Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Okay folks! Lots going on, and I'm sorry I've been neglecting the blog still. Life is sometimes a little...

wack a doodle!
However, I've a few things coming up I wanted to let you all know about. First, I have a special novella going live tomorrow on Gay Author's website for the 10th anniversary! The best part... it's totally complete! No waiting for chapters! Make sure you check A Legend is the Key! I'm putting a link in the graphic so you can view it tomorrow. It won't work until then, though. When you're done with mine, check out the other authors who participated!

Tomorrow, I'm hosting an interview with one of my favorite authors, M.A. Church, and featuring a new story she has being published!

I've also joined the Wednesday Briefers, a wonderfully varied group of authorsw, so you'll be guaranteed to get a flash piece out of me every Wednesday now, with links to other great stories! I'd like to thank them for including me and the warm welcomes I received.

 That's it, I guess ... and happy hump day. As a treat for those who kept reading once they realized this wasn't an update for Adverse Effects...

Another one of Vish's gorgeous artistic nudes...

The Chemist


  1. Yay!!! You're joining the Wednesday Briefs Club!! I'm so excited!

  2. ooo, A new story from you on GA, awesome,will definitely be reading that when I get home tomorrow.
    Congrats on joining Wednesday Briefs. :)
    btw- how is Benny's story coming along?...
    Thanks again for the awesome stories Cia.



    1. I hope you enjoy it Mik! Benny's story is difficult. I have a lot of really technical medical information I'm trying to, not dumb down, but put in layman's terms, you know? It's a lot of work, more than I thought from working on Ellis's migraine issues and all the technical aspects of bonding. I

      'm plugging away at it, but Adverse Effect, A Legend is the Key, and a new story yet unnamed are all fighting me for their screen time. Now that I'm done with Legend, hopefully I'll be able to kick out the other unnamed story and Benny's while posting a chapter a week on Advese Effect. Whew... maybe I need to start scheduling sleeping time too! LOL

    2. Loved A Legend is the Key,it was great Cia!!
      No worries about Benny. I appreciate all the work you do to give us these amazing stories.
      Take your time, no rush.

  3. I'm so glad you're going to be one of the Wednesday team.

  4. Wooooow! So many new stories from you. With the schools starting, so many favorite authors went on hiatus, I was worrying the same thing had happened to you, but I'm so happy now.
    Now that you joined the Wednesday club, does it mean we can see two stories every week?
    Can't wait for tomorrow, or is it tomorrow now?


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