Friday, September 14, 2012

Just a reminder... New Story!

Yes, I released a brand new novella yesterday on GA, 25k and completely posted! The site is celebrating its 10th Anniversary and we had a novella anthology for part of that. The theme, Secrets Can Kill, is a bit dramatic, but applicable to a site called Gay Authors. For so many, sexuality is a secret that they are forced to carry for many reasons.

My story didn't focus on the secret of the character's sexuality, though some aspects of the culture did in fact relate to wants that Nyle was taught he shouldn't have. In my story, the focus of the secret is a much bigger issue, and one that can literally get the characters killed. Check out the teaser below, and another short excerpt. Then click on the banner to find your way to my story, and 3 more novellas for you to enjoy!

A Legend is the Key
by Cia

Set in a medieval time, on another world where magic is still possible, A Legend is the Key follows the journey of Nyle as he is called back from the temple where he was sent by the King as a youth, but he is now a man. Tragedy has struck and a war is paused because of a terrible power that has been called up and released. More is at stake than the King realizes, but it will take everything Nyle has within him to follow what his heart knows is right.


Acting before he could lose his nerve, he closed the distance between them and pressed their lips together.

His intention was to distract Ken, but the result was so much more. Ken's lips were hard against his so Nyle softened the kiss and began nibbling at his bottom  lip. One hand crept up, rubbing along Ken's jaw to feel the scratchy growth of his stubble and then sinking into his newly shorn hair. He licked at the seam between Ken's lips, tasting him for the first time. It was so much more intimate than Nyle had ever expected and heat raced through his body. His hips rocked forward. Ken's hands came up and clenched in his robe.

"Please, Ken," Nyle murmured against his lips. "Come back to me."

He closed his eyes and kissed Ken again, hoping that it would work. Those hard lips softened and then Ken's hands were dragging him closer. Swaying into his hard body, Nyle moaned as his prince took over the kiss. He shuddered when a hot wet tongue probing at his mouth urged him to open to it. The feeling when he did was incredible.

Hot and wet, their tongues slid together. Nyle tentatively rubbed against Ken's tongue with his, feeling the rough slickness. He shook as if chilled and an ache set up in his balls as he rapidly hardened. His breathing was ragged and his heart raced; he'd never felt anything like it before.

He wanted more, much more.

*raises eyebrows* Did you like that? Want to see what else happens, why Nyle needs to distract Ken? Click on the banner below to go to the anthology! Members of GA (which is free) can leave reviews, or you can come back here and comment. I've also added an email address at the end of the story so that readers can contact me. Happy reading!!

P.S. For those anxiously waiting, there will be another chapter of Adverse Effects coming tomorrow!

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  1. Thanks, Cia, for this story. I really liked it- liked Nyle and Kenhelm. It was fun to read.


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