Monday, January 16, 2012

Today's Literary Happenings

So I've been doing various writing activities today. I worked at beta reading and editing a story for a friend, discussed the plot of another friend's latest story idea, edited and posted the first two chapters of Hypnotic in one combined chapter on Literotica (should post in 3 days) and now I'm working on Ch. 15 on Hypnotic.

I found that I really enjoyed the plot discussion the most. Talking about character personality, motivations, plot arc and creating the setting... that is all very fun for me with my authors. Editing... at times I enjoy it and other times it feels a bit more like a chore.

Then I sat down to write. I have a couple of short story anthology ideas for deadlines that are coming up but I really want to finish Hypnotic. I'm bringing many questions from the two previous Carthera stories to an end along with the immediate story involving Dav and Ellis and their bond. This ending is harder than every other one I've written other than perhaps my first novel length story. There's an emotional attachment to the stories and characters I don't know if I am ready to give up. 

It's hard to say goodbye to any story plotline you been working at for a while. I've been writing it for months and sharing it with readers as I've finished chapters. Along the way, I've gotten a ton of lovely comments, reviews, and emails from readers that I treasure. In other ways I can't wait to be done because the story is stuck in a very exciting place and I just want to see what happens! Nope, not even I know until it flows out of my brain on my fingers to the keyboard most of the time.

So on that note, I must get back to writing. This limbo is killing me!

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