Friday, January 13, 2012

Welcome to Blogging

So here goes... I've never blogged before-yes, in this day and age I'm a new blogger! Sad, I know. You won't find a bunch of commentary on my life, since I think it's a tad too boring to write about. I plan to put a lot of stuff on here about my stories, what I'm writing and reading, and new things I'm learning about writing.

A little bit of personal info... I'm a mom, a wife, a reader, a writer, a baker (I know the way to my man's heart!) and a photographer. I play at writing, baking, and photography but my true calling is my family. They are pretty much my life but when I'm happy, they are happy. So they put up with my hobbies.

A few  years ago I joined GA. I read all types of stories, gay, straight, lesbian... if the story is well written and captures my attention I'll be happy, no matter who the main characters love. I started talking to some authors, began helping them with their writing and that turned into getting the courage to try my own. I can never thank Nephylim, Lugh, and Paya enough for helping me during those first few months!

Now I have stories all over the web. I write free online fiction under my nickname, Cia and I have one free anthology story published on Allromanceebooks under my full name, Alicia. I hope you check those sites out through my links and enjoy my stories and photos!

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