.  

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